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Title: [Blog] Scientology’s Kool-Aid Deaths
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Scientology’s Kool-Aid Deaths (
13 January 2012, 12:42 am

( of the Mind

 “It is unlikely to see Scientology invoke a Jonestown scenario – - however, is the psychological rape and destruction of a once healthy mind, perhaps all the more devastating and torturous?”

 In November 1978, the unimaginable deaths of 913 cult followers lay dead from suicide in a remote South American jungle. Cult leader Jim Jones, filled with fear and paranoia, could not fathom losing his mind-captured victims of abuses and mind control. The People’s Temple leader Jim Jones, travelled his clan through a familiar gradient process – - all the while leading them into his trust snare, until his darker, evil mind, manifested into hell.

A mirror to Scientology doctrine, Jones indoctrinated the “group mentality”, and his flock abided by his lead and commands.

There are countless atrocities similar to the Jonestown deaths, including but not limited to, Order of The Solar Temple, Heaven’s Gate – - all senseless and insidious.

Is the cult of Scientology any less guilty when hundreds of their followers have needlessly committed suicide – - many while still members and in their hideous care and control? After careful examination of documented facts, perhaps guilty is most appropriate.

Psychological abuses, causing harm, chaos and death to victims, have an evil history in the cult behaviour and practices of Scientology. Once having brilliant and secure minds and living in peace, these vulnerable and exploited victims have been dragged through control gradients until psychologically twisted and destroyed.

Not only in the corrupted realm of the corporate church of Scientology, but also in their controversial front groups, does the same indoctrination and abuses destroy once healthy, individual thinking.

On Rick Ross’s website, there is a Report of the APA Task Force on Deceptive and Indirect Techniques of Persuasion and Control. It states in part:

In recent years, cultic groups in the areas of religion, politics, and psychotherapy have generated considerable public criticism as a result of the harmful consequences of the techniques such groups use to recruit, persuade, and control their members. Many of these techniques are highly, though often subtly, manipulative and deceptive. The casualties of the non-discriminating and unethical use of such techniques frequently wind up in the clinical or counseling psychologist’s office.

The American Psychological Association has long involved itself with the ethical aspects of psychological techniques and practices, e.g., the APA’s Task Force on Behavior Modification. Deceptive and indirect techniques of persuasion and control, however, have not been adequately examined; nor have the ethical principles pertinent to their application been well defined.

In Canada, the Montreal and Quebec City Scientology organizations, as well as their rehab center, Narconon Trois-Rivieres, have had their share of controversy and media investigations recently. Government investigations are ongoing into the mind control techniques and exploitation, including coercion and extortive practices upon the blind followers.

It is unlikely to see Scientology invoke a Jonestown scenario – - however, is the psychological rape and destruction of a once healthy mind, perhaps all the more devastating and torturous?

David Edgar Love

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It is unlikely to see Scientology invoke a Jonestown scenario – - however, is the psychological rape and destruction of a once healthy mind, perhaps all the more devastating and torturous?


Periodically, someone raises the concern about Scientology and another Jonestown scenario. I would guess that it is possible under certain circumstances -a dreadful thought.

The Rape of the Mind looks like an interesting read.

Book Description
Publication Date: July 4, 2009
SINCE 1933, when a completely drugged and trial-conditioned human wreck confessed to having started the Reichstag fire in Berlin, Dr. Joost A. M. Meerloo has studied the methods by which systematic mental pressure brings people to abject submission, and by which totalitarians imprint their subjective "truth" on their victims' minds. The first two and one-half years of World War II, Dr. Meerloo spent under the pressure of Nazi-occupied Holland, witnessing at firsthand the Nazi methods of mental torture .on more than one occasion. During this time he was able to use his psychiatric and psychoanalytic knowledge to treat some of the victims. Then, after personal experiences with enforced interrogation, he escaped from a Nazi prison and certain death to England, where he was able, as Chief of the Psychological Department of the Netherlands Forces, to observe and study coercive methods officially. In this capacity he had to investigate not only traitors and collaborators, but also those members of the Resistance who had gone through the utmost of mental pressure. Later, as High Commissioner for Welfare, he came in closer contact with those who had gone through physical and mental torture. After the war, he came to the United States, where his war experiences would not permit him to concentrate solely on his psychiatric practice, but compelled him to go beyond purely medical aspects to the social aspects of the problem. As more and more cases of thought control, brainwashing, and mental coercion were disclosed - Cardinal Mindszenty, Colonel Schwable, Robert Vogeler, and others - his interest grew. It was Dr. Meerloo who coined the word menticide, the killing of the spirit, for this peculiar crime. His knowledge of these totalitarian procedures has been officially acknowledged; he served as an expert witness in the case of Colonel Schwable, the Marine Corps officer who, after months of subjection to physical and mental torture following his capture in Korea, was made to confess to having taken part in germ warfare. It is Dr. Meerloo's position that through pressure on the weak points in men's makeup, totalitarian methods can turn anyone into a "traitor." And in The Rape of the Mind he goes far beyond the direct military implications of mental torture to describing how our own culture unobtrusively shows symptoms of pressurizing people's minds. He presents a systematic analysis of the methods of brainwashing and mental torture and coercion, and shows how totalitarian strategy, with its use of mass psychology, leads to systematized "rape of the mind." He describes the new age of cold war with its mental terror, verbocracy, and semantic fog, the use of fear as a tool of mass submission and the problem of treason and loyalty, so loaded with dangerous confusion. The Rape of the Mind is written for the interested layman, not only for experts and scientists. Contents: Part One: The Techniques of Individual Submission. 1. You Too Would Confess. 2. Pavlov's Students as Circus Tamers. 3. Medication into Submission. 4. Why Do They Yield? The Psychodynamics of False Confession. Part Two: The Techniques of Mass Submission. 5. The Cold War against the Mind. 6. Totalitaria and its Dictatorship. 7. The Intrusion by Totalitarian Thinking. 8. Trial by Trial. 9. Fear as a Tool of Terror. Part Three: Unobtrusive Coercion. 10. The Child is Father to the Man. 11. Mental Contagion and Mass Delusion. 12. Technology Invades Our Minds. 13. Intrusion by the Administrative Mind. 14. The Turncoat in Each of Us. Part Four: In Search of Defenses. 15. Training Against Mental Torture. 16. Education for Discipline or Higher Morale. 17. From Old to New Courage. 18. Freedom -- Our Mental Backbone
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This interview on Australian Radio with Louise Samways yesterday was interesting. A transcript is also provided.

The Psychology of Cults (

Here's her e-book:

If you tell somebody you are going to help them become hypnotised, then unless that person wants to be hypnotised it can be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to get them to enter a suggestible state. However, if you don’t inform the person you are going to use hypnosis and then you create the right conditions, hypnotising a subject is extremely easy, while the person involved may be completely unaware of what is happening.

Very interesting stuff. Jump in at page 12 if you in a hurry.
Title: Re: [Blog] Scientology’s Kool-Aid Deaths
Post by: mefree on December 04, 2012, 17:34
Thanks Snippy. This looks interesting.