Author Topic: Kathy Griffin: 'Every day of my life is gay pride' (Gay South FL) - Miami Herald  (Read 1553 times)

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Kathy Griffin is playing in Clearwater at Ruth Eckerd Hall on June 1st at 8 pm.

Griffin knows her concerts are not everyone's cup of tea and that's alright, too.

"Leave your Bible at home. Leave  your children at home. This is Mommy and Daddy night. Or Daddy and Daddy night. Or Mommy and Mommy night."

She's not bothered when audience members walk out in disgust.

"I live for that moment. I had someone walk out during a special taping, which none of my other comedian friends had ever seen," Griffin says. "I had a guy in the front row be so appalled by what I said, and I believe I was making fun of probably some deity or Scientology or something, and I saw him nudge his wife, stand up and leave in a huff. And then, as he was walking down the aisle, he turned -- and this was during a taping for one of my Bravo specials -- he turned around and yelled f--- you!"

On Monday, Griffin plays Clearwater, “the hub of Scientology.”

She may reach out to famous, embattled Scientologist John Travolta. “I might go down there myself and give him a handjob. Or at least try.”

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