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Here's another development that's popped up: Ripoff Report's new "Verified TRUSTED Business" program.

The example is in response to a complaint posted on October 29, 2015 by David Love:

Here's an excerpt:

"EDitor's UPDATE: Positive rating and recognition has been given to Serenity Point Recovery for its full commitment to quality customer service.

Ripoff Report's discussions with Serenity Rehab have uncovered an ongoing dedication by the company to total client satisfaction. This means that clients can expect that the company will work towards finding a mutually satisfactory resolution to any concerns. Serenity Rehab listens carefully to client concerns and sees them as an opportunity to learn from past mistakes and become more efficient as a company in the services offered and the support for those services."

In addition to the David Love post, one other about Serenity Point have be modified:

And finally,  one real gem from Mr. Ripoff himself, Ed Magedson.

Wonder how much he's raking in from this smokescreen?

Thanks Mary, but for a number of reasons I don't use Face Book or Twitter.
Additionally, there is no such case filed in Hamilton County Ohio Court of Common Pleas, but the judge - Hon. Jody Luebbers is a real judge there. I wonder what she would say & do if she knew her name was fraudulently signed and sealed on this fake court document? We shall see. She is not the only judge on a fake court order in a fake case that I have found so far.

Has the Hon. Jody Luebbers been contacted about this? Aside from violating Ohio forged document laws, those documents were used illegally across state lines. Which opens a major sh*t storm of Federal charges against those responsible.

Comments here on the forum, and articles at Narconon Reviews, seem to be upsetting Per Wickstrom, causing him to resort to illegal measures to have their links removed from Google and other search engines ( per the fake court order injunction posted at Lumen database and here

Here are the threads and articles that are referred to in the injunction. To visit them, remove the space in the url


Best Drug Rehabilitation
http://  forum.reachingforthetippingpoint.n et/index.php?topic=10723.0

Per Wickstrom
http://  forum.reachingforthetippingpoint.n et/index.php?topic=12065.0

Re: Per Wickstrom
http://  forum.reachingforthetippingpoint.n et/index.php?topic=12065.80

Best Choice Rehabilitation
http://  forum.reachingforthetippingpoint.n et/index.php?topic=12511.0

AFR and TIA Corp appeal Pennfield Twp Zoning Board of Appeals decision
http://  forum.reachingforthetippingpoint.n et/index.php?topic=12543.0

Best Drug Rehab wins the Ripoff Report Birthday Game!
http://  forum.reachingforthetippingpoint.n et/index.php?topic=12652.0
Insurance fraud at Best Drug Rehab and A Forever Recovery?
http://  forum.reachingforthetippingpoint.n et/index.php?topic=12660.0
Per Wickstrom denies pushing Scientology on clients...but does he?
http://  forum.reachingforthetippingpoint.n et/index.php?topic=12751.0

Per Wickstrom's Best Drug Rehabilitation Fails Annual Inspection
http://  forum.reachingforthetippingpoint.n et/index.php?topic=12760.0

Per Wickstrom's Best Drug Marne Expansion Legal Battle Continues
http://  forum.reachingforthetippingpoint.n et/index.php?topic=12773.0
Confusion about Best Drug Rehab Corporate Entities
http://  forum.reachingforthetippingpoint.n et/index.php?topic=12839.0
Re: Confusion about Best Drug Rehab Corporate Entities
http://  forum.reachingforthetippingpoint.n et/index.php?topic=12839.20
Narconon Northern California changes name to Halcyon Horizons (was Re: Lawsuits against Narconon and.... Elevate's web addresses
http://  forum.reachingforthetippingpoint.n et/index.php?topic=12847.10;wap2
Re: USA Police Departments for Narconon FOIA Requests?  
http://  forum.reachingforthetippingpoint.n et/index.php?topic=12874.140
Behavioral Rehabilitation Services, Per Wickstrom strikes again
http://  forum.reachingforthetippingpoint.n et/index.php?topic=12902.0

Life Solutions in Battle Creek     
http://   forum.reachingforthetippingpoint.n et/index.php?topic=12922.0


Narconon Reviews Lawsuits » 
Clifton Ray Richmond, Colleen Richmond
A Forever Recovery, A Forever Recovery Inc., Anthony Janas MD, Stephen Robinson MD, Seth Egelston MD, Joel Goldberg MD, William H. Blakeslee PA, Historic Family Physicians, Battle Creek Health System
Narconon Reviews Archives for A Forever Recovery
Narconon Reviews Archives for Best Drug Rehabilitation
Narconon Reviews Archives for Narconon Northern California / Halcyon Horizons / Elevate
Narconon Reviews Archives for Per Wickstrom
Records Request Fulfilled: Michigan Attorney General releases complaints

Though our situation is unrelated to the lawsuit referred to in this article, its clear that money is being made to remove negative reviews from the internet. The attorney writing this article, Paul Alan Levy, is renowned for helping protect a citizen's right to internet free speech.

Thursday, March 31, 2016
A Sneaky Way of Falsely Enhancing Reputation Through the Suppression of Negative Reviews
by Paul Alan Levy, Attorney (@PaulAlanLevy )
Paul Alan Levy
Attorney, Public Citizen Litigation Group

*I believe one needs to logged into Facebook to access the files.

Aaaaaargh! Why does everything have to tie to Farcebook??

Sorry BigBeard... but that group is where the documents would be most read and posted by multiple people involved in the case. They have over 360 members in that group. The direct pdf links will only be accessible to facebookers because they are posted in a members only group. Its a real hassle for me to download them to my computer and upload them to my scribd. I'm a moderator there so PM me if you or someone near you,  have a FB profile and would want to join the group for a day to access and read them,  I would approve the person to join.

A while ago, I received a message from Tony Ortega, asking me about a court injunction against myself, and several other Reaching For The Tipping Point Members that he'd been sent a link to. This court order injunction requested removal of multiple links of threads on this forum and appeared to order this forum and Narconon Reviews that lead readers to content from this forum.

Since then, we've been aware of numerous fake ( fraudulent ) court orders, created by dubious agents of Per Wickstrom and his drug rehabilitation programs. These agents are often hired unscrupulous 'reputation management' companies.

These court orders have been blindly accepted by Google and then used to remove valid content from Google search results. These were then then submitted to Lumen Database, where you can see them for yourself.  In a search result on Lumen for Narconon, the below submission and fake court order, one of a number of removal orders accepted by Google where the name Narconon is included in what is apparently derogatory content someone(s) wanted removed from search content and the internet.  Some were filed fraudulently, some not, but this thread is only about  the use of fake court orders and removal of content from the Google search engine.

If you look at the entries listed, you will see that besides our forum and Narconon Reviews, content from sites like Why We Protest, Ex Scientologist Message Board ( ESMB) and some blogs come up in these search results at Lumen.

Search keyword Narconon

Search key words Per Wickstrom

Search keywords Serenity Point

But the first faker that I want to point out concerns what Tony Ortega alerted me to. Of course, none of the parties, including myself, knew of this supposed lawsuit, and were never properly served. But how could we? Despite it looking real further research finds that its a fraudulent document, using the name of a real judge in a nonexistent court case! You can see the document here:

The essential content of it states:


CASE: A1407255
Boulevard Geoges Favon 40, RDC CH — 1203 Geneve Switzerland
"DEATHHAMSTER", "KELLY", "SOURCE", "MARY_MCCONNELL", on the websites and 

This matter having come before the Court upon the Complaint filed by plaintiff Tranquil Rehab Swiss SA ("Tranquil"), and the accompanying Motion, the Court hereby finds that Tranquil's Motion be GRANTED, and this Court enters Judgement and injunctive relief in favor of Tranquil, against defendants "DEATHHAMSTER", "KELLY", "SOURCE", "MARY_MCCONNELL" on the websites and (collectively, "Defendants"), as outlined below. Tranquil and Defendants are hereby collectively referred to as the "Parties."

JUDGMENT IT IS HEREBY ORDERED, ADJUDGED AND DECREED that the Defendants have posted false and disparaging statements regarding Tranquil on the internet, including on and IT IS FURTHER ORDERED, ADJUDGED AND DECREED that the statements posted about Tranquil — located at: ......

Of course, none of the defendants was ever served such notice

You can see this supposed Google complaint over at the Lumen Database. Note the link to the pdf of the "injunction" at the bottom of the page   link

Court Order Complaint to Google
sender Francis C. Morrisson
[Private] , , , US Sent on September 08, 2016

Google Inc
[Private] Mountain View, CA, 94043, US Received on September 08, 2016

Google Inc

Re: Unknown

Sent via: Unknown

Notice Type:     Court Order

Explanation of Court Order

Permanent Injunction (section b) -   b)   The Parties are mandated to personally remove all defamatory, disparaging, libelous, and false statements about Tranquil that Defendants posted on the aforesaid
websites and also to request that these websites remove the defamatory, disparaging, libelous, and false statements published by Defendants about Tranquil, including those found at the following URLs_               [list of URLs]  c) The Parties are mandated to request that Internet search engines such as Google, Yahoo! And Bing remove from their search indices the URLs specified above;  d) The Parties are mandated, as it is
foreseeable that the above-referenced URLs and statements contained thereon will be referenced on additional webpages in the future including, but not limited to, index, directory, and search results pages, to take all actions available under the law to remove all such web pages from the Internet, including requesting removal from the ...

The links listed are ( minus the http:// )
    forum.reachingforthetippingpoint.n et/index.php?topic=10723.0
    forum.reachingforthetippingpoint.n et/index.php?topic=12065.0
    forum.reachingforthetippingpoint.n et/index.php?topic=12065.80
    forum.reachingforthetippingpoint.n et/index.php?topic=12511.0
    forum.reachingforthetippingpoint.n et/index.php?topic=12543.0
    forum.reachingforthetippingpoint.n et/index.php?topic=12652.0
    forum.reachingforthetippingpoint.n et/index.php?topic=12660.0
    forum.reachingforthetippingpoint.n et/index.php?topic=12751.0
    forum.reachingforthetippingpoint.n et/index.php?topic=12760.0
    forum.reachingforthetippingpoint.n et/index.php?topic=12773.0
    forum.reachingforthetippingpoint.n et/index.php?topic=12839.0
    forum.reachingforthetippingpoint.n et/index.php?topic=12839.20
    forum.reachingforthetippingpoint.n et/index.php?topic=12847.10;wap2
    forum.reachingforthetippingpoint.n et/index.php?topic=12874.140
    forum.reachingforthetippingpoint.n et/index.php?topic=12902.0
    forum.reachingforthetippingpoint.n et/index.php?topic=12922.0

As you can see, these include a links to threads about Per Wickstrom's Best Choice Rehabilitation, Best Drug Rehabilitation, A Forever Recovery, Serenity Point Recovery, his marketing company, Life Solutions in Battle Creek, and Halcyon Horizons, formerly known as Narconon Northern California, now doing business as Elevate Recovery.

The titles of these threads with their links will be posted in a followup comment, so as to pour salt in Per's wound and attempt to counteract Wickstrom's attempts to hide these from Google and other search engine results. It should be noted, however, that the Best Drug Rehabilitation thread on this forum continues to be found and read, having reached over 600,000 hits since started. ( So much for trying to hide the truth about Best Drug Rehabilitation, Per :P
http:// forum.reachingforthetippingpoint.n et/index.php/topic,10723.0.html

I'm sure the other threads and articles are faring well, too, despite these scam shenanigans intended to hide them from readers.

OK, back to the court document:  I found that the order was fraudulent, but had been blindly accepted by Google, used to remove that bunch of links related to Per Wickstrom and his drug rehab programs: Tranquility Detox, Best Drug Rehabilitation, A forever Recovery and Serenity Point Recovery rehab, his marketiung company Life Solutions and other Narconon programs written about here and at Narconon Reviews.

Additionally, there is no such case filed in Hamilton County Ohio Court of Common Pleas, but the judge - Hon. Jody Luebbers is a real judge there. I wonder what she would say & do if she knew her name was fraudulently signed and sealed on this fake court document?  We shall see. She is not the only judge on a fake court order in a fake case that I have found so far.

There are other fake court orders and DMCAs by Wickstrom or his agents which are deserving of attention, some with links to this site and our sister site, Narconon Reviews All of these were filed at Lumen Database last year, ending around late September IIRC. Interestingly, around that time, a number of articles came out regarding fake DMCAs and Court orders. You can read some of these here

The Washington Post

More on lawsuits against seemingly fake defendants, aimed at hiding online criticism
By Eugene Volokh  November 22, 2016

Fake Orders Dozens of suspicious court cases, with missing defendants, aim at getting web pages taken down or deindexed -By Eugene Volokh and Paul Alan Levy   Oct 10, 2016

Lawsuit against lawyers who allegedly filed improper lawsuits aimed at getting Internet criticism deindexed by Google By Eugene Volokh October 31, 2016

People trying to get Google to deindex professional news site articles
By Eugene Volokh December 14, 2016

Other sites reporting:

Lawyers file fake lawsuits to de-index online negative reviews, suit says
"The scam is not all that complicated," using court orders to get search results removed.
by David Kravets - Oct 25, 2016  ARS Technica

And site called Web Activism has been reporting such cases of fake documents, and was helpful in locating many of the above articles on fraudulent reputation management preventing freedom of speech on the internet

Wilson Luna and Med1Online doctored a court order, forged judge’s signature, impersonated a lawyer and used it to remove online criticism

The following article obviously needs to be updated but apparently hasn't been.  Its clear that Google is not holding up to its claims to review all court orders for validity before allowing them to be used to remove content from its search engine

Google Receiving Fake Court Orders on Content Removal
Don’t like what you see when you Google yourself? Sending a fake court order won’t help
by Anna Heim — Nov 13, 2012 in Google

Here is the claim, in their FAQs[/list]
*I believe one needs to logged into Facebook to access the files.

Aaaaaargh! Why does everything have to tie to Farcebook??
I guess this must be it, right?

Yes it is, ethercat.  However that "Complaint for Injunctive and Declaratory Relief and Request for Expedited Relief" was amended* See FYI for where a copy can be seen, if logged into Facebook

Doc No./Seq No.:   6/0
File Date:   03/22/2016 Entered Date: 03/23/2016 Decision:
Party Type:   Plaintiff Party No.:1
Document Name:   First Amended Complaint for Injunctive and Declaratory Relief and Request for Expedited Review

I just realized that this thread had not been updated in some time, so I will post some info and links. 

But to respond to your comment, that case has since been closed. The broad list of accusations by Social Betterment against the County and departments sued ended with a much lower number of documents being required to be turned over. Here is the court docket reflecting the judge's orders on this case:

Case Information
Court System:   Circuit Court for Frederick County - Civil System
Case Number:   10C16000716
Title:   Social Betterment Properties International vs Frederick County Maryland, et al
Case Type:   Other Civil Filing Date:03/09/2016
Case Status:   Closed/Active
Case Disposition:   Decree or Order   Disposition Date:09/26/2016

Doc No./Seq No.:   21/0
File Date:   09/26/2016 Entered Date: 09/26/2016   Decision:
Document Name:   Opinion and Order of the Court
   ORDERED, that the Plaintiff's motion for summary judgment be granted in part and that the documents stated as not privileged in this opinion be produced to the Plaintiff by the Defendant within 10 days; ORDERED, that the Plaintiff's motion for summary judgment be denied in part and that the Plaintiff is not entitled to damages as stated in this opinion.

During this same time period, Social Betterment Properties International tried to file a new and separate Petition for Administrative Review of the County Council's veto of their application for historic designation but the court made them go back and reopen the original case that was opened on July 1, 2015, and closed Feb 26, 2016. 

Court System:   Circuit Court for Frederick County - Civil System
Case Number:   10C15001859
Title:   In the Matter of Social Betterment Properties International
Case Type:   Administrative Agency Appeal    Filing Date:07/01/2015
Case Status:   Reopened/Active

After a series of bungling moves and filings on the part of Social Betterment Properties to the court on this new request to reopen the above case, including sending to the court and all parties, including myself and other interested  parties on the case, CDs with many many non-relevant copies of email exchanges and documents. They did this making it appear to the clerk that the records and cds were from the County, not SBPI.   

Eventually everything got sorted out and Social Betterment Properties finally sent in a new petition and an 
Petitioner's Emergency Motion to Extend Time for Filing Memorandum in Support of Petition for Appeal
  which was OK'd with a court order on Aug 2, 2016. The docket  shows the court order

C/O filed that the time for Petitioner, Social Betterment, to file its memorandum in support of its Petition for Judicial Review, is extended through and including September 29, 2016.

Since then,  with mutual approval by the County attorneys, Social Betterment Properties has since  filed multiple requests for extension of time to file the required, the last being in January 2017. That extension ends on February 17th of this year. 

Since January, 2 of the 3 attorneys for Social Betterment have gone to another law firm. This left attorney Bruce Dean alone until 3 new attorneys from his company's Bethesda firm were admitted as co-council January 27th 2017.

Hopefully they will figure out  the legal basis for their trying to appeal this case and produce a Memorandum in Support of Petition for Judicial Review  by the latest deadline, Feb 17th

However, I suspect we will probably see more mutually agreed motion for extension of time to file this thing

All of this is based upon the following:

SBPI's complaints in the past are that the Council based their decision to veto the application for historic designation on the Scientology connection. They claimed that they could prove that bu having access to all the all the emails and inter council correspondence which the council claimed were 'attorney-client privileged'. The case linked above was their lawsuit to get access to all that had been listed as such, but in the end, the judge on that case only ruled in favor of some, not all of the documents,  and did not give the damages $$$ that SBPI asked for. My impression on that is that there were only a small amount items on that list that were ordered turned over and that the county attorneys were not deeded to have intentionally withheld anything.

So the new legal team for the Scientology front group Social Betterment Properties International has to get it together and present this Memorandum supporting its argument. Frankly, I don't think they have a case and this is why they have not been successful in finding any law to support their Petition.

I don't think the court is going to let this drag on much longer. Once it is filed, all parties will then have 30 days to respond. Our dedicated interested parties are looking forward to reading the justifications SBPI comes up with, and will be responding to them in support of the Council's veto. 

I promise to update this thread.   

FYI: Updates have been being posted fairly regularly to the private Facebook group set up by the local citizens, called No Narconon at Trout Run. One can read posts, comments

Many *documents can be located in the files section at this link

*I believe one needs to logged into Facebook to access the files.

The Danish are on top of things it seems!

Seems so!   :w:e:l:c:o:m:e: Washburns!

The Danish are on top of things it seems!
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