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Tom Cruise sued for illegal wiretapping -
22 December 2009, 1:52 pm

E! Online (blog)
Tom Cruise sued for illegal wiretapping

Celebrity Sizzle is over six months old but has yet to feature a headline with Tom Cruise’s name in it? How can this be?

I guess the Scientologist couch jumper has managed to keep his behaviour in check lately. So what has Tom done now to warrant a spot in the headlines?

Well, nothing recently. It appears that back in 2001, Cruise sued a dude named Michael David Sapir for a cool $100 million after Sapir claimed to have video evidence that Cruise “engaged in a homosexual relationship.” The lawsuit was resolved in a hasty settlement later that year, in which both parties issued a statement saying that no such tape existed.

However, the latest turn of events came up on Friday, when a new lawsuit was filed against Cruise. In the L.A. County Superior Court suit, Sapir claims jailed private investigator Anthony Pellicano illegally wiretapped his phone during the time the 2001 lawsuit was active. Sapir claims in the suit that Cruise, Fields and Pellicano were all in cahoots. Sapir is suing for $5 million, minimum.

Bert Fields, Cruise’s attorney, tells TMZ, “The allegations are absolute garbage. We did not even hire Pellicano to work on the Sapir case.”

I’m no lawyer, but to me it sounds like he’s saying, “These allegations are absolute garbage. Why would we hire such a high profile guy like Pellicano for this job? We hired someone else. But don’t tell that to the court.”

Another question that comes out of this is why this Sapir guy would wait 8 years to sue Cruise for wiretapping? Perhaps he’s finally found the alleged videotape and is using the lawsuit as extortion? Hmmm… this could get interesting.

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