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The Church of Scientology Cries "KKK!"
26 March 2009, 12:16 pm

I don't think the Church of Scientology is ever going to learn.  In the past, the church accused their critics of "being Nazis!"  As I pointed out in The Church of Scientology Cries "Nazi!", this was incredibly stupid.

First, this kind of accusation is usually hauled out by the not-too-bright when they can't find any facts to support their position.

But worse (from the church's point of view), while their critics have nothing in common with Nazis, the Church of Scientology actually does have a lot in common with fascism.  I pointed out that the church should be very careful in drawing attention to fascism in connection with the church.

Perhaps they listened, because such foolish accusations seem to have abated.

And then again, perhaps not.

Now the Church of Scientology's apologists are comparing the church's critics to "the KKK".

Dear Church of Scientology: Not smart.

Their "reasoning"?  The KKK wore hoods and robes -- some of the church's critics wear masks.  As long as you leave it at that, there is a very, very vague connection there.  But don't look any deeper!

Well, let's look deeper, shall we?

Religious organization:

The KKK considered itself a religious organization, a fraternal order, they even had a chaplain.Anonymous is not an organization, is not religious, is not an order.The Church of Scientology, however, considers itself a religious organization and claims their "Sea Org" is a fraternal order.

Suppression of critics:

The KKK used intimidation, threats, harassment and murder to attempt to silence those they deemed their "enemies".  They would visit their enemies houses to intimidate them.Scientology critics and Anonymous stage peaceful protests at the church's places of business to protest what they feel are harmful, abusive and criminal activities.  They never visit the private homes of Scientologists.  Rather than silence, their usual intent is for dialog.

The Church of Scientology uses intimidation, threats and harassment to attempt to silence those who oppose them.  The church goes to critic's houses leaving fliers in their neighborhood and other, more personal, "messages" to try to intimidate their critics into silence.Hate group:

The KKK was, obviously, a hate group.  They hated blacks, Jews, Catholics, gays, and much more.Anonymous and other Scientology critics contain members of all religions, all ethnic groups, all sexual persuasions.  Anonymous attacks no religion but only seeks to expose the Church of Scientology's crimes, abuses, lies and fraud.

The Church of Scientology's founder, L. Ron Hubbard, spoke very disparagingly of all other religions.  Hubbard was a racist and, in one lecture, spoke very highly of South Africa's apartheid.  Hubbard hated gays,  Scientology claims to be able to "cure" homosexuality.Crimes:

The KKK committed crimes.  Members of the KKK were sworn to secrecy and were punished severely if they dared to object to or dared to report those crimes.Anonymous adheres to the law in their protests.  If someone claiming to be a member of Anonymous breaks the law, they suffer the consequences like anyone else.

The Church of Scientology commits crimes, abuses and fraud.  Members of the church are sworn to secrecy and are severely punished if they object to or if they report those crimes.I could go on ...

I am not going to say that the Church of Scientology is exactly like the KKK, that would be ridiculous.  I am not going to say that the Church of Scientology is as evil as the KKK, that's not correct either.

However, when the Church of Scientology claims that Anonymous is "just like the KKK", any intelligent person will see that this is completely bogus -- but then they will look at the church's actions in that light.

And that isn't good for the Church of Scientology.

Here's a little clue for David Miscavige and his Church of Scientology:  When you're busy trying to suppress free speech using intimidation, threats and harassment against your "enemies", you'd best not draw any attention to that other group that also tried so hard to suppress free speech.  The difference between the Church of Scientology's tactics to suppress free speech and the tactics of the KKK are of degree, not intent.  That's not good.


Source: Ask the Scientologist

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