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Thank you, these are both very helpful. I was hoping for an actual current link that basically says "Halcyon is the new name for Narconon" but I think there's enough info in these links to draw that conclusion. Is the IRS Exempt Organization info available in a database that I could search?
To add to that, the IRS Exempt Organization listing shows what they did back in December 2014.

This is the November lisiting, showing NN Northern California was a subordinate organization to NN International, and had tax exemption through NN Int's group exemption (GEN: 2595). Note the 'Employer Identification Number (EIN):

EIN: 770275827
GEN: 2595 (Part of NN Int Group Exemption)
03 (501c3 Tax Exempt)
9 (Subordinate Organization)

In December 2014 they were approved for a tax emption in their own right, and dropped out of the NN Int group exemption. Which is why the GEN changed to '0000'. They also changed the corporate name to 'Halcyon Horizons', but note the EIN stayed exactly the same. This means the corporation stayed exactly the same, but with a new name. If 'Halcyon Horizons' was a completely new corporation, a new EIN would have been assigned. EIN's are never transferred from one corporation to another. All that happened here is a corporate name change when they received their own tax exempt status.

EIN: 770275827
GEN: 0000 (Not part of a Group Exemption)
3 (Independent Organization)
NTEE: B99 (Education - Not Elsewhere Classified)
All of the California rehab licenses for their locations are in the name of HALCYON HORIZONS, INCORPORATED, formerly named Narconon Northern California. The program name is Elevate Addiction Services, but California thankfully insists on the legal name for the corporation.
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Hi, I'm so glad I found this forum and I read this thread with interest. I write for a website that has rehab reviews and a rehab directory which provides advertising revenue through purchased "enhanced listings" etc. Recently someone affiliated with Elevate Addiction Services at 262 Gaffey Rd, Watsonville, CA contacted our advertising department and asked that we remove all listings for Narconon at that address. They said that they purchased the facility from a former owner and have absolutely nothing to do with Narconon. They do not use the same methods and want Elevate to be the only listing at that address. Now they want to begin the review process, which is how I got involved.

Unlike our advertising department, I was immediately suspicious and started searching and that's how I found this blog. I want to make the case to my boss that if we do a review stating that Elevate is not affiliated with Narconon, we will be misleading people and posting inaccurate and harmful information. I have bookmarked a lot of the links in this thread, but the wysk links never load or they give me errors. I am hoping that what I have will be sufficient. I have the pdf file "statement of information" which shows Halcyon Horizons as the corporation at the Gaffey Rd address (Found here after searching Halcyon Horizons), the Santa Cruz fictitious name statement showing Halcyon as the registrant of Elevate , and the other Santa Cruz statement showing Halcyon Horizons as the registrant of Narconon

I'm hoping that will be sufficient, but if anyone has any other more direct ways I could present this evidence, I would appreciate it. Is there any working link that says that Narconon changed its name to Halcyon Horizons? The cached version is not showing up either.

I will probably have to keep my explanation as short as possible, but I want to make sure that we either disclose the information or not get involved with them at all. I'm grateful for any advice. Thank you!
[update] - one of our volunteers has put up back online again, with as many articles as she could find from archives and cache. It is as close to the original as possibly can.
Michigan licensing just dropped Narconon Freedom Center's Residential Detox from their list of programs. Normally it should have been fine until renewal in July.

No new files added to their record yet.

We do not know who ran, but knew that it was important enough for few powerful people to file fake DMCAs against.

So we're keeping it alive as a permanent record on the internet. If you or anyone else wish to (anonymously) take control of the website, plz let us know. Either ways, we'll upload it soon and let it be (ensuring 100% uptime, ofcourse)
Again, thanks, webactivism.
PS: Often its not so much a payoff that leads to these site owners or commenters giving in and giving up, but the threat of more harassment.  I wish I knew who the owner was by name, so I could contact him/her. I may well know the person even though anonymous on the internet. If you care to share it with me privately by PM, please do so, in confidence. Thanks
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