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Holland Examines Scientology's NarCONon fake front
13 August 2009, 9:24 pm

The SP political party, through MP Arda Gerkens, are set today to ask the Minister of Justice questions on the practices of Scientology Netherlands, and its fake "rehab" center Scientology calls "Narconon" to swindle money out of for drug addicts.

This after an article titled "Undercover in Scientology" was published in the popular news magazine the Revu this week. The SP would like to know why the Data Protection Authority (CBP) does not want to comment, now that the Revu article has uncovered illegal filing practices at Scientology.

The Scientology "Church" Netherlands retains thousands of personal records, sometimes with extensive information, without giving concerned individuals the right to access or correction, and does not grant any requests for removal of this information.

The report was done by Revu journalist Stella Braam, with the participation of journalists and Ivo van Woerden and Zvezdana Vukojevic, going undercover in the "church" that in May this year  was indicted in France for running an organized scamming operation. She was amazed at the records department she found. "Students, staff, anyone who has had anything to do with Scientology has their files. Even people who have only bought a book," says the department head. Allegedly there are records of at least 60,000 people.

Scientology, according to the Amsterdam Chamber of Commerce, is a publisher. They do not pay minimum wages and do not conform to the government rules for publishers. The Inspection for Employment has now started to carry out research under the Minimum Wage Law, says spokeswoman Suzanne van Gils: "If there is a contract, the employer must pay the legal minimum wages.

Source: Scientology's "NarCONon" Fake Front exposed

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Re: [Blog] Holland Examines Scientology's NarCONon fake front
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Makes me sick...
Michelle Davies
May 22
Helloooooo to all you gaaawjus I said before I'm here in Holland and want to help people off drugs n alcohol n meds too if poss....sooooooooo get in touch n let's get some action in on saving some lives!!!!! Msg me biiiiatches let's do this!! — with Amys Selling Page and 40 others at Narconon Zutphen.

Michelle Davies with Amys Selling Page and 40 others at Narconon Zutphen
May 22 at 2:33am · Zutphen, Netherlands ·

Helloooooo to all you gaaawjus I said before I'm here in Holland and want to help people off drugs n alcohol n meds too if poss....sooooooooo get in touch n let's get some action in on saving some lives!!!!! Msg me biiiiatches let's do this!!

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    Dean Sanders yo mate how can u help all the way over there
    May 22 at 2:34am
    Anthony Landers Girl you ROCK!!!
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    Michelle Davies Because there is funding available to go anywhere in Europe and trust....its way better being out of your hometown old habits n routines etc xxx send me your numba XXX
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    Chris Ramm Michelle you are a true star, and I admire you and the work you do.
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    Guy Paxton One week ya cutting me mates hair the next in bloody holland lol free spirit ain't ya girl x
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    Guy Paxton Hope you are safe and secure txt me when or if ya come back
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    Michelle Davies For sure babe XXX thx and let me know if u meet anyone that needs help xx
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    Guy Paxton Ok will do

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