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NarCONon. Hell on earth.
« on: November 24, 2012, 22:30 »
 Another horror story!

This is my personal experience of my stay at Narconon. Fort Collins, Colorado Facility.

To begin with i ask the reader to understand i write this not in anger or personal grudge for what was inflicted on me, it is a warning to parents or to those looking for rehabilitation.

I willingly turned myself into Narconon Colorado on what was presented to me by Dan Carmichael as a top notch facility with withdrawal assistance, a doctor and drug counselors and also were compassionate to patients in the withdrawal process--i did not want to suffer as i did in other programs from alcohol withdrawal--

But i did, to my horror, THERE WAS NO COMPASSION or COMFORT only suffering. When arriving i couldn't even find a sign, and the facility was not what i expected it to look like for 30$grand, maybe the detox center i thought-- but not what i was described with mountain views, only houses and depressing landscape.

I was taken in by the withdrawal admin-- one of the few staff members who actually cared and she was dedicated-also responsible-i then filled out mass paper work, mainly obedience to rules, no slander of Narconon suing and otherwise many times, which i thought odd. At times withdraw was run by inexperienced staff--which depending on who pulled nightshift never did their check rounds ( and i know because i rarely slept)

One time on my third night my heart pulse went nuts i felt like dying and i had breathing probs i went to the 2 young staff -Chris, and Ashley and told them something serious was wrong with my heart and was there aspirin and i was told i couldn't have any, it wasn't allowed-i said "i need help" and a look of worry and panic was on their faces--But NOTHING was done about it. i went to my room and assumed i'd die in this Hell hole alone. i prayed hard that night,-and i survived. Nothing was ever mentioned about it, and from that time on i seriously questioned the facilities practices.

i was made to do light TR's all day long, you weren't allowed to rest or sleep just repetitive silly TR's and questions. The withdrawal bathroom didn't work ( and it stayed that way till near my departure) and one had to walk down the hall to other bathrooms, which is wrong, especially when your dope sick and need to vomit- or have a bowel-movement of terrible diarrhea brought on by vitamins and what i called the 'douche' drink, Cal-mag, "Drug Bomb" you were made to ingest--it was terrible, with the diarrhea came dehydration and weakness, sleep constantly interrupted by going to and from the bathroom at night, and throw in withdrawal symptoms of alcohol with no meds, i was in such torment!!-And i started to resent the place with a passion.

There were no showers in withdrawal so a shower in a staff's quarters was used, it was at that point i was introduced to what i had to live in for months- filthy, unkept rooms and small shower stalls with black mold and scuzzy sinks, certainly not worth all the money payed,--it was disgusting-

In the morning when i sat down for an interview with withdrawal admin ( i'll call Molly)- i told her flat out i wanted to leave, "today"- i told her the place sucked and the care was neglectful and i was miserable -Molly asked me to" please stay", " just hang in there, promise you won't leave? i'll help you through anything"-so i gave it another chance, i kept that promise for 5 long months. a promise i regret. My wallet, and I.D. were confiscated at admittance but i had 600$ sewed into my Bible,incase i had to escape,they try their best to keep you there, i know the police were called by students just to get out, many simply ran away it was so bad.

Another tactic that outraged me was staff telling my parents i wanted to drink and i was negative, my pleas for help to my parents fell on deaf ears, i told them about the scientology-- but Narconon convinced them they weren't.

When released into population you are given work to do 'and chits,and MEST meted out if one never did his/ her work, 'students' as we're called were charged with cleaning ,outside maintenance and dishwashing,it's a heart breakin' job to do, especially alone, as i did. Between 8hrs of classes, work, and stress i was worn thin, and literally, i was so at my limit with stress and sleep depravation i started breaking down, i lost extreme amount of weight, i came in at 276 lbs and came home weighing 186lbs!!

During my stay there were staff that were getting high or drunk--Tristen (or Chris) came in very drunk after New years celebration-( You can see Narconon worked for him) Blake H. who worked in 'Ethics' was using drugs at the time, ( how unethical is that!!) and finally fired, Dave H, was using drugs as well ,while preaching the glories of Narconon.

In one incident while on a walk with Chris and Dave H, Dave ran off with a female student for over 40 minutes!! and these people are entrusted with your daughters?? Absolutely indecent and unprofessional!! Dave H. was finally terminated for having relations with female students and failing his UA after someone leaked info on him--I knew for myself then that this program was a joke!!

I will not speak much about Sauna there are many horror stories out there, mine was of torture, in order to EP effectively you had to give them what they wanted to hear, like "sauna has helped me alot and i feel better and brighter" but i refused to do even this, i never gave them what they wanted, even a success story on the miracles of Sauna which they reprint for their propaganda. And so my time was made longer, 34 hellish days. any complaints of discomfort or stomach pains were ignored or were called 'somatics', 'misemotion', and 'originations' trying to convince me it was all in my mind , or i was at fault for it. The intense heat wasn't an issue with me it was how it messed with my lung disease and the high amounts of Niacin that played havoc on my diabetes!!

i suffered Keto-acidosis for months after from high blood glucose-- day after day feeling nauseated, thirsty and extreme faint spells is inhumane to let a diabetic go through!!-and no one in the facility did anything about it-- except for Molly and "Jersey" if it weren't those 2 i'd have to wait for hours before someone opened HLO so i could get insulin!!!

But Narconon wasn't done with trying to drive me to break, Brad Petit showed up from Narconon State (California) and drove me to a point of Suicide, i was put on hold for voicing my opinions on just how foolish the reading material was, that my life long struggle with anxiety and depression was coming from "Suppressive people"-we had many chats together in his office (all bad)-Never met a staunch Scientologist like him, he even admitted it. He decided to make an example of me, ex students will say objectives "breaks a person's will" He made Objectives try to break me, when i EP'd Objectives All-12, Petit had me do book 4A over again and told the Supervisor to "give him extra objectives to do"!! The Supervisor in privacy said "this isn't right B, I'm sorry..i really am"-but she was kind to me in my distress and i have the greatest respect for her.

After Objective Ep your presented a diploma, i refused to stand and take it or write a success story.

Brad Petit did the most retched deed to me finally on Valentine's Day, i was called to his office and asked had i spoken to my best friend Adam, i said "no, hasn't returned my phone calls...want me to 'disconnect' with my friend Brad"?? He turned to me and said, "I'm afraid you can't, he's been dead for months now we've kept it from you till now, yes, he's DEAD B, want to talk about how you feel"?? That snapped me, what a degenerate, sadistic old man!! for one month i worked in mental pain, i was expected to do my work, classes, all that with the loss of my best friend on my mind always and being told that was suppressing me! But Petit's act backfired on him, some staff disagreed, stood up for me and one in particular helped me get through it all and those few i have so much respect for.

At my graduation i refused to be present, i did not want to give them the satisfaction of a successful Narconon Graduate speech. In the end a lot of staff quit Narconon, in speaking with some they said " i couldn't take that Scientology stuff any longer"

For me i can say I'm still sober and drug free, and not because of Narconon, but from other students and x-staff members we help each other.... I Survived Narconon
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Re: NarCONon. Hell on earth.
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Yes, I read that on wwp forum.

Glad he's speaking out. Hope more do about Ft Collins facility.
I am a volunteer advocate for victims of the Narconon scam. I am a former scientologist. I post anonymously. Mary McConnell is my long time nom de plume. Feel free to contact me for assistance in righting the wrongs.

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Re: NarCONon. Hell on earth.
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If that statement was made to law enforcement, it should be enough to get the Sherrif and/or DEA out there with search warrants to look for illicit drugs. And the description of the mold (seems to run in NN facilities), etc., should have the Health Dept. all over this place.


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Re: NarCONon. Hell on earth.
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Disgusting! I hope the individual has reported all to local authorities, state agencies and consumer agencies back home. He/she is lucky to be alive with diabetes after going through the sauna and vitamins routine.

Brad Petit is a monster and surely won't be recruiting anyone to Narconon/Scientology with those methods.  That is about the only good thing about this scenario and the fact that this person survived NarCONon.

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Re: NarCONon. Hell on earth.
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I believe Brad Petit is spelled Brad Pettit and his full name is Bradford S. Pettit, he is indeed a scientologist.

It appears his family lost some money in the Reed Slatkin ponzi schemes

Pettit, Bradford & Elizabeth 59,107.36 11839
Pettit, Emily 54,418.99 11841
Pettit, Sarah 54,518.99 11840
Brad and Liz both have OS pages:
Also listed are Emily Pettit and Sarah Pettit.
From WISE:
Pettit, Lit
900 Geneva St.
Glendale, CA 91207-1708
United States
(1) 818-246-7786