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Thanks, mefree :)

I checked out some of the more obvious possibilities ( life solutions program ) but all seem to be legit programs unrelated to Narconon except Elevate Recovery.

Amazing Anons are doing further digging on this... perhaps they will locate another Narconon program on the site

Narconon in Michigan / Re: Best Drug Rehabilitation
« Last post by Mary_McConnell on April 24, 2018, 21:29 »

It appears that "Great Lakes Treatment Center" is the new "umbrella" brand for these seven facilities:
1) Forever Recovery, Battle Creek, MI
2) Awakenings Rehabilitation, Albion, MI (formerly Narconon Freedom Center; operating at same location)
3) Behavioral Rehabilitation Services, Harrison, MI
4) Choices Recovery, South Bend, IN
5) Great Lakes Rehabilitation, Manistee, MI (formerly Best Drug Rehabilitation)
6) New Beginnings Recovery, Van Wert, OH
7) Serenity Point Recovery, Grand Rapids, MI (Marne)

I knew about Great Lakes, just didn't have time to post about it.. glad you did! but I not about Awakenings

Awakenings Rehabilitation must be separate Wickstrom unbranded Narconon. He must have booted NArconon out, lol

Narconon Freedom Center moved to a different location  505 Keefer Dr  Albion, MI 49224 sometime last year. I thought it was around Sept 2017

I appreciate you mentioning the new address for Narconon Freedom Center.  The BBB doesn't always get updated addresses right away.   Back in Sept 2017 I heard from a patient's family the facility was moving to a new location due to money problems, but I didn't know where to.

I checked the MI State Licensing the 505 Keefer Dr address is now listed for them. As well,  that new address is listed on some previous year reports the state provides the public. You may want to read the last 3 of the  2017 reports listed, as they discuss pretty serious violation matters. Last report is dated in Dec 2017. Here is the link:

It's clear now that it was probably in July or Aug 2017...

I'm going to check with the family member who told me about the financial problems NN Freedom Center, causing them to move. I was under the impression that the patient was there in Sept, just before the move. After seeing the Awakenings initial survey, linked below, I realize that all that had to be going on much earlier in the year if they were still at the 809 West Erie address.
I wish more people would help keep an eye out for these things with the name changes, entity changes.   Appreciate you letting us know, Miss Fortune!
Thanks for posting this, Mary.  \--O--/ Thankfully, Krebs is still on the job.   

I wonder if any of the other names on that list, besides Elevate, might be unbranded Narconon facilities? ooo:/
More from Brian Krebs at Krebs On Security 

A Sobering Look at Fake Online Reviews
18 Apr 2018
n 2016, KrebsOnSecurity exposed a network of phony Web sites and fake online reviews that funneled those seeking help for drug and alcohol addiction toward rehab centers that were secretly affiliated with the Church of Scientology. Not long after the story ran, that network of bogus reviews disappeared from the Web. Over the past few months, however, the same prolific purveyor of these phantom sites and reviews appears to be back at it again, enlisting the help of Internet users and paying people $25-$35 for each fake listing.

Sometime in March 2018, ads began appearing on Craigslist promoting part-time “social media assistant” jobs, in which interested applicants are directed to sign up for positions at seorehabs[dot]com. This site promotes itself as “leaders in addiction recovery consulting,” explaining that assistants can earn a minimum of $25 just for creating individual Google for Business listings tied to a few dozen generic-sounding addiction recovery center names, such as “Integra Addiction Center,” and “First Exit Recovery.”
.. Read on for the rest. Note that unbranded Narconon, Elevate Recovery, is on the list
Speak of the devil.... Look who's on the list

18 Apr 2018
Krebs On Security
A Sobering Look at Fake Online Reviews
Scientology - The Hollywood Edition / Re: That was quick!
« Last post by Mary_McConnell on April 19, 2018, 21:44 »
What kind of surprises me is that Tom Cruise is still so beloved by the movie audiences. This was all swept under the rug somehow. Heck, even I go see his movies.

Welcome, Nittis!  As a former long time scientologist and critic of Scientology, I find him to be terribly blind, and heavily indoctrinated, as many exes once were. He is not as beloved as before due to his own actions. However, Hollywood creates images and characters and movie gowers tend to blend them with the in real life people who act. Tom Cruise managed to get some great roles early on in his career, and this resulted in his sustaining a stable position in Hollywood's roster of bankable actors. 

I also want to copy and paste the "contract" they have you sign upon admission.  I think much is self explanatory.  They have you sign the contract again after you've been in detox a bit and supposedly more clear headed as many enter under the influence.   I signed it again but was still on Ativan and not of sound mind.  The second signing of the contract then includes an addendum.  The contract is very interesting in that the claim addicts are manipulative by nature and the detox portion will determine if the facility is right for you or not, yet that addicts will try to get out of the program as it's a common avoidance technique to problems and it's imperative the addicts family don't take the side of the addict but to contact them about the program so they can be better informed...again this is all designed for monetary purposes.

It would be great if you could post it.  Consider uploading to scribd and them posting the link

This is my account there
Welcome Olive. Here goes a very belated response.

They are motivated to keep clients in the program for monetary purposes.  With insurance pay folks, they can continue overbilling their insurance companies - see above regarding my roommates discovery.  Also their Refund policy states you're entitled to a refund within the first 10 days of your stay but they will retain $15,000.00.   When I tried to leave after I discovered their Narconon ties and that their current staff went through the Narconon program and then worked for them when operating as Narconon (only 5 staff members went through the "Elevate" program which is really just the same program but different terminology and the addition of their SMART recovery and Mindfulness workbook (Mindfulness is just mediation)   Elevate family counselor, Cassidy Doherty (Narconon graduate and Narcnon Vista Bay, Narconon Redwood Cliffs family liasion and now EAS Family Counselor) informed my family I was spreading lies about the program & was going to try and maniuplate everyone so I could get out of treatment - so when I tried to leave, my family refused to believe me and they were operating as Narconon and the program was pretty much the same so my family said if I left, I would be cut off.   They pray upon family members concerns to keep people there to continue billing.

There are some good resources at regarding filing complaints, contacting state agencies and/or health plans when insurance fraud is involved, which would include overbilling.
Narconon in Michigan / Re: Best Drug Rehabilitation
« Last post by mefree on April 18, 2018, 21:11 »
Thanks, Miss Fortune! Looks like there are a few that need to be added to Narconon Reviews.
Scientology - The Hollywood Edition / Re: That was quick!
« Last post by mefree on April 18, 2018, 21:08 »
Tom seems to avoid scrutiny by the media.
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