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Scientology - Through the Door V.2
« on: December 17, 2010, 10:16 »
Some of you are perhaps familiar with the website, Scientology - Through the Door.  If you're not, and you're interested in Scientology, spend some time checking it out.  It consists of a collection of interviews (at present, 279) of mostly ex-members, and a series of questions and answers regarding their experience as a member of Scientology.

The site had become overwhelmed by spam-bots in 2008, making it necessary for the form to be closed and interviews accepted through email only, via another form on the site.  This was not an optimum situation because it necessitated copying the questions into the form before answering them, and some ex-members were not computer savvy enough to know how to accomplish this.

There is a new form now, which includes reCaptcha to slow down the spammers, and attack detection to disallow common spamming tactics.  reCaptcha is a project which incorporates a captcha (words in image format which must be entered before the form can be submitted) with scans of words from books which cannot be read by OCR (optical character recognition) software, thereby helping to digitize books by solving the captcha. 

If spammers are still able to submit the form, they must mitigate their damage by doing a good deed at the same time.

The jist of this is that Scientology - Through the Door is open and accepting new interviews again now.  If you're an ex-member and have not done an interview, you are encouraged to do so.  You can do it anonymously if you prefer.

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