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Welcome to Reaching For the Tipping Point!
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Posting Guidelines

Reaching For the Tipping Point is here for you to talk about everything related to Scientology, especially Scientology front groups.  We want to provide a forum that is friendly, helpful, and enjoyable to visit.  Please get involved and post. This forum is intended to be all inclusive.  We need everyone we can get in the movement against Scientology!

We support freedom of expression.  We will defend your right to speak your mind; however, we feel that speaking your mind can be done in a civil and respectful manner, even when you disagree with someone else.  By all means have very detailed, in depth discussions, or debates even. Just do it politely, and respect other people's opinions.

Chitchatting is fine too.  We welcome people to casually get to know each other.  That said...

Please be careful about posting personal information on our board, as it may be risky for you. If you exchange personal messages (PMs) with other individuals you do not know, you do so at your own risk. Because this board has open membership, and most parts are visible to unregistered guests, we have no control over who can read posts, or who is lurking on the board. We can pretty much guarantee that someone from the "Church" of Scientology will be.

We would like to keep the rules simple, and therefore, at this time, offer these simple guidelines.  This will change if we find it necessary.

Be nice.  Don't hit.  Don't run with scissors.  Try not to make a mess, and if you do, clean it up.

  • No vulgarity or gore.  No image spam of any kind.
  • No harassment, bullying, or degradation of other members.
  • No racism or any form of discrimination.  It will not be tolerated.
  • No posting of illegal content or questionably legal content.
  • No copyrighted material without permission of the copyright holder unless it falls under the law as fair use.
  • No pornography of any kind.
  • No incitement of hatred or violence.
  • No discussion of intent to commit illegal actions.
  • No disruption of the forum or its discussions.
  • No impersonation of others.
  • No excessive promotion of personal agendas.
  • No spam. Commercial spam will result in an instant and permanent ban.
  • Unless you become a regularly participating member, we view commercial links in your profile as spam, and we will ban you for this.

If you participate in discussions in a meaningful way over a period of time, we may allow links to your own commercial site to be used in your profile ONLY, provided that your site itself is not otherwise in violation of our rules.  If you think your site may be of a questionable nature, it might be best to PM a staff member and ask first.

We reserve the right to:
  • Amend these Guidelines when and as we see fit.  
  • Ban anyone without warning or notice, if we feel we need to do so.
  • Ban anyone who does anything else that we, the owners, of the forum feel may endanger the forum, our web hosting provider, ourselves personally, or any member of this forum.

All problems will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.  We are not a ban-happy forum; we would rather keep you as a member, however, we are agressive about keeping the forum spam free.  If you feel you have been wrongly banned, you may email the staff at the same email address you receive your activation notice from and we will consider reinstating you as a member.

Some things you may want to know:
We will not release any personal information to anyone without a court order, unless it endangers someone for us not to do so.  If you post in a responsible manner, you have nothing to worry about on this point.

Until you have made 3 posts, you will need to enter a captcha (random characters shown in a picture) before the server will accept your post or personal messages.  This is meant to prevent spam.  Posts made on some forums, such as "Across the Backyard Fence," may not add to your post count.

There is a 60 second delay between posts.  We consider that one minute is a minimal amount of time to spend constructing a worthwhile post.

There are a number of options which can be configured in your user profile, such as an avatar, personal message settings, time zone, email notifications when a topic you have posted in has a reply, and others.  Explore the options and set them the way you'd like them.

If you spot any spam, please do not post to the thread, or click on any links, other than the "Report to moderator" link.  Once notified, we will deal with it promptly.

If you see posts or receive PMs that violate the rules, please use the "Report to moderator" link on the specific post or message; it will allow us to get straight to the issue without searching.

If you have any problems with the forum or other members please contact us.  We are here to help and to encourage the sharing of ideas without intimidation or harassment.

Please start a new thread and introduce yourself in the "Introductions" section.  We enjoy meeting new members.

If you have any questions, just ask.

Once again, welcome to Reaching For the Tipping Point!