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Title: Sylvia Stanard speaks at Chautauqua
Post by: mefree on August 02, 2014, 09:53
Sylvia Stanard recently spoke at Chautaugua, where she was mostly lobbed softballs during the Q&A portion of her talk. Things get a bit more interesting toward the end when she becomes flustered and starts to cut people off. She sure knows how to divert and spin a yarn!

VIDEO: Scientology gets a grilling at Chautauqua - The Underground Bunker (
When we heard that one of Scientology’s mouthpieces would be speaking at this year’s Chautauqua, we assumed it would be a non-event. It’s been a long time since Chautauqua had much of an effect on popular culture or made the news. And we figured the religious liberals at the yearly conference were just trying to be inclusive by inviting Sylvia Stanard of Scientology’s DC national office.

Well, we were right about one thing: Sylvia’s speech was about as interesting as watching paint dry. But if you can get through it, the really good part comes in the question and answer period afterward.

more at

Including some older video and podcasts of Sylvia Stanard. She's been at this for a while:
Title: Re: Sylvia Stanard speaks at Chautaugua
Post by: DeathHamster on August 02, 2014, 11:09
Still spinning all these years.
Title: Re: Sylvia Stanard speaks at Chautauqua
Post by: Mary_McConnell on August 03, 2014, 10:02
This really is a must-see video... at about the 45 min mark is when the Q&A starts. The audience at Chautauqua did an excellent job, showing they were more educated than the average citizen on the subject of Scientology. Sylvia couldn't fool them, lol!