Author Topic: [Yahoo] Bankrupt 'widow' of Saudi king seeks £12m from prince (Independent)  (Read 1709 times)

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Bankrupt 'widow' of Saudi king seeks £12m from prince (Independent)
26 September 2009, 7:12 pm

A Saudi prince is being sued in London for allegedly breaching a contract to pay £12m to the "secret wife" of his father for retracting damaging allegations about the late King Fahd.
Mrs Harb, a scientologist, has warned the Saudi royals that if there is no settlement to her liking she will write a book. This would breach a confidentiality agreement she signed in 2001 when King Fahd paid £5m for her unpublished manuscript and a property in Beirut. "I'm going to keep stirring it until they give me the money – at least £50m," she promised.

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Scientology works and it extorts people!

Seriously, a great big WTF on this one!  I guess she has auditing coming up.

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Not if she gets the money; then she will be 'upstat'!!!

What a religion this is, eh?

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