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Mailbag: Gas Prices, Scientology and Steroids in Baseball - (blog)
3 January 2011, 4:59 pm

Well, holiday's over... got that hideous back-to-work feeling this morning, almost like a triple-Sunday. Lots of interesting questions for the mailbag this week....


I really enjoyed your book.  It seemed fair to all sides and I plan to get more involved in public affairs.  Since the level of ethics of our leaders has fallen so far as you rightly point out I found it amusing that you took a small stab at L. Ron Hubbard.  You see, if ethics are lacking in a group no organization is possible and there is no way to achieve the groups goals. Ethics are first, as you seem to point out.  Hubbard has written the same from the beginning.

Take and hour and read the moral code in, The Way to Happiness by Hubbard.  If the people you describe in your book followed it, things might not look quite so bleak.

Again, a great book!  Thanks.

John Sarros



True story: I once tried to do an expose on Scientology, back when I was with the Buffalo Beast. I went into the local Scientology office, gave a fake name and address, and tried to sign up and go through the test-taking process, etc., like an undercover thing. So I took the test and came in the next time, and before anything happened the guy running that office told me there was a problem with my paperwork. He asked me if the phony Buffalo address I had given him was my real address, and the reason he asked, he said, was because he had found another address for me -- and it was my real address from my Bard College days in upstate New York. In other words, they had somehow found out my real name without my giving it to them, and in this creepy way they were letting me know they knew what I was up to. I asked to go to the bathroom, snuck out, and never went anywhere the hell near a Scientologist again. What was it you wanted me to read again?

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