Author Topic: Why the Purif. and Narconon detoxification programmes are illegal in Europe  (Read 1085 times)

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Thought I would bring over here this thread post started over on ExScientologist Message Board

28th April 2012 07:36 PM
Posted at ESMB by RolandRB
Why the Purif. and Narconon detoxification programmes are illegal in Europe

I'll add to this list when I think of the illegal things the Scientologists are doing in the UK re the Purification Rundown and the Narconon detoxification programme and therefore why it must be stopped in the UK (as has already happened in France). "HCOPL" is an abbreviation of "Hubbard Communications Office Policy Letter" and the Church of Scientology will possess all these issues and can show them to the relevent authorities.

1) They are aiming to "cure" the body and improve the functioning of the mind with vitamins, rather than just encourage their members to eat a healthy diet, and therefore this constitutes "practising medicine without a licence" (see book "Clear Body; Clear Mind" for what they are aiming to achieve with the programme).

2) The doses of vitamins are above the dietary maximum many fold and at a level that can cause physiological changes so again they are practising medicine without a licence (the following "drug bomb" is administered 4x daily - )

3) The dose levels rise to toxic levels which is a danger to health and might cause damage to the liver (see previous point 2).

4) Doses that are aimed at causing physiological changes and that possibly cause adverse events have to be of prescription quality with their manufacture controlled and approved by the relevent drug authority and in this case it is not.

5) They are advising on the beneficial effects of vitamins whereas under European law no such thing is allowed unless it is a registered "claim" for the vitamin and has been so approved by the EU( ).

6) By recommending the positive benefits of the vitamins and reselling them to its members then they are acting as an "illegal pharmacy" (there was a recent successful prosection in France concerning this matter).

7) They are endangering the health of their members using this programme and not medically supervising them whilst on this programme using qualified medical staff.

8) They are failing to monitor pulse rate, blood pressure and liver enzyme levels which should be a minimum for such a programme (pulse rate and blood pressure once a day - liver enzyme levels once every few days and before programme start).

9) They are preventing or discouraging members on such a programme from consulting with their house doctor (GP) should they feel a need, due to internal Scientology policies, therefore they are preventing or discouraging access to qualified medical personnel whilst on this potentially harmful programme (HCOPL 26 July 1965 "Release Declaration Restrictions Healing Amendments").

10) Their response to adverse events occuring on the programme is medically inappropriate in that instead of stopping the program or reducing dosage they apply their internal policies to continue the programme using their reasoning of "what turns it on will turn it off" and "the way out is the way through" (HCOPL 27 May 1965, "Processing").

11) Should a member become so ill on the programme that they have to discontinue it, they are prevented or discouraged from consulting with their doctor (GP) and instead are expected to use Scientology processes to resolve the problem (which processes they will have to pay for), rather than blame the programme itself. The Scientology processes to resolve the problem go the route: Green Form (HCOPL 7 April 1970RB); C/S Series 53 RL SF; PTS/SP course; PTS Rundown. This will cost them a lot of money and take up a lot of time and so prevent them from seeking medical help that may be urgently required as a result of damage done to their health whilst on the original programme.

Rea on for comments and updates there
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