Author Topic: Narconon Cambridge gets stuffed!  (Read 5004 times)

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Re: Narconon Cambridge gets stuffed!
« Reply #1 on: May 30, 2019, 20:03 »
From the story...

"That was news to Narconon executive director George Morfopoulos.

“I met with the provincial health department that said there’s no such permit required. Drug rehab is unregulated in the province of Ontario. So that’s incorrect by them,” Morfopoulos told the Times when contacted Wednesday morning."

I suspect what they told the provincial health department isn't what they told the city. It sounds like there may be a legal fight coming, but who knows. And that pic of George Morfopoulos! Sheesh. If he were a used car salesman, I think I'd be heading to a different car lot.