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Narconon and related groups / Re: Suncoast Rehabilitation Center
« Last post by mefree on February 20, 2018, 21:19 »
Another press release with pic of several "area notables' and Novus Medical Detox staff at ribbon-cutting ceremony.

This ribbon cutting ceremony, sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce of the Palm Beaches, was held on Thursday, February 1. Several area notables, including West Palm Beach Chief of Police Sarah Mooney, West Palm Beach Fire Rescue Fire Chief Diana Matty, Congressman Assistant to Congressman Alcee L. Hastings Dan Lifton, and a number of executives from St. Mary's Medical Center. They joined Novus Medical Detox Centers executives Chairman of the Board Kurt Feshbach, CEO Bryn Wesch, and VP of Community Relations Kent Runyon.

more at

The deadline for SBPI to file their memorandum was extended x 12 by Frederick County Circuit Court judges. I wonder why???

Between August 2016 and January of this year, Frederick County Circuit Court judges extended SBPI’s deadline for filing a memorandum in support of its petition for judicial review 12 separate times.

The most recent deadline to file the memorandum was Feb. 15. The day before, attorneys for SBPI filed a 13th motion for extension, requesting a new deadline of April 16.

The motion was denied by Frederick County Circuit Judge Theresa M. Adams on Feb. 14.

Attorneys for both sides of the case notified the court Thursday that they had reached an agreement and were close to finalizing a settlement.

Mary may know more.
Narconon and related groups / Re: Suncoast Rehabilitation Center
« Last post by DeathHamster on February 16, 2018, 09:29 »
Novus Medical spawned another franchise July 26, 2016:

Novus Medical Detox Center of West Palm Beach, LLC
General Discussion about Scientology / 10 years ago today
« Last post by SocialTransparency on February 10, 2018, 09:12 »
10 years ago today,all across the planet,people came together to publicly protest this vile organization known as scientology. On a local level,several concerned citizens aided in forcing the State of Georgia to do their job and protect we the people. The rehab scam known as narconon was exposed as the criminal entity it is.

Narconon is closed here in Georgia and nothing of value was lost.
Hmm. yet another Michigan report that Narconon Freedom Center isn't in compliance, and right after they had to do an eleventh-hour save. smh.

SA0130110 - Follow up - 12-19-17.pdf
Based on the state follow-up licensure inspection findings, the Department has determined that Narconon Freedom Center (SA0130110) is in substantial non-compliance with the MCL 333.6201 through MCL 333.6251 and/or the Michigan Administrative Rules R325.14101 through R325.14928 as applicable.  It is imperative that the program continues to work to correct all of the non-compliances.    The Department will notify the program separately of any further action.   
Court decision text of 9th January 2018 WESTERN WORLD INSURANCE COMPANY v. NIAC

It also got some coverage at the Business Insurance website

Hope this helps

Ruling comes in long-running legal battle over a Georgia overdose death - AJC
Lois Norder
January 14, 2018

Was the death of Patrick Desmond, a former Marine being treated for addiction at a Narconon clinic in the Norcross area, an “occurrence”? That legal question was finally settled in a California courtroom last week, almost 10 years after the 28-year-old’s death from an overdose of alcohol and opiates.

“The neglectful provision of alcohol to and deficient supervision of a patient in rehab leading to the patient’s unexpected death constitute an ‘occurrence’ or ‘accident,’

...The court ruled in favor of NIAC with respect to the liquor liability coverage form because, it said, the situations in the lawsuits did not involve providing alcohol in a business or formal setting.

the ruling states.

more at
Under the current (Bat Shit Crazy Madman in office) Administration, fiscal cutbacks could force the FDA to not have the ability to protect we the people in a fashion we are used too or very much need.

 People need to be very careful for what they ask for. Across the board deregulation only serves those whom have a vested interest in a corporation and the financial gain associated with less government oversight.

 We NEED entities like the FDA,EPA,SEC, etc to be well funded and have the legal muscle to quell unchecked actions in order to protect we the people for businesses who only care about profit over the welfare of their fellow man.

I agree ST. Although some industries have been traditionally overregulated, we seem to be headed in an extreme and potentially hazardous direction. I assume that most people assumed the proposed deregulation would be a bit more strategic?

Scary times.
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