Author Topic: Mark Headley's Mar 7, 2010 radio interview with Barbara Simpson, KSFO  (Read 1222 times)

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Hour 1:

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Mark "Blown For Good" Headley discusses various Scientology topics, including actual number of adherents worldwide, "not a religion or a cult per se, but a BUSINESS," shout-out to several critical websites including WWP, Tommy Davis as "spokeshole", how BFG & Claire escaped from Gold Base / Golden Era, other cults (Jonestown / Heaven's Gate), how Sci keeps tabs on escapees (knew immediately when the couple in the NYT article contacted Marty Rathbun, because they were being stalked), Lisa McPherson's imprisonment and death, Rex Fowler, how critics and journalists are harassed and stalked by P.I.s and Scis, recommendation for Four Corners (major Aussie news show) program airing "tomorrow" (Monday night in Ozland), coerced abortions in the Sea Org, the RPF, child labor violations, "children are billion year old spirits in small bodies", no proper education for kids, the tax exemption / "religious cloaking" scam (reference to Sklar case & Larry Brennan), Davis Miscavige assaulting people, overboarding compared to waterboarding, and much more.

This interviewer was spurred on by the NYT article that came out Sunday.
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