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Best Drug Rehab wins the Ripoff Report Birthday Game!
« on: October 16, 2013, 14:06 »
With a recent report by Miss Fortune on the possibility that Per Wickstrom will be suing more people who felt they were scammed by Best Drug Rehabiliation and it's affiliates and went online and posted about it.

I was wondering why go to such extremes and sue disgruntled clients, knowing full well that sooner or later a major newspaper is probably going to pick up on the story and blast headlines such as "Scientology rehab sues former clients who complain about scam"?


Well, I decided to go on Ripoff Report and do a little digging.  Apparently, if you search for any negative reports involving Rehabs, there aren't really that many.  Tens of thousands of people go to rehab and only a few actually go on this site and write there.  But what is revealing is this:

1) When you search for the word "rehab" on Ripoff Reports, it returns about 154 results.
2) When you subtract any that don't have to do with drug rehabs (chiropracter, financial, etc), you are left with 70 results.
3) Of these 70 Ripoff Reports on particular rehabs here is the breakdown

-16 of the negative reports are for Best Drug Rehab.  Which means that out of the 10,000+ rehabs in the United States, Best Drug Rehab has almost 22% of all critical reviews in that space on Ripoff Report.
-25 of the negative reports are for A Forever Recovery, Best Drug Rehab, Narconon Stonehawk, and Narconon Freedom Center, which means that 35% of all negative reviews in our list are programs affiliated now or previously with Per Wickstrom.

Imagine how you would feel if 1 out of every 3 negative comments about drug rehabs were about your facility? 

I guess you could ask yourself whether or not you are scamming people...or just hire some attorneys and sue the crap out of anyone who dares to complain about getting ripped off.

Congratulations to Best Drug Rehab, currently the world record holder of online drug rehab complaints!!  (at least on Ripoff Report).  You really have to be good at being terrible to achieve such a record.  You can't even intentionally be that terrible.

Unless Scientology has now perfected the "terrible rehab hat".

Listed below is a dump of all drug rehabs listed in Ripoff Report when you search for "rehab"

AFR   "46, Report #964801

Nov 05 2012
07:11 AM"   A forever Recovery AFR Drug alcohol treatment rehab center Manistee, MichiganAuthor: West palm beach, FloridaMental Health: A forever RecoveryManistee, Michigan
AFR   "88, Report #764091

Sep 29 2011
02:57 PM"   A Forever Recovery Please don't send anyone you love or yourself to this rehab. You can easily leave with even more problems you went in with. Internet MichiganAuthor: Charotte, North CarolinaMental Health: A Forever RecoveryInternet, Michigan
AFR   "129, Report #482443

Aug 19 2009
01:55 PM"   A Forever Recovery, Narconon, Misleading, Unprofessional Addiction Rehab Center. Bridgeton, MissouriAuthor: Bridgeton, MissouriMisc. Health Specialists: A Forever RecoveryBattle Creek, Michigan
BDR   "9, Report #1078786

Aug 24 2013
06:53 PM"   best drug rehab nitemare detox manistee battlecreek MichiganAuthor: okc, OklahomaMental Health: best drug rehabmanistee/battlecreek, Michigan
BDR   "10, Report #1078776

Aug 24 2013
06:28 PM"   Best Drug Rehab Worst nighttmare drug rehab, employees offer you drugs Battlecreeek MichiganAuthor: okc, OklahomaUnusual Rip-Off: Best Drug RehabBattlecreeek, Michigan
BDR   "12, Report #1074011

Aug 07 2013
08:18 PM"   Best Drug Rehab in Manistee, Michigan Tranquility Detox Center in Battlecreek,MI Desperate mom of heroin adddict Battlecreek MichiganAuthor: Upstate, New YorkMental Health: Best Drug Rehab in Manistee, MichiganBattlecreek, Michigan
BDR   "18, Report #1058307

Jun 11 2013
02:21 PM"   Best Drug Rehab Ripped us off for $18,000.00  S STAY AWAY Manistee MichiganAuthor: St. Johns, MichiganCult Organizations: Best Drug RehabManistee, Michigan
BDR   "20, Report #1054237

May 27 2013
08:54 PM"   Best Drug Rehab Please help! How do we get someone out of there? Man otter MichiganAuthor: Huntington station, New YorkCult Organizations: Best Drug RehabInternet, Michigan
BDR   "28, Report #1028256

Mar 13 2013
03:48 PM"   Best Drug Rehab BDR Using Rehab as a front for Scientology fundraising and brain washing Manistee, MichiganAuthor: , IndianaCult Organizations: Best Drug RehabManistee, Michigan
BDR   "34, Report #1003742

Feb 10 2013
06:12 PM"   Best Drug Rehab (aka. BDR, AFR) A purely evil drug rehabiiltation facility preying on vulnerable parents and family members. manistee, MichiganAuthor: new york, New YorkReligious Groups: Best Drug Rehabmanistee, Michigan
BDR   "37, Report #965721

Feb 05 2013
01:32 PM"   Best Drug Rehabilitation Center Drug rehab Scientology scam! Manistee, MichiganAuthor: Someplace, InternetCult Organizations: Best Drug Rehabilitation CenterManistee, Michigan
BDR   "38, Report #1004769

Jan 28 2013
11:20 AM"   Best Drug Rehab Bdr/Afr Fraud, Fake, Ripping off families when in a very low and upset state of mind. Manistee, MichiganAuthor: Brooklyn, New YorkCult Organizations: Best Drug RehabManistee, Michigan
BDR   "39, Report #1003755

Jan 26 2013
08:07 AM"   Best Drug Rehab BDR/AFR Scientology, Cult based rehab Manistee , MichiganAuthor: new york, New YorkHearing Aid Centers: Best Drug RehabManistee, Michigan
BDR   "41, Report #980700

Dec 17 2012
02:21 PM"   Best Drug Rehab I was told that this was a place that offered many different approaches to sobriety. I was also told that Scientology was one of the options I could choose from. It was not an option Scientology, Manistee, MichiganAuthor: Secaucus, New JerseyPhysicians: Best Drug RehabManistee, Michigan
BDR   "44, Report #963184

Nov 20 2012
12:24 PM"   best drug rehab bdr freekin cult NOT A REHAB! manistee, MichiganAuthor: crescent city, CaliforniaAdult Care Facilities: best drug rehabmanistee, Michigan
BDR   "47, Report #926363

Oct 30 2012
08:16 PM"   Best Drug Rehab A Forever Recovery Tried to falsify there identity and not have anything to do with another rehab facility. AFR and BDR Manistee, MichiganAuthor: Hendersonville, North CarolinaHealthcare Centers: Best Drug RehabManistee, Michigan
BDR   "52, Report #931646

Oct 12 2012
01:29 PM"   Best Drug Rehabilitation Scientology front with nothing to do with sobriety. Worst experience of my life. A Cult not a rehab Manistee, MichiganAuthor: Los Angeles, CaliforniaCult Organizations: Best Drug RehabilitationManistee, Michigan
BDR   "57, Report #948705

Sep 30 2012
10:36 AM"   BEST DRUG REHAB My families nightmare X2 Mainistee, MichiganAuthor: Van Wert, OhioMental Health: BEST DRUG REHABMainistee, Michigan
BDR   "60, Report #927296

Aug 24 2012
05:01 PM"   Best Drug Rehabilitation Services Per Wickstrom, The Cedars Drug Rehabilitation, Tranquility Detox, A Forever Recovery Best Drug Rehab is a SCAM!!! Manistee, MichiganAuthor: manderson, South DakotaHealthcare Centers: Best Drug Rehabilitation ServicesManistee, Michigan
Narconon Freedom Center   "75, Report #843212

Feb 25 2012
09:02 PM"   narconon freedom center, alboni mi Scientology, drug rehab deceptions from the start, false hope to parents of addicts in despair, many stories of complaints Albion, MichiganAuthor: lansing, MichiganAdvertising / Deceptive: narconon freedom center, alboni miAlbion, Michigan
Narconon Gulf Coast   "61, Report #928527

Aug 17 2012
07:04 AM"   Narconon Gulf Coast Gulf Coast Drug Rehab Narconon Drug Rehab Nothing But A Scientology Front Group - Lying Frauds With Dangerous Practices Destin, FloridaAuthor: NJ, New JerseyMisc. Health Specialists: Narconon Gulf CoastDestin, Florida
Narconon Stonehawk   "62, Report #297114

Jul 22 2012
07:11 PM"   Narconon Stone Hawk Rehabilitation Center Scientology Cult based drug rehab deceiving the desperate Battle Creek MichiganAuthor: Richardson, TexasCult Organizations: Narconon Stone Hawk Rehabilitation CenterBattle Creek, Michigan
Narconon Stonehawk   "113, Report #482478

Apr 26 2010
10:59 AM"   Narconon Stone Hawk Rehabilitation Center (now Called Forever Recovery) Narconon Battle Creek MI Misleading, Unprofessional Rehab Center. Bridgeton, MissouriAuthor: Bridgeton, MissouriMisc. Health Specialists: Narconon Stone Hawk Rehabilitation Center, Forever RecoveryBattle Creek, Michigan
Narconon Stonehawk   "123, Report #457539

Dec 20 2009
09:41 AM"   Narconon Stone Hawk Rehabilitation Center (now Called Forever Recovery) This place is a scam and takes you for thousands of dollars. Please, please, please, do not send a family member there for rehab help! Battle Creek MichiganAuthor: Ryland Heights, KentuckyMiscellaneous Companies: Narconon Stone Hawk Rehabilitation Center (now Called Forever Recovery)Battle Creek, Michigan
Narconon Stonehawk   "148, Report #224071

Dec 20 2006
08:54 PM"   Narconon Stone Hawk drop my step-son off in a motel after 18 days from a drug rehab that was to last at least 3 months, lost $23,500 Battle Creek michiganAuthor: glouster,, OhioMisc. Health Specialists: Narconon Stone HawkBattle Creek, Michigan
Narconon Suncoast   "128, Report #492325

Sep 09 2009
02:21 PM"   Sun Coast Rehabilitation Center Narconon Program Horrible, Hated every minute of that place its like no other rehab i've heard of or even imagined. Their Liars, Crazy, and are running a CULT. I was the 47 person to be there that says a lot Waynesburg, PennsylvaniaAuthor: Waynesburg, PennsylvaniaMisc. Health Specialists: Con Artists: Sun Coast Rehabilitation CenterWaynesburg, Pennsylvania
Narconon Vista Bay      Vista Bay Drug Rehab Center NARCONON, SCIENTOLOGY LIES, CULT, BRAINWASHING, SCAM, RIP-OFF! WATSONVILLE, CaliforniaAuthor: Camano Island, WashingtonCult: Vista Bay Drug Rehab CenterWATSONVILLE, California
Narconon Vista Bay   "109, Report #611746

Jun 08 2010
09:33 PM"   narconon vista bay rehab lies, false advertisement, money scam, conartist, watsonville, CaliforniaAuthor: south portsmouth, KentuckyEmployers: narconon vista bay rehabwatsonville, California
Narconon Vista Bay   "121, Report #433663

Jan 14 2010
07:44 AM"   Narconon - Vista Bay Drug Rehab Reached out for help and was told my family disowned me Watsonville California Placerville CaliforniaAuthor: Brooklyn, New YorkHealthcare Centers: Narconon - Vista BayWatsonville, California
xOther   "2, Report #1086436

Sep 22 2013
09:13 AM"   Good future teen and adult rehab Dr Basim Elhabashy Pill mill MD Dr Elhabashy abusing teens in drug rehab FloridaAuthor: Delray, FloridaDoctors: Good future teen and adult rehabSelect State/Province
xOther   "3, Report #885202

Sep 17 2013
01:27 PM"   Seasons Recovery Centers, Seasons in Malibu REVIEW: commitment to total customer satisfaction. Seasons Malibu past and current approach to business is focused on providing the highest quality alcoholism and addiction treatment services to their clients from around the world. High-end executive program for the busy professional, Three dimensional behavior treatment, Innovative & comprehensive family systemic program, A year’s worth of immersion therapy in one month, Tailor made program, Holistic Rehab, &Extensive and customized aftercare and outpatient program.*UPDATE: Seasons in Malibu pledges their commitment to Ripoff Report Corporate Advocacy, Business Remediation and Customer Satisfaction Program. A program that benefits the consumer, assures them of complete satisfaction and confidence when doing business with a member business. Seasons Malibu is recognized by Ripoff Report Verified™ as a safe business service.Author: Newbury Park, CaliforniaClinics: Seasons Recovery Center in MalibuMalibu, California
xOther   "6, Report #1082135

Sep 06 2013
04:21 AM"   Sundance Drug & Alcohol Rehab/ Journey Drug & Alcohol Rehab Center Unethical, Unsafe and definitely a Rip Off of Money Scottsdale ArizonaAuthor: Scottsdale, ArizonaUnusual Rip-Off: Sundance Drug & Alcohol RehabScottsdale, Arizona
xOther   "7, Report #1080433

Aug 30 2013
08:57 AM"   Texas Workers Rehab DFW Injury Clinic Questionable Practices, Dirty Facility, Insurance Scam RedFlag Fort Worth TexasAuthor: Fort Worth, TexasChiropractors: Texas Workers RehabFort Worth, Texas
xOther   "8, Report #1078961

Aug 25 2013
05:59 PM"   Decision Point Center Rehab Another overpriced rehab that do not use modern addiction treatment prescott ArizonaAuthor: durham, North CarolinaMisc. Health Specialists: Decision Point Center Rehabprescott , Arizona
xOther   "14, Report #1071952

Jul 31 2013
10:28 PM"   One80Center Luxury Drug Rehab aka Bernadine Fried aka one80 aka One 80 center aka 180 center aka Berni Fried AVOID THIS REHAB!!! EVIL MONEY GRABBERS WITH NO REGARD FOR HUMAN LIFE. Beverly Hills CaliforniaAuthor: Miami, FloridaMental Health: One80Center Luxury Drug Rehab and Bernadine FriedBeverly Hills, California
xOther   "16, Report #1067033

Jul 15 2013
08:28 AM"   WaterShed Rehab Mistreatment of paitients Delray Beach FloridaAuthor: Sarasota , FloridaMental Health: WaterShed RehabDelray Beach , Florida
xOther   "21, Report #1053299

May 24 2013
08:05 AM"   The Watershed Rehab - Boynton Beach, FL rehab, the watershed, deceptive, lies, fradulent Boynton Beach FloridaAuthor: Jersey City, New JerseySocial Services: The Watershed Rehab - Boynton Beach, FLInternet
xOther   "22, Report #1047516

Apr 30 2013
08:10 PM"   Lakeside Milam Recovery Center Women who heads up Youth Rehab Married but Husband filed for divorce because she was sleeping with girls Kirkland WashingtonAuthor: DesMoines, WashingtonHospitals: Lakeside Milam Recovery CenterKirkland, Washington
xOther   "25, Report #1043644

Apr 16 2013
08:53 AM"   Hazelden Addiction Treatment Centers Lack experience and or ability to detox and or rehab Beaverton and or Portland, OregonAuthor: Gilbert, ArizonaMisc. Health Specialists: Hazelden Addiction Treatment CentersBeaverton and or Portland, Oregon
xOther   "31, Report #712187

Feb 26 2013
05:48 PM"   Salvation Army Phoenix ARC Rosemarie Abernathy, Director of Rehab UNPROFESSIONAL AND UNETHICAL TREATMENT BY DIRECTOR OF PHOENIX ARC Phoenix, ArizonaAuthor: Paradise Valley, ArizonaMental Health: Salvation Army Phoenix ARCPhoenix, Arizona
xOther   "35, Report #1010808

Feb 08 2013
08:01 AM"   Tracy D Serenity Vista Drug Rehab Treatement Center in Boquete, Panama is a life saver and Tracy D's claims are false Airdrie, AlbertaAuthor: Los Angeles, CaliforniaMental Health: Tracy DAirdrie, Alberta
xOther   "40, Report #453612

Jan 06 2013
10:36 PM"   Clear Haven Center Canadian Rehab is a Masochistic Backwoods Scam that Will Have You Drinking In No Time! Chertsey QuebecAuthor: Newburyport, MassachusettsEmergency Medical Services: Clear Haven CenterChertsey, Quebec
xOther   "42, Report #453001

Dec 10 2012
06:11 AM"   G & G Holistic Drug Rehab - Also Known As As Well As Thousands Of Other Fake Domain Names G&G Holistic is a HUGE SCAM!! STAY AS FAR AWAY AS POSSIBLE FROM THEM!! They are crooks!! North Miami Beach FloridaAuthor: Miami, FloridaMental Health: G & G Holistic Drug RehabNorth Miami Beach, Florida
xOther   "45, Report #970230

Nov 16 2012
12:49 PM"   Holistics Drug Rehab Holistics Drug Rehab Lied to me and my Family North Miami Beach , FloridaAuthor: San Diego, CaliforniaMental Health: Holistics Drug RehabNorth Miami Beach, Florida
xOther   "50, Report #574140

Oct 20 2012
06:29 AM"   Promis addiction rehab clinics Robin Lefever - Does anyone really have a clue what he does??? InternetAuthor: London,Promis addiction rehab clinicsInternet
xOther   "53, Report #774788

Oct 09 2012
11:47 AM"   The Watershed Addiction Center In Florida promised to reimburse for plane tickets to send my brother to rehab but lied about it Delray Beach, FloridaAuthor: Pigeon Forge, TennesseeMisc. Health Specialists: The Watershed Addiction Center In FloridaDelray Beach, Florida
xOther   "55, Report #952094

Oct 07 2012
05:22 PM"   ARC - Salvations Army Springfield IL Adult Rehabilitation Center, Springfield IL Manipulative, Hateful, States they are a Rehab to Help, when actually they are NOT!! Springfield, IllinoisAuthor: Springfield, IllinoisQuestionable Activities: ARC - Salvations Army Springfield ILSpringfield, Illinois
xOther   "56, Report #951561

Oct 06 2012
05:53 AM"   Serenity Vista's Boutique Recovery Retreat, Drug Rehab, Codependency, Sober Vacation, Jaramillo Arriba Employing counsellors with less then 3 months clean, (John Derry fully aware of his sexual demons, molestion of a guest that had paid over $10000 . Note: John and Jane Derry have many formal complaint Panama, InternetAuthor: Airdrie, AlbertaHealthcare Centers: Serenity Vista'sInternet
xOther   "59, Report #442447

Sep 01 2012
08:41 PM"   The Orchid Recovery Center is a Scam for Drug Rehab! Beware!!! Palm Springs FloridaAuthor: delray beach, FloridaMental Institutions: The Orchid Recovery CenterPalm Springs, Florida
xOther   "63, Report #240456

Jul 22 2012
06:08 AM"   St. Jude Retreat Center ripoff drug rehab scam for TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS!! Hagaman New YorkAuthor: Plantersville, TexasMisc. Health Specialists: St. Jude Retreat CenterHagaman, New York
xOther   "64, Report #913353

Jul 17 2012
12:16 PM"   The Fix The Fix Rehab Helpline Lies, deception, poor service InternetAuthor: , New JerseyMental Health: The FixInternet
xOther   "69, Report #692210

May 24 2012
xOther   "71, Report #858945

Mar 24 2012
09:48 PM"   Narconon Vista Bay Vista Bay Rehab Facility THIS IS A FRONT FOR SCIENTOLOGY!!! Watsonville, CaliforniaAuthor: Bakersfield, CaliforniaPersonal Services: Narconon Vista BayWatsonville, California
xOther   "77, Report #825390

Jan 19 2012
04:07 PM"   Las Vegas Recovery Center REHAB FRAUD las vegas, InternetAuthor: henderson, NevadaHealthcare Centers: Las Vegas Recovery CenterInternet
xOther   "81, Report #761978

Nov 27 2011
02:52 PM"   Oceanside Treatment Center Recovery Resources, Inc They threw me out of Alcohol Rehab/Detox for refusing and speaking out against Psychiatric Medication as a lesson to the other clients. InternetAuthor: newyork, New YorkCivil Rights Violators: Oceanside Treatment CenterInternet
xOther   "87, Report #787566

Oct 11 2011
02:24 PM"   Malibu Milestones Denise Klein *Fake* Rehab Facility Malibu, CaliforniaAuthor: Santa Barbara, CaliforniaAlternative Health: Malibu MilestonesMalibu, California
xOther   "96, Report #730222

May 17 2011
10:34 AM"   Las Vegas Recovery Center Rehab rip-off las vegas, NevadaAuthor: Henderson, NevadaAdult Care Facilities: Las Vegas Recovery Centerlas vegas, Nevada
xOther   "97, Report #723878

Apr 29 2011
10:50 PM"   Passages Malibu Rehab Chris Prentiss Passages Scam, Class Action Lawsuit, No cure for the cure, Chris Prentiss, Pax Prentiss, Malibu Rehabs, The Cure, Luxury Malibu Rehabs Malibu, CaliforniaAuthor: Malibu, CaliforniaMassage Parlor: Passages Malibu RehabMalibu, California
xOther   "98, Report #722324

Apr 26 2011
03:18 PM"   Las Vegas Recovery Center Rehab Scam, InternetAuthor: Henderson, NevadaAdult Care Facilities: Las Vegas Recovery CenterInternet
xOther   "104, Report #685901

Jan 28 2011
12:48 PM"   Passages Malibu Rehab Passages Malibu Passages is a scam!!! They do not cure, if they did they would cure Pax. InternetAuthor: New York, New YorkHealthcare Centers: Passages Malibu RehabInternet
xOther   "105, Report #653921

Oct 26 2010
05:04 PM"   Littledale Hall Therapeutic Community lhtc brainwashing Lying Lancaster Lancashire rehab rehabilitation treatment about failure Sue Robinson Keith Robertson con lie bad contact con lie bad cheat contact Keith Robertson Sue Robinson concern littledale Hall Therapeutic Community lhtc brainwashing Lying Lancaster Lancashire rehab rehabilitation treatment about failure Sue Robinson Keith Robertson con lie bad contact con lie bad cheat conta lancaster, OtherAuthor: lancaster, InternetAdult Care Facilities: Littledale Hall Therapeutic Community lhtc brainwashing Lying Lancaster Lancashire rehab rehabilitation treatment about failure Sue Robinson Keith Robertson con lie bad contactlancaster, Select State/Province
xOther   "106, Report #551384

Oct 19 2010
07:38 PM"   Clear Haven Center Clear Haven Rehabilitation, Clear Haven Chertsey, Clear Haven rehab Ripped off $20,000 by Clear Haven Center sudden closure InternetAuthor: Vancouver, British ColumbiaHealthcare Centers: Clear Haven CenterInternet
xOther   "110, Report #610572

Jun 05 2010
04:36 AM"   Vista Bay Drug Rehab Narconon, Watsonville Deceptive front for Scientology steals $30,000 and lies about insurance coverage, no nurses/docs on site, complete SCAM ... narCONon Watsonville, CaliforniaAuthor: Sacramento, CaliforniaCult Organizations: Vista Bay Drug RehabWatsonville, California
xOther   "116, Report #571116

Mar 06 2010
02:02 PM"   Promis addiction rehab clinics Robin LeFever Family InternetAuthor: Baku, NationwidePromis addiction rehab clinicsInternet
xOther   "118, Report #576049

Mar 01 2010
10:37 AM"   The Coleman Institute Drug Rehab InternetAuthor: Virginia Beach, VirginiaClinics: The Colman InstituteInternet
xOther   "122, Report #553276

Jan 12 2010
03:20 PM"   Clear Haven Center and Terry Orsten Shut down Rehab center and dumped patients at the airport. Chertsey, QuebecAuthor: Bothell, WashingtonMisc. Health Specialists: Clear Haven CenterChertsey, Quebec
xOther   "140, Report #271425

Oct 11 2007
08:47 PM"   Michael Kanai, CRC, Southern Rehab Michael Kanai, Vocational Counselor, Gave The Worst Service Ever Experienced by this Reporter Ripoff Raleigh North CarolinaAuthor: Deep Gap, North CarolinaMisc. Health Specialists: Michael Kanai, CRC, Southern RehabRaleigh, North Carolina
xOther   "143, Report #170721

Jul 06 2007
05:31 PM"   Lynell Bennett Youngblood ripoff Substance Abuse Treatment, Fraud, Danger, Alcohol, Drug, Preying on Vulnerable, Elder Abuse, Conspiring, Dishonest, Nasty, Rehab, Theft, Corrupt Stockton CaliforniaAuthor: Fresno, CaliforniaCon Artists: Lynell Bennett YoungbloodStockton, California
xOther      Passages Ventura Rehab, passages Malibu, Weasels, rip off, liars, users, worthless Ventura, CaliforniaAuthor: Chall hill,Advertising / Deceptive: Passages VenturaVentura, California
xOther      Palm Partners Palm Partners Drug Rehab Center Palm Partners Defrauds Advertising Partners InternetAuthor: Clearwater, FloridaBad Check Writers: Palm PartnersInternet

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Re: Best Drug Rehab wins the Ripoff Report Birthday Game!
« Reply #1 on: October 16, 2013, 16:41 »
Great research, source. Per Wickstrom's lawsuits are just another page out of Hubbard's playbook.

"The purpose of the suit is to harass and discourage rather than to win. The law can be used very easily to harass, and enough harassment on somebody who is simply on the thin edge anyway, well knowing that he is not authorized, will generally be sufficient to cause his professional decease. If possible, of course, ruin him utterly."

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