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Serenity Point has a new annual report and a complaint filed!

Yeeees! Michigan is getting tough with their annual inspections! "not in substantial compliance" There will be follow-up visits, but judging by Narconon Freedom Center, they're in trouble.
Based on the state licensure inspection findings and the above noted deficiencies, Serenity Point Recover was not in substantial compliance with the MCL 333.6201 through MCL 333.6251 and/or the Michigan Administrative Rules R325.14101 through R325.14928 as applicable, at the time of the site visit and a follow up survey will be conducted.
The complaint. It looks like they dumped someone at a homeless shelter, again.
Narconon Freedom Center is in deep shit, facing revocation of their license!

Yay, Michigan finally takes a good hard look and smacks them!
Narconon in Canada / Re: All Narconons gone from Quebec?
« Last post by Mary_McConnell on August 28, 2017, 22:14 »
I sure hope there are no more there! 

You may find the Charities information on file about Narconon interesting. I found by looking under ALL 'charity status' at the Canadian Gov't List of Charities There are reports I have never seen before.

I don't think there are any Narconons drug programs registered legally anywhere in Canada currently, but they do have  the original Narconon Canada registered as Active. You can see what I found by search results at the above link.

From what I read in their latest Charity 3T07 form, I don't see that they are doing any rehab services. Just their education efforts look concerning. Appears that they get government grant money. Maybe there is someone in Ontario who can look further into this.

The NARCONON TROIS-RIVIERES' 2011 financials might interest you.
Good work! Thank you!!
Forum News, How-to's, Suggestions, and Requests / Updates completed
« Last post by alias on August 27, 2017, 19:40 »
Some updates to the forum have been completed.  There has been an update to the forum software (SMF), and also to the web server software, database software, and the PHP version.  If you encounter anything that's not working properly, please post about it here.

Before long, we should also be using SSL, https, to encrypt the communication between your browser and the web server.  This will make your logins more secure, make private communications impervious to snooping between the two endpoints, and stop the annoying browser messages that imply the forum isn't safe.

Without SSL, it's still just as safe as it's ever been, but the browser warnings alarm some people, and we don't want that.  There may be some slight interruption when I flip it over, but hopefully it won't be major.
Narconon in Canada / All Narconons gone from Quebec?
« Last post by Peterstorm on August 25, 2017, 09:07 »
The last Narconon entity in Quebec was NN Mont Royal. It was struck out of the business registry last July.



Numéro de dossier   Nom   Adresse   Statut   Date du changement d'état   Statut du nom   Date initiale   Date finale

1145978897   NARCONON CANADA   7535 boul. Parent Trois-Rivières (Québec) G9A5E1 Canada   Radiée d'office   2006-03-09   Antérieur   2002-09-19   2006-03-09

1163570048   NARCONON CANADA   1390 6e Rue Trois-Rivières (Québec) G8Y2X7 Canada   Radiée d'office   2010-09-02   Antérieur   2006-03-09   2010-09-02

1148419535   NARCONON QUÉBEC   1131, NOTRE-DAME DE GRÂCE LONGUEUIL QUÉBEC J4J3E6   Radiée d'office   2010-04-19   Antérieur   2002-06-06   2010-04-19

1145978897   NARCONON MONTRÉAL   7535 boul. Parent Trois-Rivières (Québec) G9A5E1 Canada   Radiée d'office   2006-03-09   Antérieur   1996-07-16   2006-03-09

1162775382   NARCONON MT-ROYAL   22-1690 rue Sherbrooke E Montréal (Québec) H2L1M5 Canada   Radiée d'office   2017-07-19   Antérieur   2005-02-11   2017-07-19

1162255179   NARCONON TROIS-RIVIÈRES   5005 BOUL. jean XXIII CP CP 20037 Rosemont Trois-Rivieres Québec G8Z4A0 Canada   Radiée d'office   2016-10-25   Antérieur   2004-05-18   2016-10-25

1162083738   NARCONON SAINT-LAURENT INC.   1390 6e Rue Trois-Rivières (Québec) G8Y2X7 Canada   Radiée d'office   2012-05-11   Antérieur   2004-03-05   2012-05-11

1148419535   NARCONON: POUR UNE JEUNESSE SANS DROGUE   1131, NOTRE-DAME DE GRÂCE LONGUEUIL QUÉBEC J4J3E6   Radiée d'office   2010-04-19   Antérieur   1999-03-19   2002-06-06
I laugh every time I see that document. Too funny!

Me, too! I just cannot believe someone at Google actually thought it was real, just based upon our names as defendants. Shows how weak Google is at determining valid complaints. Hoping they have changed their ways.

Seriously! That doc doesn't pass the smell test for a minute.
I laugh every time I see that document. Too funny!

Me, too! I just cannot believe someone at Google actually thought it was real, just based upon our names as defendants. Shows how weak Google is at determining valid complaints. Hoping they have changed their ways.
The Magaliesberg Landowners Forum  (MLF)is opposing the establishment of a NARCONON Facility in the UNESCO designated Magaliesberg Biosphere in South Africa. We have been opposing COS since 2013 and have managed to oppose their town planning applications to have the facility approved on two previous occasions. COS is now attempting to seek environmental approval and if approved  obviously intends to use such approval to further their town planning approvals. Apart from our objections I am always seeking new avenues to oppose these application especially under the headings of NEED DESIRABILITY and SUSTAINABILITY. Can anyone assist in any manner or means?

Welcome, Gerry.

You will find a wealth of information on Narconon Reviews (click on the resources tab).

Also, other communities have successfully mounted opposition. See links below. Hope this helps!
If you search this site you'll find reports on the number, and type, of police responses narCONon generates. You'll also find a great deal of information on the declining numbers of narCONon participents since awareness of the scam it actually is has grown. The 'narCONon Reviews' site (link at top right of this page) has tons of information regarding the deaths at narCONon facilities, and the lawsuits resulting from them and also not delivering what was promised.
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