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Ways to Protest
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Ways to Protest the Cult:
  • Join your local protest group or start one.  Every time someone protests an org, Scientology loses money and the local community will be more educated.
  • Write your local government leaders about the dangers of the cult of Scientology.  Write to school boards and Boards of Education about the true nature of Applied Scholastics. The IRS needs to be questioned about the unfair tax status the cult enjoys.  Write to your government leaders about the dangers of the cult.  Send info to your local Chamber of Commerce about W.I.S.E.  Educate religious organizations about the cult's true agenda in regards to other religions.   
  • Educate yourself about the horrors of the cult, and tell your family, friends and peers what you learn.   Check out books about cults from the library to educate yourself further.
  • Make and watch relevant videos on or Be sure to post these in the activism area with a link to them.
  • Make fliers with valuable information on them, and hand them out. Post the fliers on the forums for general use by others.  If you can't make a flier, grab an already made one and hit the streets ready to handout/hang info.  Be ready to answer questions as you are handing information out.
  • If you like to write, you can start a blog and share what you learn on the internet.
  • Get, print, or buy business cards and put them in clever places.
  • Write "" on your dollar bills. This site redirects people to the site. Some people have purchased stamps and stamp this on to their money.   This is legal.
  • Put fliers or YFTCs inside Hubbard or Co$ books in the library or bookstore. Anyone purchasing the book will stumble upon information about the cult.
  • If you have a special talent, like songwriting, art, or web design, or making friends easily, you can use your skills to help. It is up to you to determine what your skills are, and how best to use them.
  • If you are good at research, and can obey Wiki guidelines, perhaps you can contribute to relevant Wiki articles. Be sure you read Wiki guidelines carefully; there is a BIG learning curve involved.. Site info is here:

Special thanks to Lorelei for letting  me steal some of her ideas for this.
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Re: Ways to Protest
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You're welcome to repost anything I post, if you feel it is relevant. :)
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