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About this board
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The description of this board is:
For discussing photography - techniques, equipment, questions, tips, artistic vision, post-processing, and anything else related to photography.  Please post your own original photos, and links to other people's photos you would like to discuss.

To those posting their own photos: Gracefully accepting criticism about our work helps us to grow as an artist, and constructive criticism is a part of most serious artistic communities.  If you would like constructive criticism and suggestions, either of an artistic or technical nature, please say so in your post.  You may receive criticism regardless of such a statement, but you also may not receive it unless you ask. 

It would be appreciated if you would leave your photos at the same link you originally post, to avoid having gaps in the discussion, although, of course, you are under no obligation to do that.  It would also be polite to avoid using image upload sites that delete images after a certain amount of time, or sites which delete images which are not accessed for a certain amount of time. 

Furthermore, if you have concerns about someone else using your images for their own profit, we suggest posting a smaller version of the original, to lessen the reproducibility of your photos.  In the past, people have found their photos being sold by someone else they didn't know or give rights to at online sites.  There is no reason to think this situation has changed.

For other people's photos, instead of copying or hotlinking, and posting them inline, we suggest linking to the page where you found it, as all artistic work is copyrighted the instant it is published, unless it has been stated to be in public domain or has another liberal usage license (such as Creative Commons) attached.

Legalese: You retain all copyright and control of your photos posted here.  By posting them here, you give rights for them to be displayed on Reaching For the Tipping Point indefinitely. 

Enjoy the Photographer's Corner!
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