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Posted June 17, 2013 - conference allegedly occurred in April of 2013 at Narconon Arrowhead.

....Narconon Conference Memorable Highlights

Amongst the many highlights of the conference was a presentation on the international plans for more centers to open soon, worldwide.   Yearly awards to Narconon centers for growth and for producing the most drug-free graduates were presented.  Narconon Melbourne was the proud recipient of the award for the Narconon center with the greatest expansion, and Narconon Cape Town, South Africa was the proud recipient of the award for the fastest growing Drug Education Program.  Congratulations were in order for a job well done.

Another memorable highlight was the volunteer group, Parents of Narconon.  Representing the group were three parents asking to speak to the conference attendees, and thanking Narconon for saving the lives of their sons.  The plaque they presented, states simply and sincerely, Our heartfelt thanks to Narconon staff, and was warmly received and acknowledge by a full round of applause from the audience.

A particularly poignant highlight, especially for all who have known her for many years, was a special award from Narconon International to Jeannie Trahant, presented by President Narconon International, Clark Carr. This award was in special recognition of her 40 years of unceasing service to the Narconon Network.   Jeannie started from Narconon Los Angeles in1973, she herself a graduate of the Narconon Program,  and has been working to help save lives ever since.....

more at NNAH website.
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Was there a 'key note' speaker on how narCONon is rebranding itself under a number of aliases because of all the negative PR on narCONon??