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Local Artists Help Non-Profit Organization - PR Web (press release)
18 March 2010, 3:36 am
Local Artists Help Non-Profit Organization

Area television and film artists help Narconon by creating a public service announcement to help those struggling with addiction.

Asbury Park, NJ (PRWEB) March 18, 2010 -- In 2009 director Daniel Lir teamed up with his wife Bayou Bennett with the intention of making a difference.

Just recently the two joined forces to with a national non-profit organization called Narconon to create a public service announcement to be aired on local and national television stations across the country. Narconon is a drug and alcohol rehabilitation and education organization that has been around since the 1960’s. The group currently operates more than 140 Narconon rehabilitation and education centers in 50 different countries and through its drug prevention and treatment efforts has saved millions from the ravages of addiction.

The Narconon public service announcement has just been accepted into the Garden State Film Festival. The Garden State Film Festival was founded to promote the art of filmmaking on all levels by showcasing a wide variety of film, video and animated works as well as provide educational programs in the creative arts to the public by industry leaders. This year with be the 8th year for the festival which is held in Asbury Park, New Jersey.

Both Bayou and Daniel have their own reasons for getting involved in such an important humanitarian effort. For Bayou it is a personal battle. “I have lost close family to drugs and I want make other families in the United States aware that this problem exists,” she explains. “Also that there is help. That there is a solution to the grief and sorrow of addiction.”

Daniel has been volunteering for Narconon since 1997 and feels that doing the project has been very satisfying. “To go out there and meet young people and make an important impression,” he says. “To allow them to see for themselves how drugs negatively affect their creativity, health and survival. And to allow them to make a decision for themselves about their futures.”

“I was very proud to work on this campaign and make something so real,'' he adds. “It's not about being lucky with drugs-everyone loses in the end.”

Drug addiction is a societal problem that takes hundreds of thousands of lives every year. According to a recent statistic illegal drugs kill an average of 20,000 and alcohol alone claims another 80,000 lives per year.

Thanks to Daniel’s company, Dolce Films, the public service announcement will help to get the message out about drugs and addiction and to offer solutions to those struggling with the problem.

Daniel and Bayou's additional credits include an award winning TV pilot, “Around the Block” starring Lea Michele of Fox’s “Glee,” co-produced and Bayou directed, “Me, My Father & the Hurricane;” a big hit at the legendary Hot Springs Film Festival and also created a short film entitled “Text Me”, that was a Finalist at IndieProducer by execs at Fox Searchlight, Fox and DreamWorks. The two are equally proud of their philanthropic work with organizations like Narconon.

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Should be, "Local scientologists help cult scam"

Has anyone heard of these two?

 Ha Ha. These two HACK'S have never gotten ANYTHING on television. The film festivals mentioned are just local events. Trust me on this. Being accepted to a film festival does not mean anything.

 Talk about D-LISTERS. Puleezeee! Once again narCONon is fishing for credibility it will never gain. Yawn!

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Pfft, yeah. *I* have been given a credit for film festivals and have never made a film and don't even own a "professional" camera! All I did was proofread a script, suggest a possible actress who didn't get even called, and suggest some music which didn't get used. Not exactly something I put on my resume.
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