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New Church of Scientology building pops up in LoDo -
20 June 2012, 11:40 am
Blair Shiff

DENVER - The newest Church of Scientology now calls Denver home. Located at the corner of 24th and Blake streets, the 44,000-square-foot church is one block away from Coors Field.

While the church is brand new, the building itself is not. The structure, built in 1916, is the former American Radiator Company building. The new owners decided to preserve many of the buildings original features including the neo-classical entrance crafted from Colorado's Yule Marble.

9NEWS contributor Erica Cobb spoke to Erin Banks from the public affairs department of the Church of Scientology of Denver about the building restoration project as part of Denver's Urban Revitalization. Erin also shared her take on the controversy surrounding Scientology and explained the beliefs and methodology of the religion.

Banks talked about the celebrity angle and draw to the practice and why Denver is the newest home to a Scientology Center.

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Church of Scientology seeks higher profile in Denver with new church - Denver Post
23 June 2012, 3:01 am
By Eric Gorski

The church's grand-opening celebration filled a city block near Coors Field with pomp and circumstance: white and blue balloons floating skyward, confetti shot from a cannon, cheering throngs. A seven-camera crew captured the Hollywood-style production by the Church of Scientology. Denver Police Chief Robert White and City Councilman Albus Brooks offered warm endorsements — both working from talking points provided by the church. Known for its celebrities and controversies, the Church of Scientology is taking a higher profile in Denver and other cities by renovating historic buildings and transforming them into gleaming new churches to serve members and the broader community.

As part of that effort, the church has successfully recruited community leaders to praise its drug-prevention programs, commitments to homeless initiatives and other outreach work.

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