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[Blog] Narconon of Georgia Faces Protesters Today
« on: November 10, 2012, 21:01 »
Narconon of Georgia Faces Protesters Today
10 November 2012, 1:29 pm

“There may be times when we are powerless to prevent injustice, but there must never be a time when we fail to protest.” ― Elie Wiesel

Public outcry from across North America, has once again gathered protesters in front of another Scientology rehab center. This time Narconon of Georgia faces off of with protesters from several States following the death of Patrick Desmond in 2008. Protesters are intent on bringing attention to all the recent deaths at Narconon Georgia and Narconon Arrowhead in Oklahoma over the past few years, including three fatalities in 2012. On August 25th this year, 40-50 protesters stood in front of Narconon Arrowhead with large signs, a loud speaker, and voices that bent many a staff and media ear. Several TV News stations filmed the colorful event and interviewed some of the grieving families.

Another large protest in Quebec, Canada, attracted concerned citizens from several cities, but ended up being a celebration instead of the scheduled protest. Following lengthy investigations by the College of Physicians and Quebec Ministry of Health and Social Services, the health agency shut down the Scientology rehab on April 17, 2012 – - citing patient safety as an immediate concern.

To date, at least fifteen (15), patients have died inside Narconon centers, many have attempted suicide, and many more perished after leaving.

State Court Judge Stacey Hydrick on Monday, issued a severe Sanction Order against Narconon of Georgia in the wrongful death lawsuit filed by lawyer Jeff Harris. “They were essentially running a drug rehab facility that was basically a zoo. There just wasn’t any supervision and it was completely out of control” said Harris.

Unlike most other reputable addiction treatment centers, Narconon employs recent program graduates as counselors and detoxification specialists, with most only holding a computer generated certificate after completing a brief Scientology training course at the centers. As stated by numerous expert physicians in detoxification and addiction treatment, Narconon is unsafe and dangerous to patients.

The State of Oklahoma’s examiners reported that “Narconon employs staff inadequately educated and trained in the care and treatment of drug and alcohol abuse clients. Such a practice endangers the safety, health and/or the physical or mental well-being of the clients of Narconon.”

A significant problem identified by the State of Oklahoma’s investigative team in 1991 was the use of Narconon’s own clients in the delivery of the Narconon programme: “Narconon permits clients under treatment for drug and alcohol abuse to handle and provide medications to fellow Narconon clients, to supervise the sauna treatment of fellow Narconon clients, and to supervise Narconon clients with psychiatric disorders. Such practices endanger the client’s health and safety and are not in accord with acceptable drug and alcohol treatment.”

“To subject people to these potentially serious side effects on the pretense that they are being “detoxified”, “cleared” or “purified” is quackery” states Dr. John Chelf of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Bruce A. Roe, Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry: “Overall the program proposed by Mr. Hubbard is pure unadulterated “cow pies”. It is filled with some scientific truth but mainly is illogical and the conclusions drawn by Mr. Hubbard are without any basis in scientific fact.”

Countless similar reviews of Scientology’s rehab program emphasise questionable, pseudoscience practices and unsafe therapies and treatments at Narconon.

The entire Narconon program consists of Scientology Training Routines, Objectives Auditing Sessions, and patient participation in Scientology religious practices that, in many cases, leaves the victim confused, disoriented, and often far worse off after the program than before.

What Scientology terms “duplication” in training routines and drills, are in essence, repetition and word association – -  a common process used in mind control by many cults. What the mind hears the most it believes. Most Narconon victims are totally unaware that they have signed up for Scientology courses and paid $30,000 to be cult indoctrinated. They receive no addiction therapy or treatment for any mental illness often associated with drug abuse.

And since Scientology is anti-psychiatry and anti-pharmaceutical drugs that help some individuals cope in society, the Narconon patient is taken off physician prescribed meds, with often devastating and sometimes fatal consequences.

Senator Ivester:

With so much media exposure over the past two years, government, health, politicians, and even the Sheriff’s office, have launched investigations into the recent deaths at Narconon. New legislation is being drafted in Oklahoma by Senator Ivester and States are reviewing mental health regulations to ensure the safety of desperate patients seeking help.

Patrick W. Desmond was born in Fayetville, NC, to Patrick and Mary Colleen Desmond. His father, a retired U.S. Army officer now working with the military of the United Arab Emirates in Abu Dhabi, said school was always difficult for his son.

Patrick entered the U.S. Marine Corps, finding a place in life where he began to excel. Stationed at Camp Pendleton in Southern California, he became one of the youngest Marines ever to complete Scout Swimmer School and was selected for both Scout Sniper School and the Marine Mountain Warfare School.

In August 2008 a candlelight vigil was held in honor of Patrick Desmond – - “Our deepest sympathies to his family.”

Candlelight Video:

October 5, 2012 – WSB TV Action News Atlanta, GA investigative report of the tragic death of Patrick Desmond in 2008:

Until there are changes made regarding safety or governments shut down Narconon centers, it appears protesters will continue to keep bringing the deaths and abuses to the forefront and attention of appropriate authorities.

Court Documents at Reaching for the Tipping Point:,8408.msg26302.html#msg26302

David Edgar Love

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Re: [Blog] Narconon of Georgia Faces Protesters Today
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Very nice, David. Thanks for the write-up.   L-O-:

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