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She's done!
« on: September 19, 2011, 19:42 »
Sandy Richards doesn't mince words:

There’s more…

I am done with ignoring the elephant in my own room, I’m done with not saying out loud my strong disagreement with a ‘church’ using federal and state tax dollars for medical care (when those in need are ‘allowed’ to seek that care), for dental care (when those in need are ‘allowed’ to seek that care), and the push for abortions (being pregnant has for some reason become an overt for those ‘within’).

These things, in my opinion, are medical and dental free rides from Joe Public, the very ‘wog’ who is belittled by the elite from within.  Joe Public who is footing the bill for a number of things for this ‘church’…..go figure that one.

The entitlement mentality of this ‘church’ is pathetic to say the least, when the unbelievable amount they have in reserves is used as a personal cash-stash by an elite few.

That the vast amount of ‘church’ reserves is hidden, while tax dollars are demanded, used and accepted, all the while no taxes are paid into the pool from which they drink, is in my opinion, criminal and may just spell ‘evasion’…..I believe it has been spelled that way before.

Which reminds me, don’t ‘churches’ offer their members, an accounting of all their funds?

Also, I am done with not saying anything about the little to no pay for staff, and with the taking of that little to no pay from staff, as gifts to others, without prior permission.

(again, it’s that entitlement mentality)

I am done with not saying anything about the theft of parishioner’s donations used to impress, seeking admiration from, certain celebrities.  This is done using slave labor, to create ‘gifts of magnitude’, for reasons we do not know…..yet.

I am done with knowing and not stating aloud, my repulsed reaction to the willful degraded accommodations, the no sleep forced upon staff, the imprisonment and the threat of imprisonment, and the intentional withholding of sufficient food from the staff…..all so as (in my opinion) to not dip into its own mega funds socked away for someone’s better use, and for what I believe to be the successful creation of a weak and malleable crew, while a very few (at the top of this so called ‘church’) live large and live well, on the backs of others.

How easy is it to manipulate and control those who are physically weak from hunger and no sleep, pushed to cruel limits?

Very easy, just look.

(entitlement (now enter slave owner) mentality)
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