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Defectors Claire and Marc Headley say Church of Scientology tried to bargain for info on critics - Tampa Bay Times
By Joe Childs and Thomas C. Tobin, Times Staff Writers
In Print: Friday, September 7, 2012

The Church of Scientology tried to bargain with two of its most high-profile antagonists after defeating them in civil court recently by offering to wipe out a $42,000 debt in exchange for information about other church critics.

Former church staffers Claire and Marc Headley battled Scientology in state and federal court in California for 3½ years over unfair labor practices, forced abortion and human trafficking claims. They lost on appeal July 24.

The couple — Claire is 37, Marc, 39 — walked away with a court order to pay the church $42,852.06 for its costs — a daunting sum for the small business owners who have two children and a third on the way.

But within a week, the church proposed waiving the fee if the Headleys would agree to:

• Tell the church about their interactions with high-profile defector Marty Rathbun and others who have criticized the church.

• Tell the church about their contacts with the media.

• Turn over to the church all rights to Marc Headley's self-published memoir, Blown for Good, which recounts abuses and punishments he says he endured and witnessed during his 15 years working for the church in California.

• Never again engage in anti-Scientology activity or criticize the church or any Scientologists....

..."I literally thought someone was playing a joke on us,'' Marc Headley said. "That they would consider that I would consider going to work for them as a spy, to me it was just unbelievable.''

Added his wife: "I'm like, over my dead body. … I'll sell my child's backpack if have to.''

The Headleys asked the church to allow them to pay the fee in four monthly installments, but the church said no, they said. The church received no such proposal, Pouw said.

The couple drew down their savings and their children's savings. They sold their 2007 Ford cargo van. They sold electronics, tools and materials Marc Headley used in his business. And they borrowed $6,000. They sent the church a cashier's check for the full amount.

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They are now at $27,190.00 of the $45,000 goal.

Quote from Marc Headley 6 hours ago:

Just saw that we are halfway...

Just saw that we are halfway there! 22K in 15 hours has got to be some sort of record. We are truly overwhelmed by the amount of support from all corners of the globe.

In terms of media, Claire and I both did an interview for ABC's Nightline yesterday. Not sure when that will air or what they will use, but we did our best to make it meaningful. It is sometimes frustrating when you get interviewed for an hour and they use the 10 second clip about the Tom Cruise drama for the 26th time!

A few months back, Claire did an interview for a TV show called 20/20 on ABC. We she was done talking, the entire video crew had tears in their eyes. It was a very powerful interview. That show is supposedly airing tomorrow night. What ends up getting used is anyone's guess, but hopefully it turns out well.

Pretty sure no matter what happens at this point we are going to be sending a lot of Thank You notes over the next several days.

Thanks again for all the support.

Marc Headley