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Per donated 100K to Trump's inauguration.

Michigan donors give $2M for Trump inauguration
Melissa Nann Burke, and Keith Laing, DetroitNews
<a few snips>

"Many top donors had access to Trump or administration officials during the inaugural festivities during the weekend of Jan. 20.

"Per Wickstrom, CEO of Best Drug Rehabilitation in Battle Creek, chipped in $100,000 on Jan. 19, and Ciena Healthcare Management CEO and President Mohammad Qazi of West Bloomfield Township gave $50,000 on Dec. 2."
Narconon and related groups / Re: Suncoast Rehabilitation Center
« Last post by DeathHamster on June 20, 2017, 11:07 »
The 2015 Form 990 for Narconon Suncoast is in.

69 clients in 2015, probably at the old Spring Hill location.
ATMC CHARITABLE FOUNDATION is "not dead yet": No assets or business, but still filing Form 990PFs.

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Belated thank you Alcie...

Sad that DeLong lost on this one but one outcome is that Narconon 'students' can sue for such negligence with added strength of this decision,  if it fits circumstances their complaint

The tossing

The federal court in Oklahoma City dismissed DeLong’s negligent training and supervision claim. Noting that Oklahoma is still an employment-at-will state, the court said exceptions to that doctrine must be specific and narrow. For that reason, it ruled that negligent training and supervision claims may only be pursued by a third-party, non-employee who is harmed by the negligence of an organization’s manager or supervisor. It is not a claim that a former employee can maintain relating to their own firing.
 >:D I'm just a little devil.
You won't get any argument from me, Big Beard. I modified the paragraph as follows:

"Applied Scholastics Incorporated is ostensibly a completely separate organization from the Church of Scientology. It is a separately incorporated body with its world headquarters at 7060 Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles, California—as much as my liver is separately incorporated within my abdomen."

Hope a little thread necromancy is not frowned upon here, but I'm...closely associated with the corporation, and I can tell you the things that result in these lawsuits happen all too frequently.

Anything you can share, publicly or privately by PM is always appreciated :)

Welcome Ocsec!

There is also quite a bit of documentation about the Michigan rehabs on Narconon Reviews.

Any information on the current situation there would be of interest.
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