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News reporter Nathan Baca & KESQ go inside the Church of Scientology
13 March 2009, 8:41 pm

It all started when Riverside County began restricting Anti-Scientology Protests

News Reporter / Assignment Editor Nathan Baca and the team at NEWS CHANNEL 3 of Palm Springs, Coachella Valley, CA took note of the protests and the hearings over & about Scientology's Golden Era Studio 'slave compound' and finally got their long awaited interview with the cult lackey and wow, have they done an excellent job!

Nathan Baca's EXCLUSIVE series of interviews with Scientology PR man Tommy Davis, son of actress Anne Archer show that this news atation is not afraid to ask the hard questions and get an answer.

KESQ says of Baca

Nathan's journalism philosophy is to "speak truth to power," believing it is a reporter's responsibility to keep local politicians and law enforcement accountable to the public for their actions. 

Well, Thank God for men like him! A friend from sent me an email with all the links to this revealing and well reported interview series on the hard questions other reporters fear to ask Scientology.

So, please take some time and check out Parts 1-4 or the complete series 1-9 :

Part 1:The Battle Over Scientology:How the Lines Were Drawn in Riverside Co.

Part 2:

Tug of War Struggle Between Activists, Scientology Hits the Internet

Part 3:


Part 4:

High-Ranking Scientology Official Explains 'Anonymous' Booklet, Videotaped Arrest

Part 5:

Scientology Official Addresses Works of L. Ron Hubbard

WATCH: The Complete Tommy Davis Interview 40 Minutes of Raw Tommy Davis Interview

As anondc of wrote:

"This interview is major. Exposing Scientology's collusion with Hemet lawmakers around Gold Base, getting the CoS to admit Xenu and space aliens are a real part of OT3, and basically stomping on the crotch of David Miscaviage. Enjoy, Anonymous. "

Well, I don't know about the crotch part but I'm certain this series has his head spinning and the orders flying. Nathan Baca certainly showed, as one anon said "balls of Steel" for getting this done. Thank you.~~~~FormerlyFooled ~FormerlyFooled~ FormerlyFooled~~~~

Source: Formerly Fooled and Finally Free From The Deceptive Cult Called Scientology

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