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Or I could be wrong, as the property is for sale with a $6.9 million dollar price tag:

Turn key state certified residential treatment facility located 10 minutes northwest of Grand Rapids. This approximate 95,000 square foot 1 and 2 story campus has been completely remodeled and updated in the past 3 years. Approximately 17.5 acres. 250 bed capacity, 3,300 outbuilding. 1800 square foot outbuilding, Completely furnished. Fully equipped food service kitchen and cafeteria, top of the line fire suppression system, 2 steam saunas, CARF Accredited. Call LS for appointment to show.

Still not sold. Price lowered a lot  ::)

Sale Price:    $5,000,000
Ceiling:    10 ft.
Property Use Type:    Vacant/Owner-User
Sale Terms:    Cash to Seller
Last Updated:    1/29/2019

There's a video of the property here
FYI to the interested


Verify a License or Registration

Name and Address
Address: 15140 16th Avenue, Marne, MI 49435

Profession and License/Registration Information

Profession: Health Systems Facilities
Type: Substance Abuse
Permanent ID #SA0700123
Status Closed
Issue Date  06/08/2015
Expiration Date  07/31/2018

Narconon in California / Re: Narconon Warner Springs goes "ideal"
« Last post by Mary_McConnell on January 28, 2019, 17:01 »
Looks like Narconon is for sale ::)

Good to see you posting, with such interesting news... :D

These people are in deep doo doo financially, so it makes sense that they are having to sell the property. In their 2015 Audited Financial Statement ( sent in late in mid 2017 see copy of some of it, below); it says they will sell a property in order to pay off the balloon note that was due in Dec 2018.  Perhaps it related to the NV Rainbow Canyon  Retreat property they failed to sell. It's since been taken off the market after a year of trying to market it.

Their 2017 tax return shows over half a million in 'bad debt', which they define as students or 3rd parties not paying program fees. You can see that return at this link listed as "Renewal Filing      2017".

It has not been fully accepted because they failed again to submit the required bi-annual audited financial statement ( for 2017) See recent letter details at end of this post. They have until Feb 3rd to submit it.

2015 Audited Financial Statement  sent in in mind 2017  listed as "2015 Miscellaneous Documents"

Complete document here

                                                                         NARCONON FRESH START
                                                               NOTES TO FINANCIAL STATEMENTS
                                                                         DECEMBER 31, 2015


                                                                                                        2015                            2014
Mortgage payable, due on October 20, 2015, secured
by a first deed of trust, with monthly payments of
approximately $32,000, at the rate of 5.5775% in
accordance with the interest rate swap agreement (Note
4). The mortgage was in default with the lender
and was assigned to another creditor subsequently.                    $ 3,527,574            $ 3,718,735
Mortgage payable, due on or before October 21, 2027,
secured by a first deed of trust. Principal and interest
at 5.25%, in monthly installments of $2,652 to be paid
to maturity. Prepayment penalties apply through 2017.                      279,085                  295,581
Mortgage payable due on or before May 10, 2016,
secured by a first deed of trust, with monthly payments
of $3,589, including interest at 8.25% per annum, and a
final balloon payment of $424,627 due at maturity.
Prepayment penalties apply. Subsequent to year end,
the loan was assigned to another creditor.                                          424,627                   432,318

Less: unamortized loan fees                                                                                              - (9,343)
                                                                                                       $ 4,231,286             $ 4,437,291

Five year maturities are as follows:
2016      $ 442,256
2017           18,577
2018  3,547,151
2019           20,629
2020           21,739
Thereafter 180,934
                                                                                                        $ 4,231,286

Subsequent to year end, NNFS' mortgage payable in the amount of $3,527,574 had been
assigned to another lender by its original lender with a due date of June 30, 2016. NNFS
was able to obtain multiple forbearance agreements to extend the due date of the mortgage
through December 31, 2018, while giving NNFS management time to sell the property.


Note 3 MORTGAGES PAYABLE (Continued)

In 2015, NNFS elected to early adopt retrospectively the requirements of ASU 2015-03,
Simplifying the Presentation of Debt Issuance Costs, to present debt issuance costs as
a reduction of carrying amount of the debt rather than as an asset. Mortgages payable as of
December 31, 2014 was previously reported on the statement of financial position as
$4,446,634, with associated unamortized debt issuance costs included in other assets.
Amortization of debt issuance costs of $11,800 is reported as interest expense in the
statement of activities and was previously presented as amortization expense. [..]


NNFS has non-cancellable operating leases on various facilities expiring through 2018.
Total rent expense under these operating leases were approximately $404,714 and
$359,034 for 2015 and 2014, respectively.

NNFS moved out of the facilities covered under the aforementioned leases during 2015.
Subsequent to year end, the landlord sued NNFS and they have reached a settlement of
, which is included in Refunds and Settlements Payable, in the Statement of
Financial Position, NNFS agreed to make payments of (a) $10,000 before May 31, 2017;
(b) $20,000 before July 3, 2017; (c) $25,000 before August 3, 2017; and (d) monthly
installment of $10,000 starting September 4, 2017 for a total of 40 months. As of report date,
NNFS has been making payments according to the settlement agreement. [..]


NNFS was delinquent on payroll taxes liability during 2015. Included in payroll taxes related
liabilities are $707,642 owed for federal and states payroll taxes and penalties and interest of
$116,138 as of December 31, 2015. The penalties and interest of $116,138 have been
recorded as related party accounts receivable as NNFS is not to use organization funds to
pay for avoidable costs such as penalties and interest. NNFS has entered monthly
installment agreements with both the IRS and the EDD in the amount of $12,000 and $2,859
per month, respectively. Subsequent to year end, the IRS levied against the proceeds from
the sale of a former executive's personal residence in the amount of $200,521 to reduce the
payroll tax liability.

Note 13 CONTINGENCY (Continued)
Subsequent to year end, there were three civil actions filed against NNFS. Two of the cases
were settled in 2017, one of which is for the breach of lease contract, the settlement is
recorded in the financial statements and referred to in Note 8. The other case was settled for
an immaterial amount and the financial statements do not include an adjustment for that
liability. On the remaining pending case, according to legal counsel, it is not possible at this
stage to make a reasonable estimate of what liability, if any, NNFS may be responsible for.
Accordingly, the accompanying financial statements do not include an adjustment for any
liability that may result from these claims.

Subsequent to year end, there were four threatened civil actions filed against NNFS.
According to legal counsel, should the plaintiffs file lawsuits or arbitration demands, NNFS
will vigorously contest the matters.


NNFS received a delinquency notice from the California Department of Justice State Attorney
General's office regarding the late filling of the audited financial statements for the year
ended December 31, 2015 pursuant to the provisions of Government Code section 12586.
Management can not determine the ultimate resolution of this matter at this time.
NNFS is delinquent in submitting its payroll tax payment to the IRS as well as EDD as
described in Note 8.

CT-550 Form RRF-1 Incomplete

January 4, 2019
The Annual Registration Renewal Fee Report submitted on behalf of the captioned organization
for the fiscal year ending 12/31/2017 is incomplete for the following reason(s):
1. It appears from our review of Form RRF-1 for the fiscal year ending 12/31/2017 that an independent
audit was required, pursuant to the provisions of Government Code section 12586. We further note
that it is stated on the Form RRF-1 that no audit was conducted. Please either provide a copy of the
independent audit conducted for the affected year or explain why the organization was exempt from
this requirement.

2. The $150 renewal fee was not received. Please send a check in that amount, payable to "Attorney
General's Registry of Charitable Trusts".

In order to remain in compliance with the filing requirements set forth in Government Code sections
12586 and 12587, please provide the requested information, together with a copy of this letter, to the
above address, within thirty (30) days of the date of this letter.

Registry of Charitable Trusts
Attorney General

Detailed instructions and forms for filing can be found on our website at
Thank you. Elevate has opened facilities in San Francisco & San Jose. Wondering if they will close Watsonville to hind who they really are.

Hi shelby,

I know of no programs in those 2 counties run by Daniel and Angie Manson ( executives, owner - operators of the Narconon based northern California programs under the EnlightiCare, Halcyon Horizons, Elevate Recovery, , Seascape Recovery, etc -which I listed previously. )

Can you look over this pdf of the latest state licensed programs in California by County, to see the names they are operating under and locations in those counties you mentioned?  You can keyword search by county first ( San Francisco  then San Jose), then scroll down to see all the programs listed.

As of this month, they are using ELEVATE ADDICTION SERVICES as program owner for all of their differently named programs.  As far as I can see, none of those listed in San Francisco or San Jose County are owned and operated by Elevate Recovery

As long as they are making money. the Watsonvillle properties will never be sold to any unrelated entity. its been flipped to EnlightiCare from Halcyon Horizons in the last year or so. Before that, it was Narconon Northern California to Halcyon Horizons.
Thank you. Elevate has opened facilities in San Francisco & San Jose. Wondering if they will close Watsonville to hind who they really are.
Who is in charge of their PR department? That's a terrible move. haha

 ;) Perhaps, it's a result of indoctrination? Scientology doesn't seem to be strong on logic. Someone with more experience could explain better, I'm sure.
I'm so glad I found this site a while back. Olive, thank you for your post. Every word you wrote is the truth about this place.

I sent my daughter to Elevate Addition Services and after the third day speaking to Cassidy, I knew something was off. Too robotic!!!! Started to research. How could there possibly 5-star reviews in every category? 1st RED flag. Then digging further, I found reviews that were removed with info that made the hair on my neck rise. I finally found this site and read all I needed to read. I called them and told them to put my daughter on the phone or I was coming to get her. This is so hard for a parent whose daughter might die on the streets. When we spoke, she said she was fine and I told her it was Scientology.  They lied and took my daughter off medication in a 4-day taper and lied to me again.

Everything about this place is Scientology. The staff, management, and what's with Dr. Stein. This place should not be allowed to stay in business. My daughter and another girl left, and they coerced them back. It's voluntary, so let them leave. My daughter called me the next day and I went and picked her up. She had the number of the other girl's phone number to call her mom to let her know. I called, and we got her daughter out a week later. They lied to her mom as well.

I just wrote a review to BBB and they posted it with Ashly replying with complete falsehood.

Below is my review to BBB.

See below, Shelby. This new lawsuit helps explains why your daughter's dual diagnosis was not addressed appropriately, why Elevate and other Scientology based Narconon programs do not adhere to evidence based medical standards, and why scientologists refuse to apply them to self ( and others)

 Grand Forks Herald
Scientologist sues Altru, claims hospital discriminated against his religion
By April Baumgarten on Dec 2, 2018 at 6:00 a.m.
Who is in charge of their PR department? That's a terrible move. haha

  :D I don't know who but I agree :)

 :w:e:l:c:o:m:e: Malcolm!

Holy shit, Megan was just out of interning when I was at RCR and Nicole was my roommate at Warner Springs.

Crazy that the place is "for sale" since I was under the impression that the ranch was leased.

However, I'm pretty sure that they owned the tree houses a few miles down the road from the ranch, or maybe those were the ones that were leased, but the way I remember it, the ranch was leased, and the tree houses (withdraw) had been bought out for $3mil after the developer realized that no one was ever going to want to pay to go to play golf in godforsaken Caliente NV


Belated hello and thanks for posting this, brighterlights7! Former patients' experiences and knowledge is always appreciated, as is yours. It's sad how Narconon some recruits patients to become staff. Sadder yet that some become officers of their corporations. I gather they may well have become scientologists, because it's a big deal for Narconon to to put a name to once of it's corporations, unlike the Sea Org members listed on Scientology corps as trustees. As long as they are loyal, they are used.

I do hope you wil post again, and share more of your knowledge about this facility. Of course, your personal details should be omitted. Just general information on your experiences, and any observations of the place, staff, community, etc, would be helpful. It's up to you, of course. 

On the ownership vs leasing, Narconon has owned the a number of land and properties at this Caliente, NV site for many years. They are still deed registered as owned by Narconon Southern California. They have since taken the property off the market because there were no viable offers. They still need the money to repay the still owed $1.5 Million in IRS audited payroll tax underpayments Narconon Fresh Start failed to report and pay in in recent years.

Perhaps you mean the motel down the road when you refer to 'leased'. For some years, Narconon  leased the apparently then-vermin infested Caliente Hot Springs Motel and Spa, located at Highway 93 N in

The motel has since cleaned up it's act and it receiving very good traveler reviews on Yelp

Here is the Google map of what it located on and near Narconon fresh Start ( Narconon Southern California) property

In 2012, investigative reporter Nathan Baca ( then at CBS Las Vegas NOW station, previously in CA, and noted for his investigations into Scientology there) reported extensively on Narconon in NV, and did report on the motel where many student were housed. The motel was for some time leased by Narconon, at least until these reports by Baca came out.

Just south of the town, the Narconon lodge is on a hillside surrounded by ranch land.

The I-Team attempted to speak with Narconon management.

At first, a woman named Kate approached the I-Team and declined an interview.

Another manager a day later gave the I-Team a cease-and-desist letter.

The I-Team then headed toward the former Caliente Hot Springs Motel in town.

Narconon leases the motel and keeps patients there.

"There's mold in our room," Justin Vandergriend said. "Within the first two nights, me and my roommate Yann were experiencing bites from bed bugs."

Here is a post from 2013, in a thread titled
 "Getting my son out of a Narconon facility as we speak"

Hi - I wanted to reply to the thread. This is Stacy's husband. I would like to thank all of you for the kindness, support and guidance you showed us while we figured out how to get him out. I was there yesterday,dealt with the "staff", went to the rat hole hotel on the other end of town where our son was living. I have seen this facility first hand. If I can assist please let me know. I am far from done with these people. Thanks again for the support.

You can find more information posted some time back on Narconon Nevada aka Narconon Fresh Start in NV aka Rainbow Canyon Retreat

You can find additional info on the motel, owned (still?) by members of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (FLDS Church) and previously for for years in performing "Underage "child bride" polygamous marriages"

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