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"My Time in Church and in the SO" ---------- by Happy Aberree
27 April 2009, 12:40 am

UPDATED BY DEMAND to include all parts! 4/26/09

This is a phenomenal must-read story for anyone who ever partook of :

My Time in Church and in the SO 

by Happy Aberree

Hello all, I promised to give you a story so here it is.

I didn't think it would be a very long affair and just wanted to let people know what my background was. But I soon found that once I started writing it down I couldn't stop. It's amazing when you have so much stuff held inside and no one to communicate it to, that once you do start telling it, it just floods out. Anyway, I'll do it in sections because its turned out quite long.

---Everything stated by me here on this site by the way, is of course totally my own opinion and thus could be true, false or neither (or even both).

My first taste of c0$ was in a small org in ANZO in the 80's. I had heard about it from a friend and listened to a Dianetics tape. I was still pretty young and had been looking for something worthwhile to do with my life. So when she said to go into the org, I did. I went through the battery of tests and started on the HQS. I also got a few hours of book one which were pretty far out. The auditor, I think now, thought he was a hypnotist. Or at least he had watched a lot of hypnotists because he definitely had the eyes and the voice for it. So I cured my hay-fever (just like in the tape I listened to) and told everybody about it. It's funny though that I still get hay-fever, but that's beside the point. I definitely wanted it to be true.

Within a few months, I had found out about the AO from some of the staff at the Class V org (they were actually class IV orgs at the time). They had told me that the AO (AOSH ANZO) was awesome and everything there was unreal and the staff there were in uniform. You have to understand that at the ripe old age of 21, I was still very impressionable (I mean more impressionable than I am now). So I checked the AO out. I talked to a staff member there and asked him what the Sea Org was. He told me, 'It just means you're a fully-dedicated Scientologist".

That was enough for me. I was trying to prove myself at something and this was going to be it. But I had some things to handle first (like my job and my mum-- who thought scientology was a health club). I thought it would take me 3-6 months to smooth everything out and save up some money to have in the bank when I joined. I told the SO member, I think it was John Willoughby, and he said something like, "Once you make up your mind to do something, then just do it. If you wait then the bank (sub-conscious) will key-in and you'll never do anything" Needless to say, he wanted me to join on the spot (or at least before Thursday 2pm when the stats ended each week).

I joined three days later (quit my job and family and friends). Looking back now it seems like I threw my life away -- it's a good analogy. Though I have had some great times in the c0$ and met some really cool people, I lost a lot too. The good times, I later realised, were really to do with the good people I met. You never admit that you lose anything when YOU'RE IN. You never admit to yourself that joining may have been a mistake.

more at "My Time in Church and in the SO" ---------- by Happy Aberree

Source: Formerly Fooled and Finally Free From The Deceptive Cult Called Scientology

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