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Although this series has probably been posted in other places on this forum, I think it's important to compare the stories found here about Best Drug Rehabilitation with those of Narconon Stonehawk, which was owned by the same owner as BDR.  Best Drug Rehabiliation appears to have the same owner, some of the same staff members, similar Scientology training, etc.

In 2007, a radio host named Vince Daniels began an expose in Narconon Stonehawk located in Battle Creek.  Narconon Stonehawk closed down, but another program that uses Scientology training has popped up by the same owners named Best Drug Rehabilitation.

This is the first video of several that came out during the time.  It's scary listening to this first broadcast how much it sounds extremely similar to the reports coming out from Best Drug Rehabilitation.  History appears to be repeating itself.

Scientology: Vince Daniels - Stonehawk Part 1

For those who have experience with Best Drug Rehabilitation, listen and compare...

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Re: Vince Daniels, Narconon Stonehawk and Best Drug Rehabilitation
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This is terrific that you found and posted that video. I thought all of them were taken down but I see they weren't!

This is a must-see series and I appreciate you posting about it. The parent, who went to radio personality Vince Daniels for help in getting his refund because his step-son was dumped at a motel by Wickstrom from Narconon Stone Hawk. is like many parents we hear from.
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Re: Vince Daniels, Narconon Stonehawk and Best Drug Rehabilitation
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Scientology: The Many Moods of Vince Daniels - Part 2

This video is relevent to Best Drug Rehabiliation because it has David Touretsky on it explaining why Scientologist-run programs all adhere to Scientology protocols, which causes everything from poorly trained staff, fraudulent success rates, denial of Scientology connections, and no-refund policies.

This video continues with the saga of one families attempt to get a refund from Per Wickstrom, former owner of Narconon Stonehawk and current owner of Best Drug Rehabilitation, after his son was kicked out of the program and put in a shabby motel with $10.00 after paying almost $30,000 for the program.

Ironically, stories of clients at Best Drug Rehabilitation getting kicked out and thrown in motels with $10 and no refund on the thousands they paid are coming out describing almost identical situations to that found with Stonehawk years before.

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Re: Vince Daniels, Narconon Stonehawk and Best Drug Rehabilitation
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Scientology: Vince Daniels - Stonehawk Debate - Pt 3

Here is where a former student of Narconon Stonehawk describes the program and his experiences.  When he speaks of Training Routines, these are the same training routines that clients of Best Drug Rehabilitation are made to do...which are the same training routines ran in every Church of Scientology in the world.

When listening, it is important to understand that Narconon is a several month long program.  Best Drug Rehabilitation is a much shorter program with almost identical Scientology elements.  The client also states that it is Scientology although they deny it.

Much like the reports from families and clients of Best Drug Rehab.

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Re: Vince Daniels, Narconon Stonehawk and Best Drug Rehabilitation
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Scientology: Vince Daniels - Stonehawk Part 4

Here a former Director of Narconon and former Scientologist explains the connections between Narconon and the Church of Scientology as well as some of the fraud.

How is this video relevant to Best Drug Rehab?

Because Best Drug Rehab utilizes much of the same courses found at a Narconon.  However, where Narconon can be 3-6 months long and cost $30,000 for the stay...

Best Drug Rehab offers less of the same program in less time for the same money.  Essentially Best Drug Rehabilitation is 3-6 times more expensive for a shorter program with less in it than Narconon.  Since Narconon Stonehawk collapsed, Best Drug Rehabilitation has come to be which is an exponentially more profitable program, still following the Narconon business model and introducing the unwary to Scientology who thought they were just going to rehab.

Now, 10 times more people can be exposed to Scientology training and are being charged considerably more than they were at Narconon.

And, as long as they don't use the Narconon name, few will be the wiser.  But if we listen to these video series, we will find that they are so similar.

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Re: Vince Daniels, Narconon Stonehawk and Best Drug Rehabilitation
« Reply #5 on: February 19, 2014, 01:03 »
I remember when these videos came out.  I was in the building to see Per's face and hear his reaction.  He is a smug, greedy man.  His main concern was money then and it still is now.
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Re: Vince Daniels, Narconon Stonehawk and Best Drug Rehabilitation
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Thanks for posting those, source.  I remember when they were the big story among critics.  Greg Beha eventually settled, as many people do, because they just cannot afford to lose the money. 

The great thing about Mr. Beha was that he put his story everywhere before he settled.  He even continued to post after he signed the gag agreement, doing a series of posts called "One Year Ago Today", stopping just short of the time period the gag agreement covered.

Kudos to Mr. Beha:

Per Wickstrom now has his own section at Narconon Reviews, linking all the doings between Stonehawk and his more recent endeavors together:

Greg Beha has a page at Narconon Reviews, too.  I've added links to the videos on his page:

I find it absolutely appalling that this same stuff has been going on in Michigan for over 10 years, by the same person, and yet the authorities in the state allow it to continue.  What kind of clout does Per have with the state?  Is he like some big untouchable there?
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Re: Vince Daniels, Narconon Stonehawk and Best Drug Rehabilitation
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Not sure how/if Best Drug Rehabilitation handles refunds, but I would imagine that they have the same "no refund" policy found at most Narconons.

One thing that Narconons were known to do, if they ever did get close to a refund, was to call their sauna program a "detox".  In doing so, they would pro-rate the billing charge for the sauna program at roughly the equivalent found in a legitimate program with a medically supervised detox with nurses and doctors.

So, if a family had a person who had spent 3 weeks at Narconon and then demanded a refund, Narconon would just say something like "Well, our detox is the most expensive part and your son/daughter spent 21 days there at $1500/day, so you don't have a refund coming."  Families would then question why a 6 month program that their kid only did 1/7th of isn't giving them the money.  Front loading the pro-rated costs is something very unique to Narconon and is a great way to gobble up all the money even if someone blows.

Their justification would be "hey, other programs charge $1500 a day for detox".  Well, yeah, but they are a true detox.  Even Narconon's withdraw doesn't have any real professional medical staff there in most cases.

And in terms of the value of the "sauna detox".  Go to your gym, take about $2.00 worth of vitamins each day, run on a treadmill for 30 minutes, then sit in the sauna for about 4+ hours.  What about that "trained Sauna IC" person?  A few weeks of training how to give vitamins and make Calmag.  Zero medical training.  That's what Narconon claims is so costly.  Vitamins and babysitting someone sitting in a hot box.  However, if you did the exact same program at a Church of Scientology it would be less than $2000 for the whole program.

Narconon and these spinoffs are a way to re-package low cost Scientology services at 10 times the cost to vulnerable drug addicts and their families.  This is why Scientology loves Narconon.  The markup is so huge.  Just use the term 'addict' and you can charge so much more.

I've heard rumors about AFR and BDR having a sauna there now.  Not sure if it's true or not.