Author Topic: Narconon East US seeking more Narconons in the Eastern US  (Read 754 times)

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Apparently, Narconon doesn't think they have enough centers in the Eastern US.  Perhaps they are concerned about the future of Narconon of Georgia, and possibly Narconon Arrowhead?  There was an ad posted to the Razz Line, a sort of Scientologists' Craig's List, that says:

Game Makers Wanted - Eastern US
Name: Mike
Date: 07 Aug 12
Phone: left out, don't want to advertise for them
Email: see above

Game Makers Wanted = There are many cities in the Eastern United States that do not have a Narconon(tm) Drug Education activity or Narconon Drug Rehabilitation facility. If you are a pioneer adventurer, entrepreneur looking for a fantastic game saving lives and creating crime free communities by getting and keeping people off drugs, contact us now!

"Game Makers" - what's that all about?  Isn't this people's lives we're talking about here??

If any of you readers have Narconon-related scars that haven't healed yet, you might want to skip the rest of this post...  My apologies.

Narconon International even has a collection of books to help you (yes, you! with no experience in any pertinent fields!) with "Drug Rehab Training" - a Do It Yourself kit, as it's been dubbed on WWP.  As long as you've got the cash, you too can give vulnerable and suffering addicts horrifying experiences like shouting at ashtrays, hearing degrading things said about you, and saying them back, trading sex for drugs, filthy living quarters, uncaring "counselors", and an occasional death or two (it's only a body), and all while having the addicts' suffering loved ones pay you to give them this experience.
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