Author Topic: Narconon now has a dedicated section in the new Front Groups category  (Read 2138 times)

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The number of posts about Narconon has grown, and so now deserves a section of its own. 

Great work, everyone!   :-D--U

Previously, discussion of Narconon took place in the "Scientology Front Groups" section of the "On Topic Discussion" category.  In order to keep the information about front groups easy to find, I have made a new category for "Scientology Front Groups" with one section for Narconon and related groups, and one for the other front groups.  The "On Topic Discussion" category has been renamed to "Scientology Information."

As other front groups garner more discussion and the need arises, there will be separate sections made for them also. 

The Narconon and related front group posts which are currently in the general front groups section will be moving into the separate Narconon section over the next few days.  You shouldn't have any problems related to this change, but if you do, please let me know.
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