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Narconon and related groups / Re: Scientolgy Drug Rehab
« Last post by Mary_McConnell on September 14, 2017, 10:44 »
Ok very nice, thank you
I will be looking around and see what i can learn

Oh, please.... Per Wickstrom would  >:D love >:D to have his most diligent critics bickering because of a misunderstanding!! 

Love to you both... and thank you for your efforts.

We could sure use some moles in Battle Creek, to help speed the process of exposing Per's games over there.
My comment wasn't aimed at you Miss F., but rather what $cientology would like us to believe: 'The Church of Scientology would like you to believe that Applied Scholastics is an educational program and merely a “Scientology-related entity.” '

That "$cientology-related entity" means it's part of $cientology, whatever they may claim otherwise.
So shoot me, I'm not an attorney.
I don't think "Related Entities" means the same thing to the IRS that Per thinks it does. The IRS definition:

Meaning of "Related Entities"

1) The two entities have (i) significant common purposes and substantial common membership or (ii) directly or indirectly substantial common direction or control; or

2) Either entity owns (directly or through one or more entities) a 50 percent or greater interest in the capital or profits of the other. For this purpose, entities treated as related entities under the preceding paragraph shall be treated as one entity.

So when the IRS calls any of the front groups a "$cientology-related entity" in the '93 closing agreement, there's nothing "mere" about it.

The Church of Scientology would like you to believe that Applied Scholastics is an educational program and merely a “Scientology-related entity.”

To quote Public Enemy, “don’t believe the hype”.

As I revealed on May 1, 2017, Michigan Scientologist Per Wickstrom is using his drug treatment centers as bases for the spread of his Living Solutions Centers, planting his “flag” first here in Michigan in Manistee and Battle Creek. Since then, Wickstrom has expanded to Fort Wayne, Indiana and rural Harrison, Michigan.

Applied Scholastics functions as an educational organization to spread L. Ron Hubbard courses and Scientology ethics and beliefs in their schools. All schools licensed by Applied Scholastics are Scientology schools staffed and directed by Scientologists.
Narconon and related groups / Re: Scientolgy Drug Rehab
« Last post by Scientology on September 12, 2017, 18:39 »
Ok very nice, thank you
I will be looking around and see what i can learn
Serenity Point has a new annual report and a complaint filed!

Yeeees! Michigan is getting tough with their annual inspections! "not in substantial compliance" There will be follow-up visits, but judging by Narconon Freedom Center, they're in trouble.
Based on the state licensure inspection findings and the above noted deficiencies, Serenity Point Recover was not in substantial compliance with the MCL 333.6201 through MCL 333.6251 and/or the Michigan Administrative Rules R325.14101 through R325.14928 as applicable, at the time of the site visit and a follow up survey will be conducted.
The complaint. It looks like they dumped someone at a homeless shelter, again.

What Serenity really is doing here is pretending to run outpatient and day programs while all the while running a residential program. This is fraud  for the patient and those who paid were sold on Residential program, told that insurance would cover their stay, and then the insurance was billed for these other services after residential billed was maxed out. Its the appearance of residential, somewhat like what Narconon of Georgia was doing, what they lost their state license for.  The insurance companies of those patients are being billed on insurance for continued 'care' after residential is maxed out ( usually 2-4 weeks max), but the patients and payers usually don't know this, or check what is being paid or how.

How he gets around this is that Per provides separate nearby housing and extra beds beyond those he is licensed for, to put these 'out patient and day program patients'. He never bothered to make separate offices, as required, for those non-residential billed patients. But Serenity IS licensed for them. Except patients are not supposed to live at the program.  What a scam... I wonder if the insurance companies still don't care about this fraudulent billing to get more $$$ so patients can remain and finish the program. What a crook Per Wickstrom is.
With prior permission, we decided to share the content of  a private message received from yet another person victimized by Narconon. This time the location is Narconon Colorado aka Narconon Fort Collins. At NArconon Reviews, we have a number of government and police documents, legal and agency complaints and attendee surveys about this particular program , which can be found here

So, this is what the message said. Lets hope this experience review sends a red flag warning to anyone considering Narconon Fort Collins for drug rehab services.

I was in Narconon for only 5 days. Just a LITTLE bit of my story is that I have asthma and tachycardia. They KNEW this. After 4 days of withdrawal I was able to be in regular treatment. My first day of being in there was my first day of Sauna or the "New Life Detoxification" CREATED BY L. RON HUBBARD. Anyways they had me run on a treadmill for 20 MINUTES straight barely being able to take a break. Apparently that helps loosen the drug toxins stuck to your fatty tissue. Then they had me go into the Sauna to sweat all the toxins out. I was in there 25 minutes at a time with 10 minutes breaks in between 5 times in a row!!! Not only that they made me take 50mg of niacin which elevated my heart rate more than it already was! They also had kept forgetting to give me my medication that day and when I was going through all that I had not taken my heart medicine OR my daily inhaler. LAST BUT NOT LEAST, I asked them for my rescue inhaler before they had me get on the treadmill because I'm advised not to do any strenuous activity without it and they just kept telling me they would have someone bring it. It was LOCKED in another office ACROSS the facility. What if I had an asthma attack and they couldn't get to it in time? I was so weak and exhausted by the time I was done with sauna that I couldn't stand or walk. They basically had to carry me to my room. Thank God my mother had already been on her way that morning because she read an article about it online and realized it was corrupt. She had to have a police man escort her there for them to let her talk to me. They don't let you speak to any family until 21 days after you arrive. There's so much more that went on there that I haven't explained and I was only there for 5 DAYS!!!

This is a terrible experience, and could have resulted in tragedy, had not the patient gotten out of there with the aid of family. This is not the first time we have heard about the program refusing to give necessary medicine. Some patients have become very ill or died from this practice, as documented here

As far back as 2007,  I received complaints about this dangerous Narconon practice. Here are 2 examples:
[..] For instance, 75 year old California resident Lillian Weaver and E.K. of Washington State were each taken in by fake referral sites run by Narconon & it's affiliates, the false promises of appropriate medical care availability and forced unwanted Scientology practices they were never informed about in advance, which turned out to be the whole of the program.

Unbeknownst to them and their loved ones was the knowledge that Scientology is hostile towards traditional medical and mental health practices. Both were kept against their will when they wanted to leave and Mrs. Weaver's son had his diabetes and thyroid medicines & glucometer withheld for 2 days upon entry, endangering his health especially as he lacked a thyroid to produce what the medicine was necessary for! E.K.'s daughter became ill from the mega doses of vitamins they put her on, causing her to become ill. Both parent's loved ones suffered physically and emotionally due to this, the deception and the facility's subsequent negligence against the one the loved one once they arrived. [..]

We suggest this person who contacted us and provided their experience, or anyone else having attended Narconon Colorado and wishing to file a complaint about the experience, do so at the CO program licensing dept mentioned below. 

In one's complaint, it is very important to be very specific as to dates of attendance at the program, and if you did withdrawal at a separate location, to provide dates and details about that as well. If someone else paid for you to go, ask for their help by looking at contract, agreements etc. Including the license # is important, too. If insurance paid for the stay there, check and copy all claims submitted and review for inaccurate entries of services billed and paid. Notify your insurer.  Narconons and unbranded Narconons tend to bill for what they can get, and have been known to overcharge insurance for services and days not attended.

Here is where to file your email complaint:

I suggest a everyone write and send the complaint to the following 2 email addresses to ensure the complaint gets received and worked on. Again, including dates of attendance and incidents, as well as the program License # on a complaint, is very important.   

Main agency
Colorado Department of Human Services
1575 Sherman St., 8th Floor
Denver, CO.  80203-1714
P 303.866.5700  | F 303.866.5563

They say:
Please direct complaints to:

Client Services and Controlled Correspondence
P 303.866.4511

Refer to:

Narconon Colorado
1225 Redwood Street Fort Collins CO 80524 | phone: 970-484-2023 | fax:
License#: 1681-00
County: Larimer
Judicial District: 08
This information is provided by the Colorado Office of Behavioral Health

It is important for those victimized by a Narconon to speak up or share their story, even if it has to be done anonymously to preserve a person's privacy on the internet. The person who sent me their experiences at Narconon Colorado ion Fort Collins did so after watching the latest episode of  A&E"s season 2 - Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath  What a great thing Leah is doing!!
Yes, this is great stuff! I am also looking forward to knowing the outcome, as well. But we can't assume that by them being this stupid that they don't now have their attorneys on it. Still, it sure would be nice to see it completely revoked

On a side note: I do think all the licensing info on Freedom Center needs to also be posted to a more appropriately titled thread and section, so as not to be missed by the dox lovers.   I'll get with the boss :)
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