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Thank you for replying. Yes, I saw that video and made a copy as well. It's unbelieveable. No words to describe how terrible it is. I cannot believe there are still getting away with this.

Thanks for joining and posting your experience and that of your daughter at Elevate Addiction Services. I'm sorry she went through that.  Is your daughter a minor?

Good for you on doing the BBB review.

Dr Stein can be seen as a pimp in this Narconon Northern California ( later Elevate /Halcyon Horizons) staff video originally titled "Narconon Vista Bay ED Video 2011" created for their eyes only.  However, someone posted it to the internet. Later, the original was removed by RuTube but a video of excerpts from it was made before that and it is enough to give you the picture of what staff are doing there. You can see Dr Stein starting around the 6:19 min mark

 "Narconon Vista Bay ED Video 2011 Excerpt".
I'm so glad I found this site a while back. Olive, thank you for your post. Every word you wrote is the truth about this place.

I sent my daughter to Elevate Addition Services and after the third day speaking to Cassidy, I knew something was off. Too robotic!!!! Started to research. How could there possibly 5-star reviews in every category? 1st RED flag. Then digging further, I found reviews that were removed with info that made the hair on my neck rise. I finally found this site and read all I needed to read. I called them and told them to put my daughter on the phone or I was coming to get her. This is so hard for a parent whose daughter might die on the streets. When we spoke, she said she was fine and I told her it was Scientology.  They lied and took my daughter off medication in a 4-day taper and lied to me again.

Everything about this place is Scientology. The staff, management, and what's with Dr. Stein. This place should not be allowed to stay in business. My daughter and another girl left, and they coerced them back. It's voluntary, so let them leave. My daughter called me the next day and I went and picked her up. She had the number of the other girl's phone number to call her mom to let her know. I called, and we got her daughter out a week later. They lied to her mom as well.

I just wrote a review to BBB and they posted it with Ashly replying with complete falsehood.

Below is my review to BBB.
Narconon in Michigan / Re: Serenity Point Rehab Marne, MI Staff Exodus?
« Last post by mefree on September 05, 2018, 19:08 »
And... they were in survey trouble after their post-licensure survey for non-compliance with staffing requirements.

R325.14901(2) Staffing
The equivalent of 1 full-time counselor shall be available for every 10 residents.
It was noted during the site visit on 11/06/2017, the program only had two full-time counselors for twenty-eight residents. On 11/08/2017, the program submitted a plan to address the non-compliance by indicating that the program has hired an additional LLPC. Actual compliance will be verified at the time of the next licensure survey.

I hope it doesn't take two years for Michigan to to follow-up and verify their compliance.
Narconon in Michigan / Re: Serenity Point Rehab Marne, MI Staff Exodus?
« Last post by DeathHamster on September 04, 2018, 23:06 »
It's all the Per standard crew.

Category:Narconon Freedom Center

It pisses me off that Michigan allowed them to run duplicate licenses for the same location, even if they did play that game with the address.

Different street address, maybe even different entrance, but the same parking lot and same facility, and one of the licenses was sucking down complaints and revisits during that time. ARGHHHH!
Narconon in Michigan / Re: Serenity Point Rehab Marne, MI Staff Exodus?
« Last post by Miss Fortune on September 04, 2018, 10:25 »
Wickstrom's TIA Corporation still owns the building that housed the Narconon Freedom Center, which is now occupied by another related entity, "Awakenings Rehabilitation".

Awakenings was formed on December 29, 2016 as a Nevada corporation (Awakenings Rehabilitation, Inc.), and applied for certification in Michigan on February 24, 2017. The Michigan paperwork was executed by attorney Phil Slot.

Awakenings was issued a Michigan substance abuse facility license on August 2, 2017:

Its Senior Director of Administration is Josh Sowers, who most recently worked as the Program Director at the Narconon Freedom Center:

Brad Lyben, a longtime Wickstrom alum, is the Executive Director. Lyben was formerly with the now-shuttered Serenity Point Recovery, and previously was the Senior Director of Production at Best Drug Rehabilitation.

Narconon in Michigan / Re: Serenity Point Rehab Marne, MI Staff Exodus?
« Last post by DeathHamster on September 03, 2018, 09:55 »
LARA lists licenses. I don't know what "state certification" would be unless it's a catch-all of zoning, fire safety approval, etc. CARF's certification is mainly safety of the location, so a new tenant could probably get an expedited inspection where they check off that nothing has changed.

Per's Narconon Freedom Center also lost its license. Is he selling that place too? I wonder if he's planning new places, or now that he's got his fancy house near Clearwater, he's cashing out of the game before he gets busted for something?
Written in crayon, no doubt.
Narconon in Michigan / Re: Serenity Point Rehab Marne, MI Staff Exodus?
« Last post by BigBeard on August 29, 2018, 23:22 »
Unless the "certification" and "accreditation" are just certificates on the wall that didn't actually come from the state or CARF.
Good point.

It would make sense that a closed facility with a lapsed state license wouldn't have "certification" available on a "turn key" basis.

Also, CARF states the obvious on its own site:
"A service provider seeking accreditation for the first time generally needs nine to twelve months to prepare for a survey."
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