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Title: the cult in Bendigo
Post by: FYIANON on August 12, 2009, 13:31
This article made me lmao !!!

They pretty much let the scientologists rant on, but he clearly should of had a written statement.

Funny 1)
The church will exhibit at the Bendigo Agricultural Show starting on October 23.

Ok who are you advertising too?  What kind of choice is this? What legit religion hangs out at the agricultural show?

Funny 2)
The new Melbourne church is expected to be completed early next year.
Bendigo scientologist Merv Nash said the religion was gaining popularity in the area.
He declined to comment on the number of local scientologists.
“It’s on a growth curve, it has been for some time, but it’s really gathering momentum now,” Mr Nash said.

We're really really big, but we can't tell you how big. 

Funny 3)
“It won’t meet opposition from the people that discover it for what it is,” Mr Nash said.

I just don't even know where to start on this one. 

I do have a question from this though
According to the scientology website, scientology “is the study and handling of the spirit in relationship to itself, others and all of life”.

All in all do scientologists really believe we have a spirit?  And if so who gave us said spirit?
Title: Re: the cult in Bendigo
Post by: Lorelei on August 12, 2009, 16:03
Honestly, I am not sure where Bendigo is. Is it near / a suburb of Melbourne?
Title: Re: the cult in Bendigo
Post by: Raven on August 12, 2009, 16:19
north of Melbourne,+australia%3F&oe=utf-8&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&client=firefox-a&um=1&ie=UTF-8&split=0&gl=us&ei=ryODSoTsEoOwtgfO-7TYCg&sa=X&oi=geocode_result&ct=title&resnum=1

I think that link will work.  Google always gets the better of me
Title: Re: the cult in Bendigo
Post by: Stutroup on August 12, 2009, 18:31
I love that article!

People criticize Scientology; the government isn't happy with Scientology because of the anty-'spych' DVD they sent out ...

"People are gonna LOVE Scientology!"

I'm laughing at a hypocrite :D
Title: Re: the cult in Bendigo
Post by: mefree on August 12, 2009, 19:38
Everybody has a different viewpoint on things; sometimes it’s not based on anything that’s very rational.