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Narconon Oklahoma is a Deady Place,8624.0.html
McAlester News-Capital,    McAlester, OK  November 14, 2011

Local Narconon leader speaks out on conflict over school presentation

By Jeanne LeFlore, Staff Writer,8611.0.html

patriot75, Today at 9:26 AM
I be a pooning today.... I had a lengthy conversation with Jeanne LeFlore at the McAlester News Capitol. The paper is treating this as an open article. While I was on the phone she recieved an email regarding the CA ban og NN and asked if she should run with it, of course I told her YES!! She asked me to resend a letter to the editor from earlier this year, so I just did.

Good day,

I am writing this letter to the “McAlester News” regarding a recent article “McAlester 2011 Annual Camber Banquet”. It has come to my attention that Narconon of Oklahoma Inc. was awarded the “Large Business Award” by the McAlester Chamber of Commerce. It is my firm belief that “Business” and “Saving Lives” are NOT to be intermingled for any reason without public knowledge. Was Narconon awarded this “Large Business Award” for doing what they claim to do “Saving Lives”, or were they awarded it for their contribution to economic development for the McAlester, Canadian, Eufaula, and other surrounding communities of the Narconon Arrowhead facility? I would have to believe that Narconon was awarded this because of their contribution to local economies. Businesses are supposed to make money and grow. Contrast this with “Saving Lives”. Saving lives is about just that- “Saving Lives”. It’s not a business at all, it’s your Duty to Humanity. Putting others first instead of yourself, not for money, fame, leverage, power, or influence, but for the sake of doing what’s right is the very essence of “Saving Lives”.

I am a small business man out of Lawton, OK. I would like key in on one aspect of doing business, creating leverage. Businesses look for opportunities to create leverage all the time for the purpose of generating sales, negotiate contracts, and to gain maximum profit. There is a difference between leverage and manipulation. With this being said let’s look into how Narconon creates leverage for their business of “Saving Lives”. First, you need to know who Narconon of Oklahoma Inc. really is. Narconon Arrowhead or Narconon of Oklahoma Inc. are under the umbrella of ABLE International (The Association for Better Living and Education). You might ask who is ABLE International? Well, ABLE International is the organization that oversees Narconon International, Criminon International, Applied Scholastics International, and The Way to Happiness Foundation International. So, who are these organizations and why should you care. “ABLE International was formed for the purpose of supervising and coordinating the promotion and dissemination of the Philosophy and Technology in secular fields by organizations formed to use the Hubbard Philosophy and Technology in those fields.” If you look into who ABLE International is and why they push the “L. Ron Hubbard Technology” what you find is that the “L. Ron Hubbard Technology” is the foundation of the Church of Scientology. ABLE International is deemed a “Various Sector of Scientology” by the Church of Scientology and directly receives their orders from the Church of Scientology. All of above mentioned organizations are complex front groups for the Church of Scientology that are deployed for the sake of recruiting vulnerable minds into the Church of Scientology, which is big time “Business”. Very simply the Church of Scientology is using front groups under guise of a secular organization for purpose of “Profit”. You are being deceived on a grand scale.

Now, back to how Narconon creates leverage in “Saving Lives”. It’s simple, Narconon International was established to work in the “Secular Field” of drug rehabilitation. This “Secular Field” was chosen very wisely from a “Business” perspective, from this perspective we can apply “Secular Fields” to the term “Profit Centers”. At the moment of the conception of Narconon International leverage was created. Narconon uses “hope” to create leverage against individuals and families in desperate need of it. Narconon uses “hope” as leverage against them in order to grow as a “Business” and this is what stimulates your local economies. This is an immoral approach to “Saving Lives” and “Business”. Individuals and their loved ones battling drug and alcohol addiction are extremely vulnerable Human Beings, NOT “Profit Centers”! It’s wrong to deceptively impose non-secular “or Religious” teachings on one’s mind without their consent or knowledge!

I am afraid that there are human rights violations happening right now and there is nothing being done about it. Just to describe a few of the alleged violations are; HIPPA law violations, psychological harassment, insurance fraud, and to top it off Narconon’s advertized success rate of 70% is a complete fraud. Most lawsuits against Narconon end with settlements and gag orders. I was a client of Narconon Arrowhead in July of 2007 and seen it with my own eyes. Personally I am a born again Christian however my problem with Narconon is not because of the religion of Scientology behind Narconon, it is because of the deception that the Church of Scientology is using it to further its growth and wealth. I firmly believe that I was sent to Narconon Arrowhead for a reason this is why I am writing this letter, it’s not for me, it’s for you.

Anonymous Stops Narconon From Visiting Oklahoma School

...internal letter from Narconon Chilocco New Life Center to the Church of Scientology’s Department of Special Affairs.

Oklahoma got duped in 1992 DON’T LET IT AGAIN HAPPEN PLEASE!

Narconon Chilocco New Life Center
New Life Without Drugs
August 18, 1992
Dear DSA (Dept. of Special Affairs CoS):

It has been a while since my last briefing but the wait has been worth it because there is big news to announce. ...
Read on:

I am a volunteer advocate for victims of the Narconon scam. I am a former scientologist. I post anonymously. Mary McConnell is my long time nom de plume. Feel free to contact me for assistance in righting the wrongs.