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Title: Ex-Scientologists Who Are Openly Critical Of The Cult Of Scientology
Post by: Lorelei on July 01, 2009, 07:39
The following information was provided by a critic known as "RightOn" online, it is not my original research.

The following is a list of ex-Scientologists that have left and have spoken out against Scientology

ETA: This list is a WORK IN PROGRESS and has been updated and expanded since I posted here, so to avoid duplicated info, I have deleted this outdated list.

See below for newer information.

Scroll down, or use these links to go directly to those lists:


Title: Re: Ex-Scientologists Who Are Openly Critical Of The Cult Of Scientology
Post by: wynot on July 01, 2009, 10:04
Wow - that is a great list! I look forward to a time when it will fill many more screens!

Good work, L! I would have never even thought of a list like this, but I see the use of it now, fer sure!

'til later;
Title: Re: Ex-Scientologists Who Are Openly Critical Of The Cult Of Scientology
Post by: Lorelei on July 02, 2009, 04:46
Like I said, I didn't compile it, but it makes me happy, too. So I wanted to share it.

Lots of good people on that list.

The Ex-Scientology Kids webmistresses should get a special "shout-out," as all three women were raised in the cult, all three suffered greatly while in, all three suffered greatly trying to leave, all three were harassed mercilessly AFTER leaving, all three are (IIRC) disconnected from loved ones, and all three are related to former or current high-ranking cult leaders (including Jenna Miscavige-Hill, the niece of David Miscavige, the current Chairman Of The Board (de facto leader) of Scientology).

Also, Marty Rathbun is indeed speaking out, but it should be noted that he is mostly directing his criticism at David Miscavige, while still asserting that the original L. Ron Hubbard policies were groovy. Of course, Elron was a homophobe misogynist, his credentials (zero!) were faked, the "secret service / dirty tricks" divisions of Guardian's Office and Office of Special Affairs are Elron creations, the mind control techniques are Elron's, the pay scales are Elron's, and the indentured servitude, child workers, minimal pay, Reclamation Project Force gulags, toy sailor uniforms, billion (no typo!) year contracts, overboarding and other abuses rife in the Sea Org is Elron's, and so on.

The important thing here is that these are knowledgeable people who were formerly members in the cult. As such, they have a POV distinct from critics who were never victims of the cult, and who have instead been motivated to outrage and to protest that outrage by witnessing second-hand how the cult hurts people, or who have lost friends or loved ones to the cult.

Some of these folks are severely damaged people who are still trying to tackle their own cognitive dissonance and reluctance to face all they lost while being "in." It wouldn't sting as badly if they could find SOME good in something they devoted all that time, energy, and money to...blaming Miscavige as being the originator of all evil in the cult is false and self-deluding. Miscavige is bad, sure--that does NOT let Hubabrd off the hook! He was bad, too!

The whole MESS is a con, and it hurts people. It is insidious. We seek to inform and, thereby, protect and warn. NO MORE VICTIMS.

It also neglects to mention some of the victims of Scientology who are now dead.

It's a good starting place, however, and I urge the curious to Google these names and see what they have to say...even if they are Marty Rathbuns, who was complicit in some of the worst abuses while "in," and now, while "out," still cling to the fantasy that pre-Miscavige, all was well. Even Marty Rathbuns have tales to tell, and the truth is in there.
Title: Re: Ex-Scientologists Who Are Openly Critical Of The Cult Of Scientology
Post by: ethercat on July 02, 2009, 10:58
A good many people who leave the "church" can't leave the belief in the "tech" behind at first.  So deep it runs that they must cling to it, and find instead, in scientology lingo, a "who" that is responsible for the wrongs they've seen.  Even Arnie Lerma, when he first left in the early '90s, went to the freezone1 for a while. 

Some get over it once they are out from under the rigidity of the official organization, and some don't.  Most are not able to just give it all up and leave it behind from the first moment they leave the organization, and it takes a while of being able to examine their own thoughts for them to work their way out of it.  Even long-time established critical ex-members talk about sloughing off pieces of it, years later.

I view the freezone as a halfway house out of scientology that some, unfortunately, never leave. 

Marty Rathbun ( (and Mike Rinder) were heavily into it; it may take them a while to get to the point of realization that it is all bunk, if they ever do.  That freezone koolaid can handicap their recovery, plus Rathbun, particularly, seems to have goals of removing Miscavige and taking over himself.  That is a potentially dangerous situation that we need to keep an eye on.

1Freezone - used as an all-encompassing term for those who still believe there's value in the "tech" but who have disagreements with the formal organization.  It doesn't necessarily imply association with a specific group or flavor of practicing freezoners, although there are several somewhat organized freezone groups.
Title: Re: Ex-Scientologists Who Are Openly Critical Of The Cult Of Scientology
Post by: Ultrapoet on July 02, 2009, 21:20
I view the freezone as a halfway house out of scientology that some, unfortunately, never leave. 

A sort of methadone for one's tech addiction--getting your fix without damaging yourself nearly as much.
Title: Re: Ex-Scientologists Who Are Openly Critical Of The Cult Of Scientology
Post by: Lorelei on July 10, 2009, 20:33

Helen O'Brien-Auditor, authored Dianetics in Limbo - 1966

List of Ex-Scientologists interviewed in Scientology - the Now Religion - 1970
Jack Horner
Jerry Tannenbaum
Gary Watkins
Monica Saxon
Nick Robinson
Bud Lee
John McMaster
Bernard Green

List of Ex-Scientologists mentioned in Inside Scientology-Dianetics - 1972
Felicia Tyber
Gerald Tyber
Renzo Lancia
Morton Morvis
Margo Zumbrich
Bruce Perkins

List of Scientologists resigning from the church, in Reconnection magazine issues 1 to 4 - 1983-4
Adrian Ribolla
Adrienne Scott
Alan Groothius
Alan Stafford
Alex Cronin (OTII)
Allan Stewart
Andrew Brown
Armorel Allen
Barrie Weller
Bevan Preece (1957, OTIII, Cl IV)
Bill Devlin
Bob Ainsworth
Brian Auker
Carmen Biggs
Chris Barnes
Colin Mills (1972 NOTs, Snr Cl IV)
Darrell Sykes
Debbie Leighton
Derek Toombs
Diana Fearon
Don Summons
Dora Atack
Emma Mitchell
Eric Ballard
Fiona Cowe
Frankie Robinson
Gary Earle
Gavin Stott
George Fearon
George Hanson
Harinder Lawley
Heather Wray
Helen Silcock
Henry Baczkowski (1961, Clear No 4084, OTIII)
Horag Bellmaine
Ian Moore
Irene Kaye
Iris Palfreyman
Jay Hurwitz
Jeanny Hanson (on Solo NOTs, Cl VI)
Jenny Lansdale
Joanne Dancer
John Ablett
John Hansen (on NOTs)
John Mace (Founding Scientologist, new OTV, Cl VI)
Joyce Barnes (1964, OTI, Ex Pgms Chief FOLO UK and Flag)
Julian Bell (1975 on NOTs)
Ken Wood
Kim Hutton
Linda Tedman
Manuel Rodriquez
Margaret Jennings
Marie-Sylvie Patterson
Martin Ruston (1964, on NOTs, Clear No 2359)
Maryon Stewart
Maurice Broad
Mauricio Cattarossi
Mel Slnith
Michelle Brown (1978 OTIV NED)
Mick Alpin
Mike Lawley
Mike Wray
Mitch Beedie
Mohamed Bouderba
Nancy Carter
Neville Chamberlain
Nicky Devlin
Noella Milner
Pam Baczkowska
Pan Hurwitz
Patrick Tedman
Peter Impey
Peter J Webb
Peter Silcock
Philip Gardiner
Phyllis Preece (1961, Grade IV)
Ralph Hilton
Ron Biggs
Ron Lawley (1973, on NOTs, Cl IV, OEC)
Shiona Fox-Ness
Shoura Davies
Stephen Davies
Steve Bisby
Steve Kaye
Steve Robinson
Sue Fisher
Terry Brown (1978 OTIII HQS)
Terry Scott
Thelma Hodges
Tony Moss
Unni Auker
Val Alpin
Vicky Ballard
Vince Barnes
Yaron Hillel

See also:

Allen Stanfield posts as "Alanzo" on ESMB. In for 16 years, out for 9.

Carolyn Ann Shofield posts as "Mary Magdalene" on ESMB; lost two daughters to the "care" of Scientology.

Tim Skog
Scientologist from 1976 - 1986, former GO/OSA.

Stacey Michelle Wentling
Scn for 14 yrs, Staff WPB Msn '91-92. Div 6 MM Org '92-95. Left scn in 2004.

Dean Wentling
Scn for 14 yrs. Div 6 MM Org '91-95. Left scn in 2004.

Roger Boswarva
Got into Scn 1957, helped set up the center that became Sydney Org in 1960, Staff auditor Melbourne 1962-63, Chaplain London and PES 1967-8, went under cover for the GO 1969-82, Declared SP 1985 because I refused to go along with abusive conduct of "new management," resigned from church in 1990 due to its dishonesty and violations of own doctrines. Spoken out against the church and its erroneous tech; posts on ESMB as "RogerB"

Mary L McKinnon
Staff, New York Org, ASHO and Boston Org between 1968 and 1977 (78?).

Richard Ford, Leaving Scientology

Sharone, on a boat with Hubbard as a child, got locked in the ship hold.
Sharon's Scientology Story

Neil Clark, Staffer and Sea Org.
Scientology - Through the Door - Interviews

Wilfried Handl, Austria 28 years in, formaly high ranking, wrote a book, a lot of TV, some recitals.

Susan Talbot (also known as "British Mom"), was Class V1 Auditor & C/S, There for 15 years, left because of the forced abortions & abuses.

Bent Corydon, the former head of the Riverside mission, Former scientologist of 20 years and author of "L. Ron Hubbard: Messiah or Madman"

Mac Stevens
FOR GREAT JUSTICE: Mac Stevens Letter to Fellow Scientologists: I reject the authority of the Church to control me.

Vivien Krogman - Ex-SeaOrg kid

Tanja Neumann - EX-SeaOrg kid

Pierre Ethier, Class XII Auditor

Pierre Ethier's website at ( has been offline for at least several days, but it was operational a few weeks ago.  Nevertheless, here are two examples of Pierre Ethier speaking out against the COS:

In writing, speaking out about fraud by the COS:

In a televised report, speaking out (in French) about WISE businesses at 1:45, 4:27, 6:54, and 9:13.
YouTube - Le pouvoir caché La scientologie et WISE

Mona Vasquez, France (wrote books and Tv appearances)

Alain Stoffen, France (book and lots of TV)

Raymond Scapillato, France (book)

David Mayo

Jesse Prince

Karen Wolff (ex-Scientology kid / ESK)

Mylene Beyer, France, ex-sea org, left after 21 years (French radio interview)

Sylvain Bilodeau, Canada (TV interview)

Madeleine Genesse, Canada (TV interview, passed away in 2008)

Larry Anderson (DISPUTED)

Jim Beebe - worked for the old CAN after leaving - deceased

Joe Harrington can be added also, he married Birgitta Harrington, after they left the cult, I think. He is deceased also.

Homer Wilson Smith would count too, I think. He is freezone, but runs a free-to-access news server with only scientology-related groups.

Martine Boublil
Young French woman whose brother had to rescue her from Scientology by "kidnapping her"

David Cook & Vickki Ford
David and Vickki lost a son when they left Scientology. Vickki's mother also speaks.

Jim Dimcalci - Ron Hubbard's Medical Officer
Forrest J. Ackerman - Ron Hubbard's literary agent, deceased in 2008
Pam Kemp - friend of LRH and ex-scientologist
Raymond Kemp - friend of LRH and ex-scientologist
Virginia Downsborough - Ron Hubbard's personal assistant
Hana Eltringham - Ron Hubbard's deputy at sea
Mike Goldstein - Ron Hubbard's Finance Controller
YouTube - Scientology: Secret Lives - L. Ron Hubbard:

Exes that post frequently on critics' websites:
Peter Alexander
Gene Allard
Amy Allen
Gerry Armstrong
Jon Atack
Vickie Aznaran
Kim Baker
Rex Basterfield
Jason Beghe
Graham Berry
Maureen Bolstad
Larry Brennan
Brian Canup
Isabel Hsin-Yu Chang
Tory Christman
Debbie Cook? did she speak out?
Robert Dam
Laura DeCrescenzo
Tom DeVocht
Ron DeWolfe- Hubbard's son!
John Dugnigan
Steven Fishman
Peter Forde
Shiona Fox
Roxanne Friend
Tommy Gorman
Jennifer Gorman
David Graham
Paul Grosswald
Wilfried Handl, Austria 28 years in, formaly high ranking, wrote a book, a lot of TV, some recitals
Marc Headley
Claire Headly
Mike Henderson
Yolanda Howell
Molly Hutchinson
Moira Hutchison
Patrick Jost
Arnie Lerma
Peter Letterese
Chris Lyman
Ted Mayett
Melissa Miller
Troy Miranda
Jenna Miscavige
Frank Oliver
Tom Padgett
Michael Pattison
Rod Pearson
Creed Pearson
Patty "pooks" Piednacz?? I know I spelled that wrong
Monica Pignotti
Jesse Prince
Marty Rathbun
Mike Rinder
Otto Roos
Annie Rosenblum
Martin Ruston
Amy Scobee
Miss. Sieber
Dr Donna Shannon
Anon Sparrows name? Sorry I forgot it!
Joyce Stephenson
Andre Tabayoyon
Mary Tabayoyon
Zane Thomas
Shane Vincent
Margery Wakefield
Grady Ward
Hana Whitfield
Kendra Wiseman
Larry Wollwersheim
Astra Woodcraft
Zoe Woodcraft
Lawrence Woodcraft
Bonnie and Richard Woods -- Bonnie has published a book
Vaughn Young -- deceased :(
Stacy Young

Rhett Westerman
Margery Wakefield -- author
Francois Choquette (AO) Not an ex-Sci, just an outspoken critic
Paul Grosswald
Ted Mayett
Birgitta Harrington
Roger Gonnet
Cheryl Sola (Clamato)
Chip Gallo
Tom Padgett
Vickki Ford -- statement given on Through the Door website
Stacy Brooks
Claire Swazey
Mike De Wolf
Ron Glazier
Kathryn Smith
Paul David Schofield
John Cullison
Stewart Gadner
Allen Stanfield
Mick Wenlock -- statement on Through the Door website
Neil Clark
Mingyiu Gyatso
Michael Henderson
Richard Williams
Rob Thomas
Martin Foster
Jess McCabe
Sam Williams
Robin Fox
Robert Thompson
Phil Scott
Adelaide Oakley
Kevin Brady
Rebecca Jessup
Rose Velasco
Martha Greene
John Roderick Lester
Michael Argue
Lawrence Toomajan
Bobby Parker
Michael Tilse
Bruce Hines

Franklin Freedman
YouTube - Panorama - Scientology the Road to Freedom? Part 1/5 -- at 9:37

Tom Weeks, Ex Sea Org

Greg Marlowe, 1975-1978
Affidavit of Greg Marlowe (12 September 1989)

Dorothy Geary
Dodie Geary held for 2 weeks: geary.htm

Caspar de Rijk, director of Scientology Netherlands in the early 70's]
Mutiny at Dutch Scientology organization

Sylvana Garritano
Scientology at Gilman: Hubbard said at ex-resort, defector speaks out - Riverside Press

Ex-Scientologists that gave evidence at the Board of Inquiry into Scientology:
Phillip Bennett Wearne
Douglas Henry Moon

There are more but others weren't specifically named other than in an all inclusive list of 141 witnesses, 100 of which were pro-Scientology and another 17 were just called by the Board as expert witnesses on Medicine, Science, etc.

Ed Hattaway, Chiropractor, USA, 1992-1995, Qualified scientologist (
TAS), testimony ( Meet Ed and Tera Hattaway, On 27 Feb 2001 16)

Edward Walters

Enrico Costantini, Italy, 1991-2003, Route to infinity, Crusader ( TAS), testimony (

Frank Gerbode, USA, 1977-1981, Solo NOTS ( TAS), head of the Palo Alto mission, testimony ( Dr. Frank Gerbode, former scientologist)

Franklin Freedman

Frank Notaro

Frank Oliver, USA, OSA, testimony ( YouTube - Ex-Scientologist Frank Oliver about targeting critics)

Yolanda Howell, SO, testimony (
Inside Scientology: First-Person Accounts)
Zane Thomas, 1967-1968, staff Edinburgh, testimony ( Illegal Imprisonment and Threats - Zane Thomas)

Zoe Woodcraft, 1987-2001, ESK, SO, testimony ( Zoe Woodcraft,
Affidavit of Zoe Woodcraft (24 January 2001))

Anke Dievenkorn, spent ten years in Scientology
Scientology Kills - Survivor Stories - Anke Dievenkorn
Anke Dievenkorn - Scientology Service Completions | Truth About Scientology Statistics Project
Charlotte Kates, ex-Scientologist who left after finding information on the Internet
Scientology Kills - Survivor Stories - Charlotte Kates

Diane Canova (actress on the 70's TV show "Soap")

Lee Reynolds
My story, while long, is shorter than some, and not nearly as sad as that of many.
I became involved in the cult when I was a teenager and was a public person at the Nashville CC.
Leaving home, I moved to Phoenix and joined staff at the org there, becoming the treasury secretary. I also lived and worked out at PAC for about a year, but was not in the Sea Borg (though they naturally tried to recruit me).
I was lucky in that the cult decided it didn't want me. Escape from enslavement and abandonment by family and friends is something I luckily never had to experience. I was kicked off staff because I'd been on ritalin-like medications for a while as a kid. I can't say I was too sorry to go. I was getting pretty disillusioned with the cult's track record of saying one thing and doing its opposite. Trying to talk sense to those people was a waste of time.
After leaving staff I started college and began reading up on the cult at the university's library. Boy was that a wake up call. With all of the things I learned there and since then, it amazes me at times that I was ever involved in the cult at all. I certainly would never have gone anywhere near it had I known in 1988 even 1/100th of what I know now. But I was young and naive back then, and did not understand that evil is not merely the absence of good. Hubbard and people like him are intrinsically motivated to destroy and enslave other. There is no rational reason for this, they are simply evil.

I sometimes post at the ex-scientology kids board and OC message board as leereyno

I also sometimes post at the ex-scientologist message board as lee_from_phx.

John Atack (UK)
Jean-Luc Barbier (France)
Enrico Costantini (Italy)
Jean-Paul Dubreuil (Québec)
Maria Pia Gardini (Italy)
Roger Gonnet (France)
Aude-Claire Malton (France, plaintiff in May 25, 2009 trial)
Nelly Reziga (France, plaintiff in May 25, 2009 trial)
Giacomo Sotgia (Italy)
Alain Stoffen (Belgium)

Witnesses giving evidence at the Commission of Enquiry into Scientology:
G.R. Alcock
C.R. Anstey
H.M. Barnard
H. Bayer
M. Benjamin
I.R. Benson
R.C. Bester
D.J.L. Bizzell
J. Boshoff
W.J. Botha
H.J. Brown
A.H. Carter
J.B. Carter
E.E.M. Cleenwerck
E.W.E. Coetzee
W.A. Cook
J.M.D.S.F. Correia
A.B. Daneel
D.O. Deacon
P.W.J. Delport
D.A. De Villiers
C.E. Dickerson
J.D. Dodds
J.H. Du Plessis
G.V. Durow
D.F. Elliott
E.W. Elliott
M.B. Feldman
E.L. Fisher
K.E.S. Freer
B.C. Geldenhuys
F.M. du P. Glazer
L. Goodman
P.J. Griffiths
R.W.H. Griffiths
M. Grobbelaar
P.J. Hartzenberg
T.C. Hawley
A. Henning
H.G. Herman
H.W.G. Herman
A.M. Kirkman
B. Kruger
C.F. Kruger
A.M. Lamont
N.A. Lawson
P.G. Lombard
N.S. Louw
P. Madathoana
M. McAll
M.R. McAll
J.F. McKendry
G.P. McNamee
G. Mellett
B.A. Michaelides
I.J. Mills
D.H. Misplon
V.H. Moller
A.K. Morris
D.L.M. Morris
I.R. Morris
A.M. Nel
G.K. Nelson
M.J. Nicholson
J.N. Ollemans
P.H. Ollemans
E.F. Paltiel
A.P. Parkhouse
S.J. Parkhouse
T.A.A. Peeters
W.J. Pelser
M.G. Perkins
V.I. Pitcher
G.A. Rabie
W.P. Radloff
A.S. Roos
E. Schlesinger
J.O.N. Schofield
R.S. Selesnick
D.W.G. Shuttleworth
G.J. Smit
S.G.A. Snow
J. Solomon
S.D. Starkey
A. Tannenbaum
H.E. Teifel
J.W. Theron
L.J. Thompson
E. Van Niekerk
P. Van Niekerk
S.C. Van Niekerk
P.A. Van Zyl
L. Vitus
S.H.A. Von Fintel
S.C. Williams
S.O.'C. Wilson

There was also a Mr. Jan Hendrik du Plessis who asked his testimony to be withdrawn afterwards so it wasn't included. Sucked back in by the sounds of it.

The nice young man who accidentally uploaded a lot of YT videos taken from inside the Dallas Org:
"Robert Wallace- 10 months-Staff- TTC- Dallas Org- add me."

Authors with books available via
Bonnie Wood
Former OT3, sued the church.

John Duignan
Aaron David Gottfried

Add witnesses giving evidence at The Commision of Inquiry into the Hubbard Scientology Organisation in New Zealand:
R.J. Horsfall
G.F. Kennedy
C.F. Lawrence
E.F. Lawson
F.P. O'Donnell
K. O'Donnell
P.G. O'Donnell
S.M. O'Donnell
G.S. Partridge
G.H. Whiting
M.E. Whiting
P.A. Williams

Deceased / status unknown:
Lloyd and Thea Greenberg. I don't have any other info on them except that they were each at least Class 6 trained and old OT7 and formerly had a mission before going anti-church. They are both deceased.

-- Thea Greenberg was a field auditor same as Lloyd , they Had to go to ASHO for class 6; they left the cult in 1982

Another name to add is Hank Levin. He became the editor of "The Free Spirit" magazine with Mark Jones, and later its publisher. This is the magazine that originally united the field of ex-Scn after the bust up in 1982-3. By the way, Mark Jones is deceased, Hank I do not know.

William S. Burroughs (USA) Author.

Joe Harrington

Juan Cordero (Ecuador) Ecuadorian pianist; filed a complaint in France in 1989; drowned in a river in Ecuador in 1993 while the matter was still under investigation.

An anonymous ex--Sci adds:
Hank Levin was a good friend of the Greenbergs, and I used to get the Free spirit in the mail , both are legit. Thea Greenberg was the exact reason why I left Scientology, because of fair game. They are legendary for fighting D M and OSA .

Wayne Whitney (deceased)

271 entries here:
Through the Door - Introduction

Notable Critics (Most of which are ex-Scientologists)
Title: Re: Ex-Scientologists Who Are Openly Critical Of The Cult Of Scientology
Post by: Lorelei on July 10, 2009, 20:45
The following is RightOn's list, identical to the one in the OP, but with weblinks added in.

I'll have to split it into two posts due to character limit for forum posts.

(This makes me very happy: one day exes speaking out may outnumber the poor folks still "in".)

The following is a list of ex Scientologists that have left and have spoken out against Scientology.
There will be mistakes, typos, and misinformation due to the fact that it is just being set up and updated.
Names are listed Alphabetically by FIRST name.

And please be patient, this is a very tedious task and all help is welcomed and appreciated.
*Please check and double check names and facts before submitting names, as it is causing disagreements. THANKS!!!!

We are not going to include critics who are not ex-Scis.
ONLY ex-Scis, and only those who have spoken out in an interview, a testimony, publicly, in protest, books, articles, or openly on a forum or website or what have you. Sound fair?

The purpose of this list is to give courage to others who are still in to finally leave, or those who have already left to speak out.

Also perhaps those that are still in may recognize a name they may have known before and are unaware they have left.
It is also important to show how extensive this list is, especially after four top execs have come foward.
Add it shoots BIG holes into Scientology's claims of there only being a handful of disgruntled members who have left and have spoke out..
When put all together, it is pretty mind blowing.
Thanks to all that contributed to this list.
Any BLANKS that can be filled in, (how long they were in, their position,deceased etc.. would be helpful)

ETA: This list is a WORK IN PROGRESS and has been updated and expanded since I posted here, so to avoid duplicated info, I have deleted this outdated list.

See below for newer information.
Title: Re: Ex-Scientologists Who Are Openly Critical Of The Cult Of Scientology
Post by: Lorelei on July 10, 2009, 20:48
ETA: This list is a WORK IN PROGRESS and has been updated and expanded since I posted here, so to avoid duplicated info, I have deleted this outdated list.

See below for newer information.
Title: Re: Ex-Scientologists Who Are Openly Critical Of The Cult Of Scientology
Post by: mefree on July 10, 2009, 23:07
at least a few of those lings no werkie.
Title: Re: Ex-Scientologists Who Are Openly Critical Of The Cult Of Scientology
Post by: Lorelei on July 10, 2009, 23:15
at least a few of those lings no werkie.

Sorry! Just copy pasta'd the info from another site. Let me know which are borked and I'll try to either edit them out or see if it is a code issue.
Title: Re: Ex-Scientologists Who Are Openly Critical Of The Cult Of Scientology
Post by: Lorelei on July 11, 2009, 01:21
Sue Thompson, and for anyone who was at Saint Hill from 68-77, known as Sue James or Henderson there. 30+ Years in Scientology

Aida Thomas
"Aida is out, declared and is a FZer. She has made video's speaking out against Scn."

Mick Wenlock

Sheila Gentry: 1975-1986, Sea Org @ AOLA, LRH Comm, Ethics Officer, staff member, public.

Left because Scientology doesn't work and it hurts people. I am now an activist against them.

I decided to put my real name out there because of this list (of ex-Scis speaking out against the cult). I have spoken out but only under my nicks.

Actually (critic) AGP and Patty Baber outed me a while back on a video but I don't think most people paid much attention to it.

But yeah. Here I am. Sheila Gentry. Nice to meet you.

Marion Evoy, former Canadian head of Scientology's Guardian Office, testified in court against Scientology in 1992.

Patrick Gillham
I got out 27 years ago and I'm glad I left, but I remember [Hubbard] was sitting out there. He was paranoid of these raids. So, I'm standing guard for this paranoid person and I'm like 'what is this? Why can't we just be open? If this is so good, why can't we just be honest about it?' But, no, when it came to him, you had to hide everything. You couldn't be truthful.

Not to be arrogant or toot my own horn, but I am an ex-member (3 years in, one year on staff, 9 months in Berlin, 2 and a half months in San Francisco ) who has spoken out and protests the church. I was featured on German TV in ZDF's most recent news documentary. Although I am sure the Scientologists know who I am by now, considering my friends have in fact disconnected from me, I still wish to remain as AlexM.

I also did an interview with Mark Bunker and AO early this year. I am number 264 on the following website: Scientology - Through the Door - Interviews and wrote most of my Scientology story on ESMB. I think that I also linked it here.

Attila Sonkoly posts on Ex-Sci Kids as "mrtampa". Ex -SO, left after 17 yrs

Hello, for those of you who knew me at Flag My name is Attila Sonkoly. I was born in Hungary in1976. My mom was raising me and my 3 siblings alone, we were never rich, but what we missed in wealth we made up with devotion and love for each other. When I got 15 I lost my mom, one of my sister got so much schocked from the incredible loss that she got epilespy, and that was the time I turned to Scientology.

I got into Scientology at age of 16, right after my mom died. It kind of helped me at the beginning, gave some goals to me in life. I myself not against the religion itself, as I admit it is interesting and helped me several times. But I have diasagreement with that in the church people can scream at me, can tell you "Fuck you" or worse cursing, threats to send to RPF (what is almost or worse than a military prison), 2 free days in the past 3 yrs, 1 vacation (7 days given ) after 10 yrs of service and only once, almost lost my hearing once as they did not want to send me to a doctor while i was there a staff member - once they did not want to get an allergy medication on time - almost costed my life. You can not watch TV, have bank account, your passpost is taken away, you are monitored 24/7 - you get KR because you hate the food and from your own money you buy a burger at checkers. Secrets - we had a lot. I escaped 2 yrs ago. I was hiding pieces of clothes under a ceiling tile in a bag and accumulated enough and bag to run. The Prison Break guys were amatuers compared to me - I had to get through 7 security officers, several cameras and then make an imposible run for a bus while a security guy was chasing me on a bike. Then disappearing while they were waitin for me at the airport. That is me and I am just joining this site - I knew most of you guys, supervised some of these kids before too in courseroom. This is me in a nutshell - finally a bit free, still trying to understand what happened blaming myselg and the church too. this is me.

Attila's story:
On being a foreign Sea Orger:

Sabrina Zimmer. Staff from 1994-2001. Declared.

Originally Posted by sabrina
Hey, my name is Sabrina Zimmer. I was raised in the Flag Cadet School from age 4 to 14. I joined staff in 1994 and left 2001. I am looking for old friends I knew when I was in. If anyone here knew me I'd love to here from you.


PS: I'm Declared, so you can tell me anything and I won't judge, that's a promise.

Looking for old friends:
Sabrina's experiences while on staff at FLAG:

Paul Adams (SO 1972-1996 AOSHUK, ITO) posts on ESMB as "Dulloldfart"; link to his story pending.

Noel Matarandirotya, 1991-1994 in Saint Hill

The Prisoners of Saint Hill
The Independent
Monday 31 January 1994
It is not just baby-watching that is causing concern. One
Zimbabwean man, Noel Matarandirotya, who has now left the
organisation and has been advised by his legal counsel that he may
have grounds to seek compensation from the Scientologists for,
among other things, false imprisonment, claims that he collapsed
as a result of intensive interrogation. He came to Saint Hill in
1991, on a ticket paid for by the cult, but the following year he
was suspected of subverting the interests of the organisation. He
alleges that he was interrtogated for two or three hours every day
often with a lie detector connected by electrodes to his hands.

His concerns about the cult started before this, while he
participated in a Scientology course called a "purification
rundown" -- during which members spend long periods in a sauna and
take large quantities of vitamin pills. According to Dr Tylden,
the massive quantity of pills, combined with the physical stress
of spending long periods at high temperatures, could be fatal. "I
found it very difficult," said Mr Matarandirotya. "There were some
children doing the course when I did it. I saw at least two, the
youngest around 10, and they were taking the vitamins, too."

He is prepared to speak out. Most are not. Scientology has a
reputation for hunting down its critics. One man has taken to
wearing an armoured vest because of alleged threats against his
life. One American former cult member claims that he was ordered
to kill two opponents of the organisation.

Jerry Whitfield

Teresa Summers

Elena Peshevska, staff at Skopje Mission, Macedonia from 2000-2008.

2000 -Course admin and later Course Supervisor

2001 - Course Supervisor and Treasury Secretary

from around 2003 - 2008 I was solelly Treasury Secretary with exception of doing Introductory Auditing for two months (in lack of a trained one)

2007 - I signed Sea org contract for the Freewinds

BUT, luckily met my soulmate after two months and decided not to go to Freewinds.

I routed out from Skopje Mission properly still as dedicated Scientologist after finishing my staff contract, without doing the Security Check. No one could deliver that to me at first, and later when the trained auditor came back from upper org, the ED decided that the public will have priority because they paid thousands of Euros for several packages of Intensives.

That turned out to be a good thing for me at the end!!!

Several months after ending staff contract, I discovered the Internet .. and ..






I was almost gonna do the huge mistake of disconnecting my father, I am so happy and lucky I didnt, and if it was for the Ethics officer, I was suppose to.

But something didnt quite fit there, so I made an extra effort to sit with my father and make the situation lighter so that there wont be any antagonism towards me being staff in Skopje Mission. But most important, as I see now, is that my father made the extra effort to let me be, and I guess hope that I come to my senses by myself.

It turned out that after all two years later I decided for myself what is best.

I couldnt stop crying when I realised how much pain and worries I must have caused to my family. Now I can say that I made a mistake fighting to be right within Scientology.

Now I live a really happy life, cant wait to talk to my parents every day and to really LIVE LIFE and REALLY CARE about the people around me.

I was imprisoned in a machine these past years, you act as you are told to think by LRH policy and Scientology authorities.

Now I am getting out of the automaticities, I started to really experience things and be alive again.

I really hope that many other scientologists will get the courage to check for themselves about the things Scientology is not telling them, the facts they are hiding from them.

I think this is enough introduction for now.

Dr. Jerry Simmons (wife, Noli or Nola?) is referred to by another ex below as "Jerrey Simmons"

He was the E D , of the south bay dianetic center in redondo beach ca, and long beach , who were closed down by D M thugs back in 1982, the year D M took power , not 1986.he was so big back then, all most everyone knew Jerrey , his mission were big mission .
his mission had more people in them then most orgs, most of the people in big blue came from jerrey simmons missions, he had another scientology centers but not sure were the third one was.

scientology was big back in 1982, jerrey simmons is for sure a ex scientologist, and thinks D M is crazey.

more name will show up here soon,
notice I only mention jerrey name and not the rest of his family ,

becaused he did speak out , to croweds of people before he left .
becaused scientology Fucked him so hard .

and please understand that because of jerrey and the greenbergs who recruited me and my family into scientology .
that I am still recoverying from what they did ,
who do hold some responsability for destroying my entire family.
so I am thank full for anon help and all ex scientologist

you most likey will not find jerrey simmons any were ,

he got out of town fast and whent into hiding some were .
not even sure if he is even alive.

the last time I talked to him was at least 10 years ago or more.
the reason his name is so inportant, is because he had a big following. and a big name.
to most of the old scientologist,

and one of the reason he had such a big group he had 2 DR degree and a lot of book he wrote . so doctor jerrey simmons

Peter Devaney, Jr .
I'm a ex scientologist. I have been speaking out for about a year now and it feels good.
we are winning big time. recovery takes a life time.
thank god for anon or we would never be were we are now.
I have from 30 to 50 utube out their .

Paul Simmel

Mary Ann Bosnos

Sharone Stainforth

James Anderson, 25 years a Scientologist, Ex AOSH ANZO DIR I+R / MAA, Auditor, Patron of IAS, declared

Antoine Young , exscientologist ,wants to hear from his daughter Ashley Brooke Young, who disconnected from him

Darren May
Has posted at least critical 20 YouTube videos.

darren may is a good friend of mine, and we did a few utube together , thur the one human in vancover B C Canada,
he was in for about 10 years he was public , and staff at vancover canada B C org.
I should know for I got him out of scientology,
how ever he is a free zoner , but I think he droped out of the free zone. or is going to soon.

Mark Jones

Mark was Class 8 and OT7, E.D. London, later Tech Sec WW, and then ED Narconon US. But resigned the CofS over its corrupt attempt to pervert its justice system by ordering a Committee of Evidence his wife Ellen chaired to "find" the interested party guilty even though the honest Comm Ev found them not guilty. This in LA around 1983-5.

Mark then spoke out big time by setting up and publishing "The Free Spirit" to expose the Cof$ and its corruption and to provide a rallying point and source of help for all others leaving the church.

His is a name to be honored on this list!

More info on the Greenbergs:

The Greenbergs are legit. They set a facility for Ex-Scns at their home in Altadena (just outside Pasadena, CA) and ran an annual event for Exies. This after the big blow-up of the Cof$ in '82 . . . they converted their mission into an alternative in competition to the Cof$.

More info on Peter L. Gillham:

Peter L Gillham is Peter F Gillham sr's son. Snr is still in Scientology. Daughter Janis Gillham-Grady and Peter (Jnr) are out and both have spoken out. Both should be on the list.

Janis Gillham-Grady & I corresponded on ARS about the name confusion and she corrected the record:
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Date: Mon, 18 May 2009 12:17:48 -0700 (PDT)
Local: Mon, May 18 2009 3:17 pm
Subject: Re: Channel 3: Former Home of HUBBARD to be $CN "History" Museum

> > Peter F. Gillham (Snr) was NOT who was being interviewed and is not
> > Yvonne's son, he was Yvonne's first husband and father of her
> > children.
> > Peter L. Gillham (Jnr) is who was interviewed and the son of Yvonne.

> > Get your facts straight.

> > Also LRH returned to Rifle in Jan '78 not '79. LRH lived in Hemet in
> > 1979 until Jan 1980.

> > Janis Gillham-Grady- Hide quoted text -

> > - Show quoted text -

> oh, so the spelling of the last name in the article is incorrect?
> Sorry. I went by the spelling of the last name in the article (Gilham)
> as compared to the name in the completions list ( Peter F Gilham),
> knowing full well he was not Peter Gillham the vitamin and suppliment
> guy who is still involved in Scientology. I did not know that the
> elder Peter ( F ) Gillham was ever married to Yvonne, nor that the
> Peter of the article was born of their marriage, so my apology for the
> error.

> Peter L Gillham's speaking out will no doubt have more repercussions
> than I thought. That being said, are you related to them, as well? Are
> you out of scientology?

> As for the rest of your comments, you need to reply to Gerry
> Armstrong's post.

> Mary McConnell- Hide quoted text -
> - Show quoted text -

Thanks Mary for making the correction known.

Yes, I am the sister of Peter L. Gillham (jr). I was born in Scn and joined the SO when I was 11 years old in Jan '68. I am one of the original four
Commodore's Messengers and worked directly with LRH for many years on the Apollo, in Clearwater/ Dunedin and in California. Myself and other long term Messsengers became targets of David Miscavige as he was grabbing his unauthorized power of the Church of Scn and we were in his way.

Scientology as it is lead today by Miscavige, is not the Scientology
that it was intended to be. Janis Gillham-Grady

Bryon Kingsley Eckert

I should qualify since I was "in" for many years, and I have been to two Anon protests - one in SF with Tommy Gorman and also the 9000 moar march in DC.

My name is Bryon Kingsley Eckert. Add me to your list.

I gave $20K to the IAS, but you won't see my name there. I have a lot of good friends on staff at Mountain View org. I hope they wake up someday.

Another list (may mirror most of the names here) from a critic's blog:

Hey, Tipsters.

Eventually, when I have some more hours to kill, I will try to cross-check these names and check weblinks. if you see some that don't work, quote them here or PM me with them so I can try to fix / delete / update them.

Right now, lists are being added to at a rapid clip on at least three critics' websites, and with that amount of information flying around, names are being duplicated, there is indecision over whether aliases  / online nicks are acceptable or if the list should only include ex-Scis who use their full names openly when criticizing Scientology, confusion over whether some exes are still alive, debate over whether Freezoner ex-Scis "count" as being truly ex-Scientologists, and more.

It's a bit much for me to pull together on my own to share here, and *I* am just using copy-pasta!  I am just adding bits and pieces while the excitement is still high and the data flood is still overpowering.

To reiterate somethign I said already, what we have here is a LUXURY problem. So many ex-Scientologists are or have spoken out against the human rights abuses and fraudulent activities of the cult that I can't fit the whole list of names into a single forum post.

So many are being inspired to speak out now, with their names displayed, unafraid, because of protest groups like Anonymous making it difficult for the cult to indulge in their usual tactics of harassment and intimidation. Those who remember how bad it used to be, or who are unjustly ashamed of having been conned by a cult, are still afraid, but the more exes that speak out, the more likely it is that yet MORE will join them. Those who have been speaking out for years are brave and courageous, and so are the newly-free, who have to struggle to ignore the mental conditioning they were subject to as cultists.

I, personally, am honored to read their stories and SO PROUD of each and every one.

And, as stated above, given that the cult deliberately inflates membership numbers to make 15,000 Scis globally seem like 8 million, it may not be long before the number of exes speaking out outnumbers the total number of Scientologists still "in".
Title: Re: Ex-Scientologists Who Are Openly Critical Of The Cult Of Scientology
Post by: mefree on July 11, 2009, 07:20
It is a fantastic list.

I checked many of the lings. should be and once you get to the alpha index, virtually every hyperlink does not work. I did not check the entire list but, as I went through the a's and b's none of them worked. Then I checked a few in the "M" section and none worked.

Title: Re: Ex-Scientologists Who Are Openly Critical Of The Cult Of Scientology
Post by: Raven on July 11, 2009, 08:20
The list is fantastic!  I'm excited to see so many speaking out the cult can't fairgame them all. There is a strength in numbers.  Hopefully some of the ones still in may find these list and be inspired to leave also.
Title: Re: Ex-Scientologists Who Are Openly Critical Of The Cult Of Scientology
Post by: SocialTransparency on July 11, 2009, 11:04
 ??? ;D ;) Question. Why does the list have everyone alphabetically listed by first name?  It is very difficult to find, say  someone via their last name. Is it possible to have this list made into something readable and researchable? I.E Last name first? Makes finding a particular individual much easier. Kind of like the phone book. :D
Title: Re: Ex-Scientologists Who Are Openly Critical Of The Cult Of Scientology
Post by: Lorelei on July 11, 2009, 17:39
RE: First name alphabetizing

ST, I just don't know. I wouldn't have done it that way, but it isn't my hardwork or anything behind the list, I'm just sharing it here. In the meantime, you can use control-F to find a name on this page.

When the flood of names and info slows down, I'll try to organize the info here, just for our use. I think the person with the blog (link above) also organized the list more logically, and at least one critic has suggested to "RightOn" that s/he start using a database or Excel to organize all the information flooding in.

Lastly, I gave up in the last post trying to fix all the grammar / spelling errors. An Applied Scholastics / DELPHI education really screwed that poor kid up, he even misspelled his own name a few times.

ETA: OK, the link problem was caused by slightly different "BBCode" handling on several different forums. Their BBCode, transferred here, resulted in an extra "http://" information and stuff being added to the addresses. The links should be working now; if I missed one, let me know.
Title: Re: Ex-Scientologists Who Are Openly Critical Of The Cult Of Scientology
Post by: Lorelei on July 11, 2009, 17:45

Virginia McClaughry OT7
Virgina's Story --

Mike McClaughry ex RTC GO OSA
interview with Bob Minton --

Some of our faves!

Tory Bezazian "Magoo" Christman
Protests, posts YT videos, posts on critics' websites, nice lady!
(Scientology) had asked me to open (fraudulent "sockpuppet" Internet) accounts for OSA (see for the full story). Also, I was the ED of 'The Scientologty Parishioners League.' Both were designed to stop communciations. I am a free speech advocate, so these were very much against my own true beliefs. I thought Andreas (hosts Operation Clambake message board and a critical site) was the devil, and once I met him on line, and he asked me two simple questions, my own Scio/Truman Show broke a part and sunshine shown in.
It began cracking in 1990 and ended in June of 2000. I am free, and SOOO happy to be 'out'.

Jeff Jacobsen
About Jeff's activism (written by fellow critic Jim Lippard):

I’ve been a public critic of Scientology since 1987. I’ve been on a.r.s. since 1994. My actions are pretty well known, and in fact you can go to youtube and watch a lot of our protests and such, or go to and see some more of my activism.

Jeff has been removed because he is not an ex-Scientologist.

Gary Scharff, a.k.a. "Happy Smurf" or "Smurf"
Protests actively; was in OSA

Chuck Beatty
Articulate ex-SO member known to be eager to reach out to other exes to help them adjust
Runs 1-866-EX-SEA-ORG phone line

Arnaldo "Arnie" Lerma
Hosts excellent critical website, posts on critics' websites, all-around awesome d00d

Mark Headley a.k.a. "BlownForGood"
Has website (with Jason Beghe) for ex-members to tell their stories:

Jason Beghe
Actor, outspoken ex-Sci
Jason Beghe is the ex-Scientologist who was in one episode of "Lie to Me," one episode of "Life," one episode of "Eli Stone," one episode of "Ghost Whisperer," eight episodes of "Cane," one episode of "Numb3rs," one episode of "Criminal Minds," two episodes of "Veronica Mars," one episode of "CSY: NY," two episodes of "Huff," six episodes of "Everwood," five episodes of "American Dreams," one episode of "JAG," one episode of "The Lyon's Den," two episodes of "The District," one episode of "Judging Amy," one episode of "CSI," two episodes of "Resurrection Blvd.," one episode of "Dharma & Greg," four episodes of "Family Law," one episode of "The X Files," four episodes of "Chicago Hope," one episode of "NYPD Blue," two episodes of "Matlock," eight episodes of "Melrose Place," five episodes of "Picket Fences," one episode of "L.A. Law," one episode of "In the Heat of the Night," two episodes of "Jake and the Fatman," two episodes of "Murder, She Wrote," one episode of "Quantum Leap," one episode of "Alien Nation," and two episodes of "1st & Ten" and some films.

--HEY! Is Tommy Gorman Tommy Gorman listed yet?
Title: Re: Ex-Scientologists Who Are Openly Critical Of The Cult Of Scientology
Post by: ethercat on July 11, 2009, 21:07
Jeff Jacobsen was never in scientology.  As I recall, he was in a Christianity-based cult, but not scientology.  Can you please pass this along to anyone else listing him?

He does know scientology quite well, however; he's been studying it since the early 90s. 
Title: Re: Ex-Scientologists Who Are Openly Critical Of The Cult Of Scientology
Post by: Lorelei on July 12, 2009, 01:23
Let me cross him off the list here, then. I think the compiler may have been confused by the references to his being in a cult, and conflated that with his effective activism against the human rights abuses in Scientology.

I did catch the Francois Chouquette listing, he is a vocal critic but not an ex-Scientologist.
Title: Re: Ex-Scientologists Who Are Openly Critical Of The Cult Of Scientology
Post by: Lorelei on July 14, 2009, 18:21
Suggestions on how to use this information:

I also happen to think that we can make the list much bigger. Here are a few thoughts on how this can be accomplished:

1) Freely sharing this list (send it everywhere!):
* Scientologists' email addresses (FIND MOAR, although this is more of an 888chan op)
* Scientology youtube accounts
* FACEBOOK (paging project failbook?)
* Myspace
* Media: (SPTimes, Latimes, The Register, KESQ)
* Personal websites (i.e.
* Digg
* Blog comments
* News comments
* Other forums (doesn't need to be about scientology)
* Forum signatures
* Your favorite politician
* Print out list on big poster board, title it UNANIMOUS and bring it to globals next month for OSA and everyone else to see (Thanks LilDebbie!)

2) Seeking out more names individually:
* PM exes with a link to this list for their own information. Present them with the argument that they could really make a difference if they share their story and name. Check WWP (see intro thread), ESK, ESMB, Clambake, and/or others. See the arguments below in formulating your message. (Note: Ex Scientologists go through a lot of trauma and heartbreak when leaving, and some still have family members inside that they afraid to be disconnected from; please bear this in mind when speaking with them).
* When meeting exes at IRL protests, ask them if they'd like to share their story. Share on video if possible, or write down their name ONLY AFTER ASKING IF they'd consent to sharing it. Encourage them to share their story at places such as THIS LINK or ESMB.

3) Arguments for sharing:
* Strength in numbers.
* Does OSA really have the resources to badger 250+ SPs at once? How about 500+?
* Even seeing one name that the "in" Scientologist recognizes could strike a chord and prompt them to do more research.
* Some of these names were once big within the organization, cannot easily be dismissed as uninformed.
* On February 11, 2008 the media irrevocably lost their fear to write about Scientology. Why should you be afraid anymore?
* Your family members that are still in might see your name, and miss you.
* By sharing your story and adding your name, you are adding one nail to the coffin that is organized Scientology.

4) For added legitimacy, register a domain and post the list on that website
Could be something as simple as the successful "Who is David Miscavige" website.

The fear is gone, people. And the change starts right here.

Title: Re: Ex-Scientologists Who Are Openly Critical Of The Cult Of Scientology
Post by: ethercat on July 14, 2009, 18:48
... snip ...

This one can also be remembered more easily with:

Title: Re: Ex-Scientologists Who Are Openly Critical Of The Cult Of Scientology
Post by: Lorelei on July 14, 2009, 19:34
Håkan Järvå
Swedish ex OT III
Was in 14 yrs
Speaks out: TV, papers and going to start ex-cult-reahb centre
Also working as a psych(!)

Ruth Lorenzen:

Pete Griffith, 3 years on staff and 3 years as mission ED in UK, YT channel

Gary Sekigahama
For what's worth and if it helps anyone else there turn on a little light bulb in their analytical mind. You can let them know that Gary Sekigahama and his family are out now and enjoying life away from the cult very much. We joined the SO from Los Gatos as a family back in 2002. There aren't many families that join like this so it was news back then. I know some there know of us leaving but the typical staffer may not and I would hate to have them continue to operate off of false data that we are still happy as clams clearing the planet in the SO. You can pass this on to John next time you see him. Maybe not the same impact as a Rinder or Rathbun leaving but just another thing to add to the doubt formula.

Christopher Reeves (Superman ;-) ) was briefly in Scientology during 1975, but then criticized it as bogus. in newspaper articles
Christopher Reeve Blasts Scientology
Christopher Reeve Criticizes Scientology
and his book "nothing is impossible"
Cult What could Christopher Reeve teach Tom Cruise about Scientology?
So (Reeve) decided to run his own test. He told the auditor a long story supposedly about a past life, but he made it all up, based upon a Greek myth. However, the auditor didn't detect anything, even with the help of the trusty "E-Meter." It was then that the "Man of Steel" decided he was done with Scientology. Reeve writes, "The fact that I got away with a blatant fabrication completely devalued my belief in the process."

Ken Urquhart: publically listed as a freezone auditor.

Vinay Agarwala (SO 1971 -1983 Flagship Apollo, Flag Ft. Harrison, Clearwater. Posting 2007-9 on ESMB as "Vinaire")

Kenny Wasserman - sued and won

Kelly Wasserman - one of Ken's daughters. Story on Ex-SciKids
(I'm almost postive it's Kelly that's out and the other daughter Jamie who's in.)

Skip Press - exScio, a journalist.

Pierre Wetzel, french-TV interview

Dallas Hill, posts as "Dallas T" on WWP, born into Scn, ex-Sea Org 98-99 Snr HCO CCInt; 99-02 Snr HCO Int; (met Jenna '01) '02 Locked in basement, lived in Big Bear with PAC Security and RTC, PAC Mill for 2-3 weeks; 02-04 Dissem FLO, 04 - ACT Org Ideal Org Msn, Australia, '05 Dissem FLO, command team to Dissem PAC, left the S.O. - THANK GOD!!!; '06 gave up on Scn; '08 spoke out and was followed, threatened, etc. so haven't stopped since. <-- Jenna Miscavige Hill's husband

Thomas Henry Sørensen : Guardian's Office for a short while, late 1979 to spring '81..
My story on OCMB / How the hell did I ever buy that shit?

David Palter
He was a class IV auditor in Toronto in the seventies. He's posted a couple of critical items on the web and was interviewed at a picket in Toronto last year.

Mike Argue
Picket Report, Gregg Hagglund
Picket Report, Wulfen
From info given in these 2 above links, you can add Mike Argue. He was in the band, Chester. He was OT VII, an auditor, on staff in Toronto "org" briefly.

Isabelle Berts (France)
Arnaud Berthemet (France)
Pierre Junqua (France)

Eric Dumas De Laroque
Scientology - Above the law?

Jean-Jacques Greneron

Roberto Diaz, Argentina
La Cienciología, una secta tán absurda como peligrosa « Mondo Linko - La Coctelera

Frank Watson, Canada (The fifth estate TV report 1985)

Valerie Stansfield
Ludis Birss
Doreen Gillham, ex-commodore messenger
Dede Reisdorf
Jeff Dubron

Donna Shannon

Bertrand Coquoz

Michael Blasingame

Lee Reynolds

Brown McKee - St. Petersburg Times - Google News Archive Search,3883228&dq=ex-scientologist

Edward Walters (add link) - St. Petersburg Times - Google News Archive Search,5571749&dq=ex-scientologist

Alex Cornell - St. Petersburg Times - Google News Archive Search,536439&dq=ex-scientologist

Steve Daly

Ildiko Bajnoczi

Vince Shlomi (SHAMWOW guy)

David Griffin - 15 years in

Agnès Creton

Bruce Hines Auditor ex-Sea Org 30 years in

Claudine Cabay Chatel, Canada.
Book: Des pas dans ma mémoire

Rizwan Basha - 10 years public member

Jim Logan : Declared SP
Annie Tidman

Nan McLean: YouTube - Ex-Scientologist Nan McLean on CBC's The Fifth Estate Nov 85

Scott Bradley - fmr Director of Income at the Melbourne Day org
Ex Scientologist Message Board - View Single Post - Neo vs The Matrix (My Scientology story)

Vicky Mackey

Dave Sweetland
Grace Aaron
Both victims of disconnection

Roland Rashleigh-Berry

Genny Long (NZ)
Lance Hoskins (NZ)

Genny is ex staff Sydney. Auditor.
Lance is ex staff Auckland and ex Sea org.
Where he worked at Gold, Flag, Tokyo, Dallas, Minneapolis, Chicago,
and New York. Then he was the Flag Service Rep. for ANZO in 1989.
Here they both are live on National radio with Mike Ferriss (Director of Special Affairs)
(15.4 MB, )

CURRENT LIST (of 312 so far):

Only counting the years for exes who have a definitive number posted... this list so far represents:
(Critic's response to that: "So what, that makes about $112.32 in paid total wages?" LOL!)

"Would it be appropriate to add Casey Kelly to this list? He had previously handled Scientology's finances and recruitment at Flag and spoke at the 1982 Clearwater Hearings on day 2 and day 3."

"Which of these people, if any, were actual Scientologists in the film The Bridge?

Bill Baker
Nathan Berry
Adam Craycroft
Brian Forrest
Diana Heaton
Paulette Regan
Linley Schmidt
Carole Smith"

"Has someone culled the SP list yet? There's quite a few names on there. Not sure how many have spoken out though. Some on here can be contacted through emails which are listed on the page."

"Anyone know if Enid Vien still walks this earth? This is from Scientology library: Enid Vien"

More info: The Jean-Paul Dubreuil listed came forth with a book about scientology called 'les coulisses de la Scientologie' wich could be roughly translated as 'the backstage of scientology/Scientology's backstage'

Check this: Vickie Ford-OTVII, left after nine yearsInterview --> Vickki Ford (checked link / interview)

More info: Aaron David Gottlieb, Canadian, author (see above):

More info: This was posted by Feral on ESMB:
"Feral; Kevin Mackey.
Mrs Pattycake is Vicky Mackey
Both Scientologists for 26 year. OT VII, IAS Patron, Cornerstones. Ex staff.
Let it be known the bridge is a pier that drops you off in very cold, deep, dark water."

James Packer (Aussie) -- Out, inclusion on list to be DEBATED, as he does not speak out, and still consorts with Tom Cruise

Title: Re: Ex-Scientologists Who Are Openly Critical Of The Cult Of Scientology
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Lor thanks for keepignthis updated and such! Its greatly appreciated.
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No problem!

It's really RightOn and other critics doing most of the work.

Again, when the list stops growing so rapidly and I have time to sit down, I'll try to arrange the names HERE, for us, in a more logical manner.
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More about the Mackeys ("Feral" and "Miss Pattycakes"):

From OTVII comp to Ex-Scientologist in under one year . (part 1 to the thread posted here)

The PASSPORT Up The Bridge to Freedom

A Christmas letter to our Scientologist friends (by feral, Mrs Pattycake's husband)

Also, dox regarding the Ausse OT exodus is being withheld to protect the fence-sitters and new-outs from OSA's shenanigans. The situation is awsome, but delicate because of dissconnection, fairgame, and PC-folder-culling. It IS happening, there is dox, but you have to LURK MOAR of ExSci and other boards to get the details, SO QUIT ASKING.

The following post by Carmel on ESMB may help you get an idea about what went on with the Aussies:

"Nine months ago, Feral and I were very recently "out". I knew 'Mate' who had posted his story on ESMB, but we didn't know anyone else on the board. We were pretty well on our 'own', here in the Sydney area, and then very shortly after, Panda arrived. At that time, we didn't know anyone else who was "out", let alone anyone else who was posting on the board.

Feral and I got on the phone to all our mates, letting them know what we had found, and giving them links to stuff we thought would communicate. We also sent out bulk emails/letters to the entire Sydney field. We directed any and all to ESMB.

There weren't any "stories" from Sydney on the board or on the net. It was a bit of a bitch. We wanted local stories available to the people in our area, from people who were known, so that if and when people looked, they couldn't or wouldn't as easily be able to just write them off as BS.

For that reason (at that time), we posted our own stories. Doing so, we "outed" ourselves, which had its plus and negative aspects. On the one hand, OSA tried to get any and all to disconnect from us, so a lot of our lines were cut. On the other hand though, after the word had been spread around by OSA that we were posting on the net, many looked at the net to find what we had posted - It didn't gel with many that we were the bad asses that OSA were making us out to be, so some checked it out for themselves, or rang us when they couldn't find it or wanted some answers.

Many read our stories, and then forwarded them to others. We sent out links of our stories to any and all, and we did so despite the fact that they may have been disconnected from us. We got a lot of response - good and bad.

Then in no time, there were a few others from Sydney on the board - Supra, Jakadak, Sir Facer, Stably Exterior, Scooter, Mary Magdeline and other friends who were popping up. Then Scoots started posting his story.

The word was getting around the field. OSA kept stuffing up, by promoting that these different people were out. It made many think twice, as to why - and coupled with the fact that the insanities within the org were on the increase, many were already looking for answers.

We got to the point where we stopped contacting people - instead now, people were contacting us. And people were asking us for advice on how to approach all this with their friends. We obviously gave advice on this, and also helped out when and where we could.

Things were rolling along, and in a relatively short space of time, several hundred had ended up looking - Some because of what they had heard, some because they were directed to, some because of briefings from OSA, and some because they were at the end of their tether (and when they first looked they found data from people who they knew and trusted). This ended up in them waking up and then "walking", through reasons and realities of their own.

There is all the reason in the world for those 'in' to see that things aren't right and get out, but for other reasons they don't. Direct contact with or from a mate, and/or accounts of events within the org from someone who one trusts or has trusted, certainly can and has given many the nudge they needed to open their eyes and face some facts.

See some data I gave on this thread:
Current scene in Sydney/ANZO ( June 09) - Ex Scientologist Message Board

I know that for many here in Sydney, the scales have been doing a balancing act for a long time. Those scales got bloody wobbly for many, after the basic books evolution and all that it entailed, and after Anon started having a serious effect on the org and the inflow of new public.

I can say with certainty, that direct contact, the stories from ANZO now, and the number who are out now from our area, has been a key factor in having those scales finally tip for many in our area.

Feral and I had a goal and we went for it (we still are going for it). If we didn't, there would be many who are now "out", who would still be "in". We wouldn't have had the effect we have had; if the critics hadn't done what they did years ago; if GAT didn't happen; if the basics evolution didn't happen; if Anon weren't doing what they do; if ESMB didn't exist; and if the orgs weren't cannibalising on their own public and crew as they are today - Given all these things though, stepping in and giving things a nudge was possible, and it did speed things up.

Initially it was like pushing shit up hill, but then the more who got out (including the few who "came out"), the more willing those people still "in" became, to look and then to see. And of course, the more people getting out led to an ever increasing number of people who were contacting others in an effort to get them to look. It ended up snowballing.

It's not just by 'chance' that the speed at which many who have gotten out of Scn in Sydney and ANZO, is fast or faster compared to other areas. Some of us wanted to give it a shove along - We did and it's had/having an effect."

Interesting stuff.
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Chris Collbran - ex CO CMO Africa
Christie Collbran - ex CMO Africa

Neither have stories posted on a board but were recently (within the last 2-3 months) declared "SP" for speaking out to others about David Miscavige.

Diana Canova
Nan Herst Bower

On the list her name is spelled as Conova. It is Canova.
She was one of the first celebrity scis to speak out. She also played a hot nympho on television ("Soap" sitcom).
An article from Premier Magazine in which she talks about how scis royally treat celebrities and generally screw everyone is reprinted here:
The poor and famous Hollywood Scientologist:

From the same article you can add Nan Herst Bower, another ex,who speaks out about her son disconnecting from her and being fair gamed.
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More Exes Speaking Out:

Rose Simpson (Singer, Incredible String Band) was mayor of Aberystwyth, Wales after blowing.

Dini Petty ( Canadian talk show host)

Chris J. Stone: Ten Thousand Days: Codswallop
To confirm his name, cross-reference his blogger profile with his amazon page: Chris J. Stone: Books
Blogger: User Profile: CJ Stone

Jeanne-Marie Boucher
A Heartbreaking Scientology Video - Ms. Boucher's Story

Paul Grosswald
Internet Archive: Free Download: Paul Grosswald, ex-Scientologist, in Clearwater Florida press conference 12/96

David Cecere
Internet Archive: Free Download: David Cecere, director of Lisa McPherson Trust, Clearwater 1999

Petra Goepfert
My story from inside Scientology/Sea Org - Ex Scientologist Message Board
(She clearly uses her own name on the IM handle, see her profile:

Heidrun Beer
Protesting the Scientology Abuses?

Eugene David Sweetland Jr.
(Clearly identifies himself here:

Bill Offerman
Anonymous Group Takes on Scientology
But one of the protesters disputed that said ex-Scientologist Bill Offermann, a 63-year-old painting contractor who attended the rally and is not a member of the group [anonymous], although he communicates with its members.

Elliot Benjamin
Scientology in the 1970s from various perspectives in time

Kim Baker
Why Scientology calls its critics "Nazi's"

Francis G. Diamond:
Clearwater Sun - Psychiatrist: (Scientology) Sect drove man insane - 08/81

Julie Mayo: J. Mayo: on LRH

Burt Benz:
YouTube - Why Scientology Wasn't For Me - Part 1/3

Isabel Hsin-Yu Chang:

Steve Andrews: Bard of Ely's Scientology Years
(He clearly identifies himself here:

Gitta Gerken:
German Scientology News in Germany

Hana Whitfield:

Kathy Raine:
Affidavit Kathy Raine 1989 about Harry Palmer

Margie Kuentz Hoffman:

Martin Hunt:

Frank Bonora:

Greg Bashaw (deceased):
Scientology Kills - The Morgue - Greg Bashaw

Jairus Chegero Godeka:
Stories about the Scientology shooting in Portland

Raul Lopez:
Complaint: RAUL LOPEZ, by and through his Guardian ad Litem, ALICIA LOPEZ

Bill de Carle:
The Skeptic Tank: Alt.Religion.Scientology Archive Message - 1995

Enid Vien:
Dynamis, Life Energy, Chi - Welcome to Dynamism and Clearing

Maurice William Johnson:
East Grinstead Courier - "Scientology Slammed in Court as Evil Cult " - 6/13/68

Volney Mathison:
Volney Matheson developed Elctropsychometric Instruction - Chapter 6 of Creative Image Therapy

Tony Bosnakoudis:
Greece vs Scientology

Michael Linn Shannon:
A BIOGRAPHY OF L RON HUBBARD by Michael Linn Shannon "The Shannon Report" 1975

Maggie Saunders:
Recent departures from Scientology

Lorna Levitt:
Calgary Herald Ex

Elizabeth Ann Cox:
Opportunity Costs and Scientology

Martin Boothby:
A Sleeping dog just woke up

Dan Garvin:
Dan Garvin's Story

Kima Douglas:

Joe Harrington:

Martin Foster:

Nancy Foster:

Robin Fox:

Robert Thompson:

Chris Cloutier:

Jennifer Stewart:
New York Post Online Edition: news

Dr. Donna Shannon:

Richard Williams:

Rob Thomas:

Jess McCabe:

Sam Williams:

Adelaide Oakley:

Kevin Brady:

Rebecca Jessup:

Rose Velasco:

John Roderick Lester:

Michael Argue:

Lawrence Toomajan:

Bobby Parker:

Martha Greene:

Kathryn Smith:

Ron Glazier:

Chip Gallo:

Paul David Schofield:

John Cullison:

Stewart Gardner (it's NOT Gadner):

Mingyiu Gyatso:

Michael (Mike) Henderson:

Ted Mayett:

Las Vegas Review Journal Ex-Scientologists Express Bitterness:
Andrew Boone
Carol Garrity
Dick Peterson
Janie Peterson

Arlene Heller
Truman Bolinger
Michael Dearing
Lucy Garritano
James Gervais
Lee Lawrence Sr.
Bill Lendriet
Sandra Wyninger
Tim Swanson
Tom Wright
Chris Tyler
Susan Simmel
Valerie Stansfield
Scientology in Canada:

Emile Gilbert
Kathryn Smith
Dianne Fairfield
Marion Evoy
Bryan Levman

E. Crown Witnesses

The main witnesses called by the Crown at trial were five former
members of the Church of Scientology. Four of these witnesses occupied
senior management positions in the organization at the time of the
offenses. They participated in and, in some cases, directed the
illegal activities of the Guardian's Office Intelligence Bureau. They
testified under the protection of immunity agreements that required
that they disclose fully and truthfully their knowledge about the
offences before the court. These witnesses were:

(i) Bryan Levman, former Deputy Guardian Canada who was
for all of the activities of the Guardian's Office in Canada;
(ii) Emile Gilbert, former Executive Director of the Church of
Scientology of Toronto who after being removed from this
position in the Church, became an agent for the Guardian's
Office Canada;
(iii) Kathryn Smith, who worked as a plant at the Ontario Provincial
Police for the Guardian's Office Canada Intelligence Bureau;
(iv) Dianne Fairfield, who held various positions within the
Guardian's Office Canada Intelligence Bureau; and
(v) Marion Evoy, Deputy Guardian Intelligence Canada who was
responsible for the direction of the individuals who were
plants in organizations at the time of the offences.

Gary Fry:
Scientology in the UK Media: Archived news item

Martine Boubil:]Martine Boublil
The story shook Scientology, On 20 January, Martine Boublil, 48, former member of the sect, was discovered half naked in a house in Sardinia.

Leo Swart:

Michael Meisner:
I - The Witness Michael Meisner

Howard D. Schomer
Howard D. Schomer, a former Scientologist who was an executive of a firm alleged to be controlled by Hubbard, said he been told a major task of its staff was to convert assets of the church to Hubbard.
"Schomer said Hubbard's assets grew from $10 million to $44 million in the first six months he worked for Authors Services [sic], a company founded by Hubbard.

Kenneth Wasserman:
Newspaper Archives | - St. Petersburg Times

Julie Christofferson Titchbourne:
Church of Scientology Loses $39 Million in Fraud Lawsuit - New York Times

Christina Otto:
Former Scientologist wants unequivocal return of $40 Series: ACTION
858 words
15 July 1992
St. Petersburg Times
8; 12; 10; 4
(Copyright 1992)

During the 17 years my husband and I were Scientologists I spent tens of thousands of dollars on services and he lost many valuable career years.

I still have very small amounts of money in various Church of Scientology locations and would like it returned to me. My letters requesting this return were not answered by the Church until I made it clear that I'm finished with Scientology. Since we have not "declared" yet, which is Scientology's version of shunning, there is technically no reason for my letters to go unanswered. In my opinion the Church is acting upon its "beans" policy, which suggests that no work be done unless it will generate income. Since my request will result in a loss of money, nothing is being done about it.
Christina Otto

Xavier Delamare:
Scientology Crime Syndicate Raided Again - France Part 27 - Jail

Randy Payne:
Tampabay: The unperson

Stephen Garritano:
City of Clearwater Commission Hearing, 1982: The Church of Scientology - Day 4, LaVenda Van Schaick

Gene Allard:
The Gene Allard Lawsuit against Scientology for malicious prosecution

Robert M. Hart:
The Skeptic Tank: Alt.Religion.Scientology Archive Message - 1995

John Rafaello:

David Ray:

Ernest Hartwell:

Lori Taverna:

Rosie Pace:

Tera Hattaway:

William Franks:

Edwina Ristano:

Anne Rosenblum:

Ed Hattaway:

LaVenda Van Schaick:

Robert Dardano:

Scott Mayer:

Janie Peterson:

Brendan Moore:

Moe Alexander:
Peter Alexander's son Moe (I saw Peter on the list but not Moe) is seen here talking to WBM (at about 6 min) from this or last year, there is also footage of him from years ago as a kid. He talks about how going to scientology schools kept him from going to college, sec checks as a child, and being asked about his "crimes" .

Scientology Court Files:

Ex-Scientologist Critics interviewed in 1995 TV Program The Big Story: Inside the Cult. Full names used:

Stuart Boote - 5th in Command at Poole Mission (UK).

Gary Fry - Spent ₤21,000 under the influence of TR drills. He was able to get his money refunded.

Adam Bird - Spent ₤34,000 and was forced to take in Scientology lodgers.

Casey Hill:]Casey Hill
Casey Hill was never a scientologist to my knowledge, he's the Canadian Crown Prosecutor who sued the CoS for libel (and won)

Thomas Jefferson
(xx) Thomas Jefferson v. Church of Scientoio9y of
California, et ai
Civil Action No. CV-81-3261 (RMT) (JRX)
United States District Court
Central District of California

The plaintiff sued for breach of contract, fraud, intentional
infliction of emotional distress, invasion of privacy, breach
of fiduciary duty and additional actionable torts. The plaintiff
was defrauded in excess of $60,000. The case was recently filed.
The plaintiff was a professional golfer, P.G.A. member, and
a family man prior to entering Scientology. As a result of his
involvement in Scientology, he lost his P.G.A. standing and
his marriage was intentionally destroyed. He was declared "Fair
Dana Lockwood
Lucy Garritano
Peter Graves
Marjorie Hartsen
Janet Troy
Richard Peterson
Paul Garrity
Peggy Bear
Title: Re: Ex-Scientologists Who Are Openly Critical Of The Cult Of Scientology
Post by: Lorelei on July 19, 2009, 05:18



Grace Aaron - missing son who disconnected, Religious Shunning Public Access TV 2003
Ken Aaron -missing son that disconnected
Paul Adams -ex Sea Org, 1972-1996 AOSHUK, ITO, aka DumbOldfart, his story
Vinay Agarwala (SO 1971 -1983 Flagship Apollo, Flag Ft. Harrison, Clearwater
Bob Ainsworth -resignation letter to COS, listed in Reconnection Magazine 1983-4
Peter Alexander )TVII left after 20 years, Interview
Gene Allard
Armorel Allen -resignation letter to COS, name listed in Reconnection Magazine 1983-4
Amy Allen -ex Sea Org, her story
James Anderson , left after 25 years,Ex AOSH ANZO DIR I+R / MAA, Auditor, Patron of IAS, declared , ESMB
Mike Argue -musician, in band Chester,OT VII,auditor,staff,Toronto,story
Gerry Armstrong -Hubbard's Household Manager, RPF and RPF's RPF, testimony
Jon Atack -left after 9 years,NOTs, Cl II, wrote A Piece of Blue Sky
Brian Auker -resignation letter to COS, name listed in Reconnection Magazine 1983-4
Vickie Aznaran - left after 15 years

Ildiko Bajnoczi Former scientologist, reached OT 8, story
Kim Baker
Jean-Luc Barbier
Debra Barnes - OT VIIInterview
Greg Barnes - OTVII Interview
Rizwan Basha - left after 10 yeqars, ESMB
Rex Basterfield
Chuck Beatty - left after 27 years, ASI computer Operations Office, his story Helps others now,1-866-XSEAORG
Jim Beebe - worked for the old CAN after leaving - deceased, Interview
Jason Beghe -actor, spoke in Germany,story and vids
Phillip Bennett Wearne -Board of Inquiry Into Scientology
Magne Berge -Norwegian Sued the Church of Scientology and won
Arnaud Berthemet -video
Isabelle Berts -video
Mylene Beyer -France-ex-sea org, left after 21 years (french radio interview)
Sylvain Bilodeau , Canada (TV interview)
Ludis Birss -Panorama video
Michael Blasingame -ESKMB
Maureen Bolstad -
Mary Ann Bosnos - her story
Roger Boswarva Chaplain London and PES 1967-8, went under cover for the GO 1969-82, Declaredhis story
Martine Boublil ? brother was in, was she?
Scott Bradley - fmr Director of Income at the Melbourne Day org, ESMB testimony
Patricia Braine -left after 15 years
Larry Brennan -Watch Dog Committee- Bloghis story and vids
Stacy Brooks Young -GO/OSA staffer, left after nearly 15 years, Declaration
Andrew Brown -resignation letter to COS,name listed in Reconnection Magazine 1983-4
Tonja Burden Former scientologist, spent five years in scientology as a teenager , Affidavit
William S. Burroughs , American writer-deceased-Burroughs on Scientology

Claudine Cabay Chatel -Book: Des Pas Dans Ma Mémoire, link
Vernon D. Cain Jr.-story in letter
Diana Canova -celebrity,link to interview
Brian Canup
David John Carter - ex-Sea Org member
Tory Christman -left after 30 years-OT VII, EX-SEA ORG, EX OSA, MANY INTERVIEWS -her storyInterviews too numerous to list
Julie Christofferson Titchbourne -sued the Church and Hubbard for 43-million
Neil Clark , Staffer and Sea Org. Scientology - Through the Door - Interviews
Christie Collbran - ex CMO Africa-declared
Chris Collbran - ex CO CMO Africa -declared
David Cook - OTVII, left after nin yearsInterview
Louise Cook
Bertrand Coquoz - link
Alex Cornell -SP Times Article1980
Bent Corydon -the former head of the Riverside mission, Former scientologist of 20 years and Author of "L. Ron Hubbard: Messiah or Madman
Enrico Costantini -1991-2003 Italy, Testomy in Italian
Kevin Creech - some time on staff, mostly public-in for 29 years, left in 2004
Agnès Creton -speaks of divorce
Alex Cronin -OTII,resignation letter to COS, name listed in Reconnection Magazine 1983-4
John Cullison

Birgitta Dagnell Harrington -Former head of the Church of Scientology’s OSA for Europe , testimony
Robert Dam
Robert Dardano -former member of the Guardian Office
Caspar de Rijk - former founder and director of Scientology Netherlands, Mutiny A Dutch Scientology OrginizationCatarina Sandström Pamnell
Suzette M. Dearing
Laura DeCrescenzo
Sue Deutscher - her story
Peter Devaney Jr.- Sea Org , left in 1982
Bill Devlin -resignation letter to COS,name listed in Reconnection Magazine 1983-4
Tom DeVocht -oversaw the church's spiritual headquarters in Clearwater
Mike DeWolf -pretty sure this is a psuedo name?
Ron (Hubbard) DeWolfe - Hubbard's son!-Executive Secretary,"Better than 90 percent of what my father has written about himself is untrue." , his story
Roberto Diaz Argentina , video
Anke Dievenkorn - staff,CLEAR, left after 10 years-her story
Jim Dimcalci - Hubbard's Medical Officer
Kima Douglas
Jean-Paul Dubreuil , wrote book,'Les Coulisses de la Scientologie'
Jeff Dubron -Panorama Video
John Duignan - Sea Org 20 years Wrote The Complex
Eric Dumas De Laroque -video
Rich Dunning -ex-Deputy to the Executive Director, Church of Scientology of Buffalo:

Susanne Elleby -1988 to 1990, Flag in Clearwater, "missionaire" in Copenhagen
Hana Eltringham Whitfield -left after 20 years-Ship's Captain, Deputy Captain, Commodore's Staff Aide, Deputy Commodore of Hubbard's Three Ships, and part of GO
Dennis Erlich -Former high-ranking scientologist,Sea Org, RPF, left after 15 years, exerpts from his story
Juan Esteban Cordero- filed case against COS for "progressive mental conditioning''. He spent more than $167,000 on Scientology-related courses.
Pierre Ethier -Class XII Auditor. Still practices and audits
Marion Evoy - former Canadian head of Scientology's Guardian Office, testified in court against Scientology in 1992, her story

Steven Fishman , incredible story. Website and wrote The Lonesome Squirrel
Richard Ford - Leaving Scientology
Vickki Ford-OTVII, left after nine yearsInterview
Peter Forde - ex Sea Org, his story
Gerhard Förster
Shiona Fox Ness
Bill Franks -Former international executive director of the Church of Scientology
Franklin Freedman
Roxanne Friend -She was led to believe that Scientology could cure her cancer, her story-deceased
Daniel Fumagalli - 1984 to 1989, Zürich, Copenhagen, LA, Commodore's Messenger Org

Stewart Gadner
Chip Gallo
Maria Pia Gardini -OT VIII, Class 9 AuditorInterview
Sylvana Garritano
Carol Garrity - eft after 5 years, Affidavit
Dan Garvin -25 years in the Sea Org, 10 years in OSA
Bob Geary -dentist, scammed by Sterling Management Akron Beacon Journal Interview
Robert Geary -Dentist
Dodie Geary - held for 2 weeks
Dorothy Geary -held against her will, scammed bySterling Management, Akron Journal Interview
Thea Geenberg , class 6 trained old OTVII, deceased
Madeleine Genesse , Canada (TV interview) deceased
Sheila Gentry : 1975-1986, Sea Org @ AOLA, LRH Comm, Ethics Officer, staff member, public
Dr. Frank Gerbode -1977-1981,former head of the Palo Alto mission
Peter Gilham - Class VIII, OT VII, was with LRH at La Quinta- KESQ-TV Interview with Nathan Baca
Doreen Gillham -ex-commodore messenger,Panarama Video
Ron Glazie-
Mike Goldstein -,SU/Special Unit or WDC/Watchdog Committee/Hubbard's Finance Controller, his story
Roger Gonnet
Jennifer Gorman -raped by top Scientologist supervisor- story
Tommy Gorman - ex staff, -story
Aaron Gottfried Canadian. book : "The psychiatrist who cured the scientologist", video interview
David Graham -ex-Sea Org member
Bernard Green -Interview Scientology The Now Religion
Lloyd Greenburg -class 6 trained, old OTVII, deceased
Martha Greene Creech - some time on staff, mostly public-in for 29 years, left in 2004
Jean-Jacques Greneron - story
David Griffin -left after 15. Sea Org, lifetime IAS,CC, LA Day,and ASHO,his story
Pete Griffith , 3 years on staff and 3 years as mission ED in UK, YT channel
Alan Groothius -resignation letter to COS, name listed in Reconnection Magazine 1983-4
Paul Grosswald

Gregg Hagglund , story
Wilfried Handl -Austria 28 years in, formaly high ranking, wrote a book, a lot of TV, some recitals, quote
Joe Harrington - deceased
Ed Hattaway - Chiropractor-1992-1995
Tara Hathaway
Jeff Hawkins -in for 35 years -top level- Int. Base Hemet
Janice Hayward -sued the Church of Scientology
Marc Headley
Claire Headly
Mike Henderson -IAS Patron (donated at least $40,000 reached OT 8, left after 34 years, his story, also has vids on YouTube
Nan Herst Bowers -left 20 years, Declared, link to interview
Dallas Hill , born into Scn, ex-Sea Org 98-99 Snr HCO CCInt; 99-02 Snr HCO Int, his story
Bruce Hines -Sea Org, left after 30 years, Interviews
Jack Horner - Interview Scientology The Now Religion
Lance Hoskins -staff Auckland and ex Sea org,worked at various orgs,Flag Service Rep. for ANZO in 1989
Yolanda Howell - Sea Org, HEART BREAKING STORY
Isabel Hsin Yu Chang
Gaby Hubeny -left after 12 years
Werner Hubeny - left after 12 years
Martin Hunt
Molly Hutchinson - her story
Moira Hutchison -SeaOrg East Grinstead, RPF,kidnapped her story


Ariane Jackson -attained highest available level, OT8. Left after 17 years , her story
Håkan Järvå Swedish ex OTIII,Left after 14 years,TV,papers,works as a pysch
Mary Johnston -sued the Church of Scientology, settled out of court ,her story
Patrick Jost
Pierre Junqua -video

Charlotte Kates -ex Sea Org, her story
Robert Kaufman - How I Joined Scientology/Dianetics and Became Superhuman
Barbara Kaye - Hubbard's girlfriend while he was married,TV Interview Secret Lives of L. Ron Hubbard
Casey Kelly -Scientology's finances and recruitment at Flag,spoke at 1982 Clearwater Hearings, vid #1, vid #2
Bryon Kingsley Eckert
Cynthia Kisser -Former Executive Director of the Cult Awareness Network,her story
Vivien Krogman - Ex-SeaOrg kid-YouTube Born Into Scientology

Renzo Lancia --mentioned in Inside Scientology-Dianetics1972
Don Larson
Bud Lee -Interview Scientology The Now Religion
Susan Lentsch ex-staff, disconnected, heartbroken mother
Arnie Lerma -joined Sea Org at 16 years old. His Anti Sci Website
Caroline Letkeman -left after 24 years,Affidavit
Peter Letterese
Lorna Levett
Hank Levin ,editor of "The Free Spirit" magazine, deceased
Bobby Lipton - brother to actress Peggy Lipton, mentioned in article
Natasha Lobitsch -Sea Org kid , Interview
Jim Logan - ESMB
Genny Long -staff Sydney. Auditor
Ruth Lorenzen -left after 15 years, her story
Karsten J. Lorenzen
Chris Lyman

Alex M - 3 years in, one year on staff, 9 months in Berlin, 2 and a half months in San Francisco, German TV ZDF and XenuTv interviews
Vicky Mackey - left after 26 years.OT VII, IAS Patron, Cornerstones. Ex staff
Kevin Mackey -left after 26 years, OT VII, IAS Patron, Cornerstones. Ex staff
Aude-Claire Malton (France, plaintiff in May 25, 2009 trial)her story
Nancy Many - former president of the Celebrity Center and under cover operative for the Guardian’s Office, OSA and RTC, testified in the Lisa McPherson trial in 2002-testimony
Anne Marie Dunning -ex-EO/HCO Executive Secretary, Church of Scientology Buffalo-her story
Greg Marlowe , 1975-1978, Affidavit
Noel Matarandirotya -his story
Darren May , public and staff. left after 10 years
Scott Mayer Former senior-executive scientologist, left after 12 years -deceased
Ted Mayett
David Mayo
Mike McClaughry - ex RTC, GO, OSA ,his story
Virginia McClaughry -OTVII,her story
Brown McKee -SP Times Article 1982
Mary L McKinnon - Staff,New York Org, ASHO and Boston Org between 1968-'78?.
John McLean
Nan McLean -Ontario. In the 1970's she was a major target for Scientology Fair Game
John McMaster - FIRST CLEAR, Interview Scientology The Now Religion
Stacey Michelle Wentling - left after 14 yrs, Staff WPB Msn '91-92. Div 6 MM Org '92-95, her story
Melissa Miller
Troy Miranda
Jenna Miscavige -ex Sear Org nice of David,Numerous Interviews
Douglas Henry Moon -"]Board of Inquiry Into Scientology
Brendan Moore
Morton Morvis -mentioned in Inside Scientology-Dianetics 1972
Pertti Muhli , story
Reverend Murray Luther Scientology insider, 30 years in

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Tanja Neumann - EX-SeaOrg kid-YouTube: Bori n Into Scientology XENUTV
Gloria Neumeyer OTVII declared SP, Interview with the Herald
Sara Northrup - Hubbard's second wife, spoke about about being tortured by Hubbard
Frank Notaro -assault and imprisonment, excerpt from Madman Or Messiah

Helen O'Brien - Cos Exec, wrote, Dianetics In Limbo
Frank Oliver
Sean Ostler
Martin Ottmann - Sea Org
Mark Owen Plummer - Former Sea Org executive, left scientology after 14 years-his story

Tom Padgett -Sea Org, target of fair game practice after he left. Interview
David Palter -class IV auditor Toronto
Michael Pattison -OT8 scientologist, left after 24 years, his story
Creed Pearson -left after 26 years, victim of disconnection, his story
Rod Pearson
John Peeler ("BTs2Free") Former high ranking scientologist
Bob Penny -left after 13 years -deceased, his story
Bruce Perkins -mentioned in Inside Scientology-Dianetics 1972
Elena Peshevska , staff at Skopje Mission, Macedonia from 2000-2008, Course Supervisor and Treasury Secretary, left after 8 years.
Janie Peterson -former member of the Guardian Office
Dini Petty -Canadian talk show host
Patty Pieniadz - left after almost 30 years, her story
Monica Pignotti ex Sea Org,in six years, Flagship Apollo,RPF, her storyNine Lives in COS
Norbert Potthoff Spokesperson until 1987, Düsseldorf Org
Bevan Preece OTIII , Cl IV,resignation letter to COS,name listed in Reconnection Magazine 1983-4
Skip Press - now a journalist
Karen [Schless] Pressley - left after 16 years, 9 years as staff member. Author of a book titled Escaping Scientology.
Jesse Prince -highest ranking officer in Scientology's Sea Org, witness in Lisa McPherson trial

Roland Rashleigh -Berry-left after 5 years-What is Scientology?
Marty Rathbun - in for over 27 years, top exec- still practicing and auditing, SP Times
Christopher Reeve - actor, his story, deceased
Dede Reisdorf -Panorama Video
Lee Reynolds - staff secretarty treasury
Nelly Reziga (France, plaintiff in May 25, 2009 trial)
Adrian Ribolla -resignation letter to COS ,name listed in Reconnection Magazine 1983-4link
Mike Rinder -CO OSA Int
Nick Robinson Interview Scientology The Now Religion
Otto Roos
Ken Rose
Annie Rosenblum -Sea Org, RPF, her testimony
Glover Rowe -D. M. D.,Dentist joined through Sterling Management, him and wife held against their will, testimony
Dee Rowe . through Sterling Managenent, her and husband held against her will, testimony
Martin Ruston

Martin Samuels
Catarina Sandstrom Pamnell - Sea Org,DPF her website
Monica Saxon -Interview Scientology The Now Religion
Raymond Scapillato - France (book)
Garry L Scarff aka Smurf aka Xenusmurf (YouTube)
Paul David Schofield
Carolyn Schofield - lost TWO daughters under COS care! her story
Homer Schomer -Treasury Secretary of ASI
Jeanette Schweitzer
Amy Scobee - Joined at age 14. In over 20 years as manager at the church's international base in California. Built the network of Scientology Celebrity Centres[ Sp Times
Jane Scott
Adrienne Scott -resignation letter to COS,name listed in Reconnection Magazine 1983-4
Perry Scott , story
Phil Scott -quotes
Donna Shannon - Panorama Interview
Dr. Donna Shannon
Vince Shlomi - SHAM WOW Fame,Took COS to court 2004,Gawker article
Miss Sieber -correct name?
Susan Simmel
Paul Simmel - his story
Rose Simpson (Singer, Incredible String Band) was mayor of Aberystwyth, Wales after blowing,
Tim Skog -left after 10 years, former GO/OSA
Tom Smith
Kathryn Smith
Cheryl Sola -left after 13 years, her story
Attila Sonkoly - Ex -SO left after 17 yrs
Thomas Henry Sørensen - Guardian's Office,his story OCB
Giacomo Sotgia
Alan Stafford -resignation letter to COS,name listed in Reconnection Magazine 1983-4
Sharon Stainforth - her story
Allen Stanfield . In for 16 years, out for 9, his blog
Valerie Stansfield -Panorama video
Joyce Stephenson
Mac Stevens -Letter To Fellow Scientologists
Allan Stewart -resignation letter to COS,name listed in Reconnection Magazine 1983-4
Alain Stoffen -France (book and lots of TV)
Laurel Sullivan - left after 15 years
Teresa Summers -her story
Claire Swazey
Dave Sweetland -disconnecton victim, Religious Shunning Public TV Interview 2003

Andre Tabayoyon -ex Sea Org, many positions, RPF, left after 22 years,Affidavit
Mary Tabayoyon -Member of the Sea Organisation for 21 years
Susan Talbot -Class V1 Auditor & C/S, There for 15 years, left because of the forced abortions & abuses.
Jerry Tannenbaum -Interview Scientology The Now religion
Zane Thomas - Sea Org,imprisonment
Aida Thomas Mexico -Spanish Class VIII Auditor, left after 20 years,Interview Global Issues and Answers
Sue Thompson , aka Sue James or Henderson, telex op, left after thirty years, her story
Annie Tidman - ESMB
Michael Leonard Tilse -Sea Org, left after 27 years, his story
Gunther Träger -a member for more than 20 years
Felicia Tyber -mentioned in Inside Scientology-Dianetics 1972
Gerald Tyber -mentioned in Inside Scientology-Dianetics 1972

Carmel Underwood - C/S, Power FSM, ED and active Scn'ist in Sydney '80-'98. "Left" Scn in '08, her story
Ken Urquhart , publically listed as a freezone auditor

La Venda Van Schaick -left after 9 years
Mona Vasquez - France (wrote books and Tv appearances)
Shane Vincent
Tom Voltz -author of Scientology With(out) an End
Stephen Von Hatten -joned through Applied Scholastics, testimony
Astrid Von Rönn -more than 20 years, ethics officer,Truth About Scientology in German
Cyril Vosper -Fleft after 14 years,former senior officer scientologist, author of The Mind Benders - Scientology, interview, his story and interview
Peter Voßmerbäumer

Melanie Wagner - ESKMB
Margery Wakefield -left after 12 years. Authored four books, Affidavit
Robert Wallace - 10 months-Staff- TTC- Dallas Org
Alan Walter -left after 20 years,quote from Time 1993
Edward Walters -SP Times Article 1982
Kelly Wasserman , ESMB
Kenny Wasserman - sued COS and won
Gary Watkins -Interview Scientology The Now Religion
Frank Watson , Canada,The Fifth Estate TV Report
Gary Weber - ex-member of the Guardian Office
Tom Weeks - Ex Sea Org
Barrie Weller -resignation letter to COS, name listed in Reconnection Magazine 1983-4
Mick Wenlock -Sea Org, left after 12 years. his story
Dean Wentling , left after 14 years, his story
Rhett Westerman
Pierre Wetzell , French TV Interview ,link to video
Jerry Whitfield - his story
Wayne Whitney -deceased
Gregory H Williams - OTIV,Scn contributor for 29 years,Flag Trained Supervisor,ianetics Auditor, ESMB
Homer Wilson Smith -freezoner
Kendra Wiseman - ex Sea Org
Karen Wolff - (also Karen Mitchell and Oram)
Larry Wollersheim -left after 11 years, sued Scientology
Astra Woodcraft - ex Sea
Lawrence Woodcraft - ex Sea Org member-interview and Freewinds
Zoe Woodcraft - ex Sea Org member-Interview and Affidavit
Bonnie Woods -former Sea Org staff member, OTIII,sued the church,wrote book,
Decieved Decieved
, Runs councel service for ex members
Richard Woods -public, husband of Bonnie Woodssued Scientology

Scott Yeager -Affidavit
Antoine Young -exscientologist ,wants to hear from his daughter Ashley Brooke Young, who disconnected from him, his plea
Robert Vaughn Young -Public Relations Officer, left after 21 years-RPF, RPf's RPF, testimony, deceased

Sabrina Zimmer . Staff from 1994-2001. Declared.
Barbara Zizic -dentist, sued Scientolgy
Bill Zizic - dentist-sued Scientology
Margo Zumbrich -mentioned in Inside Scientology-Dianetics 1972

This list is incomplete and names will be continually added.
These names are only the people who have spoken out.
There are thousands more who left, and have not come foward to tell their story yet.
And there are also hundreds more who spoke out who did not want their names known.
You can find them at Scientology Through The Door Scientology - Through the Door - Introduction
and at Ex-Scientology Kids

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James Anderson, 25 years a Scientologist, Ex AOSH ANZO DIR I+R / MAA, Auditor, Patron of IAS, declared

Liz Peachey Anderson (wife of James):

Mark Jones
Former president of Narconon USA
YouTube - Narconon's ties to Scientology exposed - Part 1:

Correction for list:
Mike McClaughry was never in "RTC" or "OSA" . He was in the Guardian's Office or "GO"......ONLY.

List tally:
Tomorrow will be adding 20 more names first thing tomorrow morning, which will bring the total over 500!!!
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Might be easiest to keep up with this list here: (
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I agree.

I have stopped adding to it here, because there was a big, derailing spat over where the master list was to be hosted.

I am about 50 names behind, and may add them to an earlier post in this thread later, but, for now, the blog and wiki are handling the information just fine.
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As of three days ago, the # of names hosted on the Wiki totaled 536.

List still growing daily!
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That's amazing! Thanks for the update.
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Update: List  ( ) now totals 946 (NINE HUNDRED AND FORTY SIX) ex-Scientologists speaking out about the cult. Since the list was originally put together late  last June, that averages out to more than a hundred ex-Scientologists' names being added per month (~25 / week; ~3 a day).

In addition, there is an "Indi 500 List" started by ex-Scientologists circulating and being signed.

What the ex-Scientologists are signing their names to:

Your life belongs to you. Not to corporate Scientology, a self-appointed dictator / sociopath, or his PTS sycophants. This is a project to move Scientology toward normalcy by ending the heavily-abused practice of enforced disconnection. Get your name on the list, be one of the first 500 indie Scientologists and take your life back. The ranks of indie Scientologists are growing daily. With enough names on the list we will break the back of disconnection, not because of this list, but because of the power of your communication lines. Everything is going to turn out okay. Your own postulates are working.

That three or four exes per day (roughly speaking) are either speaking out OR research has uncovered more exes quoted while speaking out in published material just amazes me.
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Italy's Mondo Raro magazine has just shared the list of 980+ exes speaking out list (with links to many of their comments):
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Spectacular! The list of exes is growing "exponentially."   :D

Update: This list is now over 1,000

Anonymous press release:

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Post by: mefree on July 18, 2010, 20:06
Up to 1127 names on the list now. I'm sure we will be hearing about more soon.
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Just think :) Those are the exes who go public against Scientology. I mean the ones who wish to and aren't scared into silence.
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Post by: RedShieldwolf on July 20, 2010, 02:13
Just think :) Those are the exes who go public against Scientology. I mean the ones who wish to and aren't scared into silence.

Yep. My very first protest included a meeting with an Ex-Scientologist and her two kids. She didn't seem to have any reservations about the tech (i.e. wasn't pro-Hubbard, a Free Zoner, or Independent) and described it as "Scientology crap". I didn't get a name and I doubt if her name is on the list (or if she even knows about the list). I'm not so sure that her name needs to be on the list TBH.

Then there are exes who speak out or even protest against Scientology while choosing to remain anonymous (e.g. anonsparrow until his third protest and one of the protestors in Chicago).

THEN there are the MANY people who try Scientology and leave before ever reaching the state of clear.
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Post by: mefree on July 20, 2010, 17:48
Speaking out is certainly a personal choice for any ex.

This list may give others with valid doubts more courage to do so. The growing ranks represented here are surely only a portion of the total number who have left Scientology.

Larry Brennan is just one among many who have spoken out. 
A link to his blog and ebook:
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Come to think of it, I just posted a link to someone's statement in this thread,,5305.msg12520.html#msg12520 (,5305.msg12520.html#msg12520), who is not on the list, Edwin Bickel. 

If anyone would like to add it to the wiki, please feel free to do so.  His statement, which was made on ARS in January of 2002, is here:

Title: Re: Ex-Scientologists Who Are Openly Critical Of The Cult Of Scientology
Post by: Stutroup on July 21, 2010, 17:48
THEN there are the MANY people who try Scientology and leave before ever reaching the state of clear.

Before reaching clear? :P You mean before even taking the TRs or Communications Course!

Also those who have routed out, and are intimidated into silence, have signed agreements that they'll receive some sort of refund if they don't, etc., also those who just left and stayed silent for whatever reason. 
Title: Re: Ex-Scientologists Who Are Openly Critical Of The Cult Of Scientology
Post by: ethercat on July 21, 2010, 17:52
All of those who left before the net was in common usage, and didn't have anyone to tell that they had left, other than family members and friends, and who were probably glad to hear the news.
Title: Re: Ex-Scientologists Who Are Openly Critical Of The Cult Of Scientology
Post by: RedShieldwolf on July 21, 2010, 20:06
Before reaching clear? :P You mean before even taking the TRs or Communications Course!

Yes. Well...those who try Scientology and leave just before or after reaching clear. Here's one: ( (Edit: Not entirely SFW)

Come to think of it, I just posted a link to someone's statement in this thread,,5305.msg12520.html#msg12520 (,5305.msg12520.html#msg12520), who is not on the list, Edwin Bickel. 

If anyone would like to add it to the wiki, please feel free to do so.  His statement, which was made on ARS in January of 2002, is here:

His name has been added. Thanks for mentioning him.  :)
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Post by: ethercat on July 22, 2010, 17:04
His name has been added. Thanks for mentioning him.  :)

Thanks, and you're welcome.   :)
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Thanks for this link AnonLover:

edit: fixed link --ec
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Update to readers looking at this thread:

current count
have left & spoken out about the Church of Scientology

Bookmark the above link... as the numbers and names are increasing daily.
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current count
have left & spoken out about
the Church of Scientology