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    • The Foul Air of the Freewinds an Ex-SO Member’s Story

Harlem gets its Scientology ‘Ideal Org’ today, and David Miscavige doesn’t want you there

Scientology opened a new ‘Ideal Org’ in Harlem, and we weren’t made to feel very welcome

EXCLUSIVE: Actress who called Tom Cruise a 'narcissistic baby' in an audition to be his girlfriend claims she was blacklisted by Scientology even though she was John Travolta’s friend and coughed up $1million

Paul Haggis can’t escape Scientology

Church of Scientology buys longtime rental for $32.5M

Suri Cruise looks just like her dad, Tom Cruise

Scientology appeals $1 million loss to Florida supreme court, and Ken Dandar gets canny

For Scientology’s most infamous dirty trickster, retirement has a happy ending

Louis Theroux’s Scientology movie is hilarious and horrifying

Nancy Cartwright’s ‘defense’ of Scientology is the saddest thing ever

How Scientology's Skirmish With The Daily Mail Could Shake Up British Media Regulations

Goldman Sachs helped psychologically brutalize teen inmates with Scientology-based lessons

Solo play lifts curtain on Scientology

Church of Scientology list their HQ for sale at $15-20 million

Florida man sues medical sleep testing company after its dapper CEO forced Scientology on him

Scientology’s sneaky anti-psychiatry front has found a new way to target kids in Florida

Whale watching update: Your 2016 mid-year guide to who’s propping up Scientology

The dapper CEO’s detailed response: Scientology wasn’t forced on disgruntled employee

MORE INFO: Louis Theroux: My Scientology Movie - Where to see it!

Mike Ovitz on Why Tom Cruise Wasn’t Criticized for Scientology in the 1990s: “We surrounded him, and we were so careful.”

Ex-Hollywood Agent Spills Tom Cruise’s Scientology Secrets In New Tell-All

Scientology’s richest couple buys ‘Holy City,’ a California ghost town and former cult site

The dapper CEO’s detailed response: Scientology wasn’t forced on disgruntled employee

Never-before-seen photo of Diana Hubbard, daughter of Scientology’s founder

Former workers file EEOC complaints saying Grant Cardone forced Scientology on them

Scientology’s fiery ‘Guardian’ before she hooked up with Ron, and other gems from our readers

Got a Purple Heart? Scientology wants to exploit you

Former Scientology mouthpiece Tommy Davis is settling into his new role as Hollywood exec

In 1951, L. Ron Hubbard’s fellow SF writers debated him about ‘badly-written’ Dianetics

New Scientology financial disclosures reflect the dire state of its chief drug rehab

New Scientology financial disclosures reflect the dire state of its chief drug rehab

A Brief History of Scientology

Stranger things: 4 facts about Scientology

Stalking, Scientology and sex: Gawker's biggest moments

Gawker goes dark, but its impact on Scientology — and Tom Cruise — will never be forgotten

Who are the clergy Scientology convinces to attend its ‘interfaith’ farces?

Nicole Kidman & Isabella Cruise Reunite: Is Her Daughter Leaving Scientology?

Suri Cruise 2016 News & Update: Scientology Expert Explains Tom Cruise Absence In Daughter's Life

Ken Dandar’s courtroom nightmare is finally over (unless Scientology starts it over from scratch)

What Is the Church of Scientology Doing With This Los Angeles Movie Studio?

Steven Mango, who appears in Theroux film, calls police to Scientology facility over assault

Louis Theroux explains how celebs become brainwashed by Scientology in revealing clip

Screening of Louis Theroux’s first feature documentary at Grosvenor Cinema is SOLD OUT

A Scientologist on the ballot: OC candidate keeping mum about his anti-psych work

Scientology petitions California Supreme Court over disqualified judge in forced-abortion case

Is Clay Bock the "Clear" Choice for Garden Grove City Council District 3?

What are Scientologists doing with their new LA film studio?

Judge to decide dispute over Trout Run records request

Vance Woodward’s appeal fails as Scientology has the L.A. attorney on the hook for $90,000

Church of Scientology attempting to recruit in the Irish Gaeltacht


Atheists on Air
Beyond the Trailer Park Ep. 79: Ex-Scientologist Pete Griffiths
This week we are joined by ex-Scientologist Pete Griffiths. All the way from Ireland, "Griffiths ran a mission in Cumbria, in northern England, until his weekly figures petered out. By the time he moved to Westport, in 1998, he planned to return to Scientology once his children were grown and he could better afford it. It wasn’t until he heard of a protest in 2008 that he looked into Scientology online and had a “penny-dropping moment”.  “From 1987 to 2008 the thought control was all in place,” he says. “Then a lengthy unravelling process began. I got so angry that I burned any Scientology stuff I had lying around in a bonfire. I couldn’t look at it any more. The sense of betrayal is just incredible. The clues are all there, but you don’t see them.”" Pete is now an anti-Scientology protester and YouTuber, offering support to former Scientologists and information about it's many flaws and issues to current members through protests.

KABC 790 Talk Radio Metropolitan Los Angeles
Tony Ortega is interviewed by John and Jillian, talking about the Duggans, Scientology’s richest couple and their recent purchase of ‘Holy City’.

Sensibly Speaking Podcast #51 - A New Explanation of L. Ron Hubbard
One of the biggest questions about Scientology is what were the intentions of its founder, L. Ron Hubbard in creating it and if it's a great big con, why would he have stuck with it for decades and written and done as much as he did. In this episode, guest Yuval Laor and I discuss a theory that could answer these questions and explain L. Ron Hubbard in a way that has never been talked about before.


FOX 5 News - New York
Scientology opens new facility in East Harlem

Sidney Daily Telegraph
Church of Scientology list their HQ for sale at $15-20 million

Sunrise 7 – Australia
'My Scientology Movie' is stranger than fiction
Bryan Seymour speaks to Louis Theroux about the documentary investigating the controversial religion. LOUIS THEROUX: MY SCIENTOLOGY MOVIE is in cinemas for one week only from September 8.
Scientology Through The Door - my interview (#316) -

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Re: Church of Scientology Negative Publicity Collection – 2016
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Thank you, aegerprimo.  :)
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Re: Church of Scientology Negative Publicity Collection – 2016
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A belated thanks for the latest news, aegerprimo!
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