Author Topic: Per Wickstrom denies pushing Scientology on clients...but does he?  (Read 2201 times)

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http://www. youtube. com/watch?v=wVZT_oJE8kk

According to this new video "interview", the interviewer asks directly about "forcing staff or clients to become Scientologists"

To which Per Wickstrom replies "Never".  Now, how can the answer to this question be "never" when report after report keep coming out where clients report of being made to practice Scientology over and over as a part of their program?

Well, there is a difference between "forcing someone to practice Scientology" vs. "forcing someone to become a Scientologist".  For those who don't know Scientology, the wording of this question is purposeful.  It is impossible to "force" anyone to become a Scientologist.  You can join Narconon, take auditing, and even join the SeaOrg without "becoming a Scientologist". 

According to Scientology, being a Scientologist doesn't occur when you take a certain course, auditing, or training.  It ONLY occurs when you DECIDE to become a Scientologist.

So, in this interview, Per Wickstrom is technically correct.  Even though all/most clients are mandated to take Scientology training and coursework, he can deny forcing anyone to become a Scientologist because technically it is impossible, per Scientology, to force anyone to become one.

Unfortunately, this video is probably being used as a tool to show parents who have concerns about Scientology as "proof" that they don't teach Scientology at BDR.  Unfortunately, most reports state that Scientology is the bulk of the training for students there.

Such deception, once again.

Now, had the interviewer asked the question "Have you ever forced staff or clients to take Scientology courses, classes or training?" the question would most definitely have to be "Yes, ma'am"
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How right you are, source.  But just the fact that he even addresses the rumors, and in a video no less, will serve as a red flag for some.   ;)

And that's a Good Thing.
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Miss Fortune writes an article about Wickstroms latest video.

Pages and pages of good stuff. 

My favorite part would have to be

However, former Michigan Corrections Department psychologist John Hand called Narconon "So misleading as to be termed a 'con.'" Hand said, "They are phony, a front for the Church of Scientology. We found out in Michigan that most of the money that we were paying Narconon was laundered back into the Church of Scientology." [Detroit News Feb. 11 1980] The study of Narconon in the Michigan penal system concluded, "graduates of the Narconon program do not do as well as our [prison] population in general." They discovered that Narconon made things worse, not better, for those dependent on drugs.

Wow.  NARCONON made them worse.

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You're quoted, source! There's an interesting comment on the article.

As of February 16th, 2014, staff (employees) in Per Wickstrom's Division 6 building and FSM building in Battle Creek, MI are being required to attend "course" (Scientology classes). At least half of the employees did not hire on as employees of Life Solutions knowing they would be asked to practice or learn Scientology as a condition of their job. Make no mistake. Employees of Per Wickstrom who work for Life Solutions ARE being forced to attend Scientology courses and are made to sign contracts that they are doing so voluntarily, but they all know if they refuse, they will no longer have jobs. These are employees with kids and bills to pay in a tough economy who had no idea who they were going to work for. This is especially true in the "red building" where Wickstrom operates his bogus bait and switch referral service. He is forcing people to participate in Scientology and he is making Scientology a condition of their employment. Anything he has said to the contrary is spun manure. The course room for Scientology where employees are forced to "study" is in the building next to Tranquility Detox.
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He may not "force" it, but you arent moving up or getting a pay raise unless you learn tek.  He even has his old, crusty drunkard of a dad reading scientology scriptures to the staff.  Anyone that knows Doug Wickstrom can understand why that is so funny.
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"Well as a matter of fact, your honor, it is just a coincidence that almost everyone who works for me actually WANTED to take all these scientology classes.  See I even have these here papers they signed saying so."

Been there, done that.
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