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BGT Act Jive Aces Former Member Accuses Band Of Scientology 'Brainwashing' - Entertainmentwise
2 May 2012, 8:29 am
By Alison Potter On May 2, 2012

A former member of Britain’s Got Talent stars' Jive Aces has sensationally claimed that the band tried to “brainwash” him into becoming a Scientologist against his will.

Speaking to The Sun, ex-guitarist Johnny Gunner alleges that the other members of the band joined the controversial religion and tried to control his behaviour too, which led to him having to quit the band.

Scientology, which was set up by sci-fi writer L Ron Hubbard in 1953, has several noted celeb devotees, including Hollywood actors Tom Cruise and John Travolta, who believe that Xenu brought billions of people to Earth 75 million years ago

Johnny, 47, said his friends joined the religion after being approached in the street by a man handing out leaflets in London, and soon after they asked the guitarist to move in with them.

The Southend musician told The Sun: “They were being brainwashed. I thought I was in danger. I was in the band to play music not be part of a secret religion. It got to the stage where they said join us or leave. They were a strange bunch.”

Reluctant to join Scientology, Johnny confesses that he quit a few months later, telling the band that he couldn't commit to Jive Aces.

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