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5 May 2010, 11:30 pm
The Church of Scientology announced today that it has called on its nationwide network of Volunteer Ministers to assist Nashville in flood relief. "We have people around the country who are trained and experienced in disaster response," says Julie Forney, who is coordinating the Church’s volunteers, "and the help is definitely needed here.”

The local Volunteer Ministers were already on the scene Sunday, helping at an emergency shelter before reporting to Madison and Bellevue on Monday. “First we went to our parishioners who had a lot of damage, then just went door-to-door helping people sort through the mud," says Forney.

The Church is also offering a special course free of charge to anyone who would like to become a Volunteer Minister, or just learn to better help their friends and family. The course can be done in a day or two, and according to the church pastor Rev. Brian Fesler, “It’s for everyone—any faith. We’re all-denominational. This course just teaches how to help people through difficult situations.”

To find out more about Volunteer Ministers or how you can get trained, visit the church at 1130 8th Ave South or call 615-687-4600.
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Because they are the only ones who can help, right?

Just a little background info related to the volunteer ministers in Haiti,3326.0.html,3770.0.html
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“It’s for everyone—any faith. We’re all-denominational."

I wonder if that in any way falls under fraud; not, of course about what is a religion, but in light of Scientology's denial that any other religion has any truth.

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It takes actual training to pass out Hubbard tracts and touch people with your finger and ask if they can feel it?

Somehow I do not think this training is anywhere near as extensive or helpful as, say, basic First Aid training or legitimate aid organization's volunteer training would be.

Also, "helping" is not showing up and sullenly moving one stack of crap a few feet to the left or right, it is accepting direction from trained professionals and trained volunteers who may or may not be from your cult and doing something constructive--i.e., bringing your own cleaning supplies and equipment and dressing appropriately, and then actually cleaning up something--and "constructive help" does not include touching people with a fingertip or handing out Dianetics or Way To Happiness / Scientology tracts.
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Also, "helping" is not showing up and sullenly moving one stack of crap a few feet to the left or right...

Nor is it handing out radiated water stolen from the radiology room for people to drink:

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Neither is simply renovating the Scientologist owned orphanage used to "recruit" children into the Sea Org in order to have more 'ministers' for the use of religious visas to export to other countries and have a free labor force.