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Sex, Scientology, and Celebrity Centre - The Morton Report
16 July 2012, 8:43 am
By Skip Press

Dumped on the streets of Los Angeles in December of 1973 with nowhere to go by the Scientology Celebrity Centre, after being forced to stay up for three days doing "amends" to the great and powerful Sea Organization because of a kangaroo court known as a Committee of Evidence, I realized I knew no one but Scientologists. And they wouldn't talk to me because I'd been cast out and was in a "lower condition of Doubt." (Like the crap I'd been through wouldn't put anyone in doubt about a so-called spiritual organization.)

With nowhere else to turn, I called my mother long distance in Alabama, reversing the charges. She and my stepfather had put me on the highway with nowhere to go prior to my joining Scientology, but maybe she'd help me now. She wired me $50 via Western Union, I bought a ticket back to Austin, Texas where I'd come from the year before, and landed there with only $5 in my pocket, knowing only one friend to see. Luckily, he let me sleep on his couch for a few days until his live-in girlfriend protested.

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