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Silkin Management - wtf?
« on: September 17, 2009, 15:45 »
I ran across this article, discussing a front group called Silkin Management, which according to the article, used to be Hollander (Associates, Consultants, etc.).  The reason for it being on the site, and the way in which it was written, really doesn't make sense to me.  It reads like it's intended to be a PR type article, but I don't understand why it mentions that it's "the scientology front."  And why is is written so poorly, was it written in another language and translated badly before posting to this site?  Are they hiring non-English speakers to write their stuff now?

Importance and Effects of Management Techniques: Silkin Management

To raise management skills to the level of technical skills is the stellar concern of Silkin Management group. The prime concern of Silkin Management group is to level or make an attempt to bring to that equal level both the skills, i.e. management and technical skill to the optimum usages. This algorithm can be applied to any profession or business, irrespective of the gradient or pattern.

Silkin Management Group is in the business of bringing the level of a doctor's management skills up to the level of his or her technical skills. It was established in the year 1983 in Oregon, now an international leader in practice management, the company has focused on delivering consulting and training services to doctors in private practice. Since Silkin Management group is the scientology front it offers professional services to dentists, chiropractors, veterinarians, gynaecologist and many other professional medical practitioners. Its previous name was Hollander Consultant.

Silkin Management group have helped thousands create practice that is stress free, feasible, stable, organized, efficient and above all enjoyable, not by reducing the working hours of their practice, but helped them realize goals and increase in the income. This makes it clear that the substantial investment of time and money a doctor makes to learn technical skills does not pay off unless he or she also learns how to manage and control a business.

Since inception of more than 20 years, Silkin Management group has been striving unhesitatingly to reduce the unwanted burden of doctors with management and administrative problems, so that they can have the freedom they desire, without any adverse effect on their productivity, profitability and quality of life. Before enrolling themselves with Silkin Management group and after having completed the programme, all the clients were good doctors, but good are not good, when it has to be better. The minimal and wise investment they made in learning practice management skills is what made the difference. Doctors have initial problems of hiring and managing staff attend to new patients, dealing with insurance and legal matters, doctors weighed down by government rules and regulations, meeting clients and attending emergency services and many other things, due to all these factors they are bogged down with their mundane lifestyle.

Silkin Management group provides basic keys to efficiently and effectively manage a practice, those basic key ingredients that are often missing from a doctor's professional education. To ensure full satisfaction, Silkin Management group has a follow up personnel with each client; in short they are personalized with each client.

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Re: Silkin Management - wtf?
« Reply #1 on: September 17, 2009, 16:06 »
This is what happens when you outsource your copywriting to ESL speakers.