Author Topic: Persuade Google not to be evil - complain about Narconon Adwords advertisements  (Read 2110 times)

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Google AdWords is the service that places advertisements in a column to the right of Google search results.
Narconon seems to use AdWords, so I have taken a look at the rules which Google AdWord customers are subject to.

Surprisingly, advertisements for Narconon drug rehabilitation facilities are potentially vulnerable to two of these rules, which I have described in this recent blog post:

People who visit a lot of Scientology and Narconon-related sites (including critical ones) are more likely to be served these advertisements so it might be worth knowing how to recognise a vulnerable one, and make a complaint about it.
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The link above is, of course, wrong and apparently causing an error message.
Sorry. This was due to a careless copy and paste. My bad. The real link is

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