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Our Aspirations
« on: March 25, 2009, 20:02 »
Think Scientology is just a wacky cult that Tom Cruise and other Hollywood celebrities belong to?

Think Scientology doesn't affect you because you're not a member and you don't know anyone who is?

Think Scientology is just a misunderstood religion?

Think again!

For many years, a small but growing number of people have been working to raise awareness of the true face of Scientology.  We are disappointed by the lack of action by most of our government agencies, and we recognize that the only way the fraud and abuses committed by Scientology and its front groups will end is through rejection and public outcry by an overwhelming majority of the general public.

This forum is focused on educating people about scientology and its front groups, promoting public discussion of these, and inspiring you to educate others, whether it be a in a public way, such as protesting or public speaking, or in a more private way such as letter writing and quietly talking to people about what you have learned.

We are reaching out to the general public to make the difference - we are Reaching for the Tipping Point!
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Re: Our Aspirations
« Reply #1 on: September 08, 2011, 13:53 »
Welcome to everyone, including the lurkers :)
I am a volunteer advocate for victims of the Narconon scam. I am a former scientologist. I post anonymously. Mary McConnell is my long time nom de plume. Feel free to contact me for assistance in righting the wrongs.