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Halcyon Horizons is on the move! (Legally that is, their locations remain in place.)

Elevate Addiction Services - Santa Cruz is now "SEASCAPE RECOVERY CENTER, LLC"

Elevate Addiction Services - South Lake Tahoe is now "SKY LAKE RECOVERY CENTER, LLC"

Elevate Addiction Services - Placerville remains under Halcyon Horizons for the moment. I expect that will change.

It wasn't hard to fish out the new license numbers, and update my list. Now to do some digging on the companies.
Narconon in Michigan / Re: Best Drug Rehabilitation
« Last post by DeathHamster on May 25, 2018, 08:09 »
A bit of shuffling in Michigan's reports for Narconon Freedom Center.
  • An Annual Survey of 02-27-2017 was renamed to a Licensure Survey. No biggy.
  • A Settlement Agreement - 10-19-2017 was removed.
  • A Follow Up - 10-19-2017 was added. (Out of order with a Follow up - 12-19-17).
The list of participants for the Follow up include Gwenda Byrne from ABLE. They had ZERO clients on site.

There was supposed have been an unannounced inspection within the next three months, so that should have happened, but there's no record of it yet. Typical.

Previous version:
Thanks for posting this here, mefree. What a terrific message Kim Poff is sending out. Sucks to be Narconon staff . May they all quit and join in on speaking the truth about this program and organization

For the benefit anyone needing some background background information on Kim's importance in helping expose Narconon, I'm re-posting what I wrote over at ESMB

This is a very important article.

The message from Kim Poff, the former Inspector General of the Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse (ODMHSAS) who investigated Narconon says “It’s a dangerous place. Do not send the people you love there.”

Her warning is now out, and there for the world to see.

Kim was a tremendous help to the victims of Narconon in Oklahoma, particularly victims and loved ones who complained to myself and other Narconon critics about the deaths, abuses and fraud occuring at Narconon in Oklahoma. It was Colin Henderson who reached out to her, who forewarded the complaints to her and gave her whatever information she needed to help get the Arrowhead facility investigated. When she attampted to get the license to operate removed, she was attacked, harassed and then fired.

During her time defending her report, and subsequent lawsuit and later EEOC complaint for being fired, she was stalked by private investigators. Narconon and Scientology went full frontal attack to prevent her from doing her job and speaking out when she was prevented from following through to a completion.

Narconon fought against her being able to testify in the wrongful death lawsuits filed by the families of the deceased she fought to bring justice to, and prevent others from going through. Thankfully, attorney Gary Richardson was able to get approved by the judge to do a written deposition, with the contition that her former employer, Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse (ODMHSAS), would have rights to review and redact according to it's confidentiality policies.

This deposition transcript was ordered under seal from the public in the Stacy Murphy case, so that any facts could be made known only to the parties about who did what, when. The defendents and ODMHAS fought over the next year with the Murphy family regarding the scope of a protective order on Kim Poff's deposition testimony, and later on key witness testimony. When the judge ruled against Narconon's motions on these, Narconon and ABLE Int knew they was screwed. Settlement talks ensued and the case was dismised shortly there after.

So, despite all their efforts to stop Kim's investigation of Narconon, her efforts to hold them accountable to the dangers of their program never ceased.
"Asked what alternative she'd propose to psychiatry, MacKay says "I would imagine that the Church of Scientology would be quite happy to be considered as one of them."

Ummmm...No. Just no. Not even close.
Oh, the irony. And hypocrisy.
Pinwheels should fix it!

April is Child Abuse Awareness month and definitely a time to spotlight a problem such as this, making people aware that child trafficking is a huge problem and that everyone, every day of the year, needs to pay attention to Georgia’s future stars. The Church of Scientology in coordination with Interfaith Children’s Movement of Georgia and other like-minded groups and religious organizations utilize beautiful pinwheels to capture attention and bring awareness in order to help victims of abuse. With that in mind, a group of courageous children and young adults helped plant hundreds of pinwheels next to Roswell Rd. in Sandy Springs, Georgia where over 25,000 cars pass by daily. The kids want to get the word out and make Georgia very aware that they care about all the kids, of this great state.
I bet this went over like a lead balloon at Atlanta's Dogwood Festival. Deb Mackay admitted to a reporter that Scientology aims to garner attention through shock tactics.  @u@ooo

Scientology exhibit at Piedmont Park attacks psychiatry - 11alive

"Is there such a thing as ADHD? No," she said, adding that the message behind the exhibit "is of course right in line of the viewpoints of the Church of Scientology,"

Author: Doug Richards
Published: 5:06 PM EDT April 13, 2018
Updated: 5:54 PM EDT April 13, 2018

ATLANTA -- If you go to Piedmont Park this weekend, you might see the Dogwood Festival. You might also see a rather shocking exhibit separate from the Dogwood Festival that is intended to debunk psychiatry and it’s supported by the Church of Scientology.

You’d have to wander out of the Dogwood Festival and into Magnolia Hall to find an exhibit darkly described as ‘psychiatry – industry of death.”

The exhibit fills the room with mostly vintage photographs of a variety of horrors – from Nazi Germany to images of what used to be called lunatic asylums.

more at

Kimberly Poff is a hero. Although she paid a price, she can look at herself in the mirror every day. There are some OK officials who can't say that, I imagine. That is, if they care at all.

Kim Poff, finally free to speak: ‘I want this story out. I want people to know what Narconon did.’  Tony Ortega

We talked to Kimberly Poff yesterday, the former inspector general who recently won a $200,000 settlement which ended several years of litigation with the state of Oklahoma. We’ve been following Kim’s story since she was fired for acting as a whistleblower when she revealed that Oklahoma’s officials were afraid to take on the Church of Scientology. She had recommended that its flagship drug rehab facility, Narconon Arrowhead, be shut down following three patient deaths in a nine-month period that culminated with the overdose death of 20-year-old Stacy Murphy in July 2012.

Kim filed a lawsuit against the state’s mental health authority for firing her. In the meantime, she got another job with the state’s Department of Human Services. But DHS also fired her after a news story came out about her whistleblowing, and so she filed a second lawsuit against DHS for that firing.

“The mental health lawsuit lasted for over a year, but we lost,” she points out. The settlement she just received was in relation to the second lawsuit, against DHS, which really had nothing directly to do with her Narconon investigation. “They fired me after finding out about my lawsuit against the other, sister agency."

more at
Thanks, mefree :)

I checked out some of the more obvious possibilities ( life solutions program ) but all seem to be legit programs unrelated to Narconon except Elevate Recovery.

Amazing Anons are doing further digging on this... perhaps they will locate another Narconon program on the site

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