Author Topic: “Mind Games: Scientology verses Psychiatry” from BBC Radio Five Live  (Read 2618 times)

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This is truly excellent. Please take time to listen to the linked BBC radio program. (thanks scicrit!)

“Mind Games: Scientology verses Psychiatry” from BBC Radio Five Live -  Scientology Books and Media (blog)

2006 | BBC Radio 5 Live | Mind Games: Scientology verses Psychiatry
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On September the eleventh 2001, the world changed. A coordinated terrorist operation hijacked four passenger aircraft. Two of these were flown into the World Trade Centre in New York City. Another was used to attack the Pentagon building. The forth plane crashed into a field, after the passengers courageously attempted to overcome their hijackers. The terrorists killed 2,996 people and injured many more.

On July the seventh 2005  there was a coordinated suicide attack in London. Four fanatical Islamists detonated rucksack bombs on three underground trains and one double-decker bus. 52 people were killed, and 700 physically injured. These events are sometimes referred to as ‘7/7′.

On both of these occasions, emergency services were hampered by Scientologists wearing bright yellow T-shirts bearing the legend  “Volunteer Minister”. They claimed to be there to help by performing  ‘locationals’ and  ‘touch assists’ (a species of faith healing’ which is described in this Scientology handbook) on injured and traumatised people.

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There's a reason "VMs" are called "Vulture Ministers".