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the-x-women-escapes-from-scientology live show
« on: January 04, 2013, 21:28 »
Live Radio show on right now:

[From WWP]   

    Updated links:

    Just thought I'd let you know that the show page is UP here:

    The live show and web-based chatroom will be here:

    If you can share the links, I'd be grateful.


    This is going to be an awesome radio show. Over 2 hours of uninterrupted shared stories and conversation exposing the COS. Call ins will be only the last 30 minutes and screened for Osa bots.
    Please help this link get out there Anons!
    Jan 4th 6 pm Pac, time. US.

    We have Nancy Many who wrote: My Billion Year Contract

    Lori Hodgson:


    Sharone Stainsforth:

    Claire Headley: Her hubby wrote Blown for Good and they both escaped Gold

    I am helping to host the show and will also be speaking of my experiences from 10 years in and all the goodies that go along with that. ~~~Sautez

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Re: the-x-women-escapes-from-scientology live show
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Great show! Thanks for sharing the info.
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Re: the-x-women-escapes-from-scientology live show
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It's nice to hear their stories told in their own voices. Very powerful.

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[Blog] Superstar Women Slam Cult of Scientology for Abusive Crimes
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Superstar Women Slam Cult of Scientology for Abusive Crimes
5 January 2013, 2:08 am

Tonight on the God Discussion radio show with Hosts Al and Deborah, a group of prominent women from the USA, England, and France told their stories about being in Scientology for decades and subjected to “Billion Year Contracts” and abusive slave labour conditions and forced abortions.

Not so long ago, media would be in fear of airing a show such as this, knowing well that Scientology was worse than a rabid attack dog when anyone spoke out against their church. Brave heroes from past have faced lengthy court battles, the sting of unscrupulous investigators and cult legal teams determined to shut the mouth of any apostate.

God Discussion: “The “X-Women” -

In the past few years, the flood-gates of Ex-Scientologists telling their stories without fear have snowballed and the relentless pressure from media has caused church membership to dwindle fast.

Claire Headley — St. Petersburg Times report June 2010 Claire Headley — St. Petersburg Times report June 2010

The hosts of the God Discussion show, as well as listeners from around the globe; many who called in, were stunned at what was voiced by the six brave lady guests from three countries. Indeed, heartbreaking and emotional stories.

Sautez (not real name), joined Scientology’s Sea Organization (Sea ORG), at 18 and that her family was destroyed by Scientology – - she now speaks out to save others from the same fate. Sautez was instrumental in helping the God Discussion host make this show happen tonight.

Show guest Nancy Many, spent 30 years in Scientology.  She was in Scientology’s infamous Guardians Office, the church’s covert intelligence entity. Nancy is the author of “My Billion Year Contract” and shared some of her experiences tonight.

Claire Headley was raised in Scientology from the age of four. She and her husband Marc, author of “Blown for Good”, sued the church over lost wages while in the Sea Org. Claire discussed Scientology’s forced abortions when she and other women become pregnant in the Sea ORG.

Tampa Bay Times Claire Headley story:

Lori Hodgson, a former Scientologist who has experienced the nightmare of what Scientology does to families and how she experienced the horrific pain of her family disconnecting after she escaped the cult, joined the show live to share her experience. Tony Ortega shared Lori’s story and heart-wrenching open letter to her children on “The Underground Bunker” here:

Nefertiti (not real name), worked for Scientology at their prison camps called “Rehabilitation Project Force” (RPF), when she ended up in the same prison. Fearing for her life and sanity, she escaped – with a price.  She has not seen her children for 25 years. Nefertiti joined the discussion from France, where she speaks out against Scientology and cults in general.

The final guest was Sharone Stainforth from England, who was a personal child servant of L. Ron Hubbard (known as a “messenger”) when she was in Sea Org at 10 years of age. From London, Sharone shared what her experience was like, and how the Scientology experience has shattered her family. Her blog “Scientology – The Apollo Series”, is packed with information and more heart-breaking stories at:

Tonight’s show was obviously quite emotional for some of the guests and callers – - even for me when I called in after listening to how these women and their families were treated. Many described how their Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), still affects them today, with terrible nightmares and upset.

Most disturbing was the forced, coerced abortions, children separated from their parents, and disconnections when one family member leaves the cult and others remained. The so-called church forbids contact with those who leave and speak out.

Scientology denies such abortion and disconnection policies, but the evidence is mounting that these courageous women are telling the truth in horrifying detail. One of tonight’s guest said she knows of one lady who was forced to have an abortion at a “term” of six months. As Claire Headley stated to St. Petersburg Times, “The policy was if a staff member became pregnant, that they were to have an abortion.”

At the end of the show, there was a brief discussion about bringing together, women who have suffered these horrific events in Scientology – - supporting each other as much as possible.

Podcast of Radio Show here:

David Edgar Love

Source: Narconon Industry of Death

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Re: the-x-women-escapes-from-scientology live show
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I loved the show. brought back many memories of my days in the cult. So glad I am out and that my kids escaped being sucked into it.

Thanks for getting it out to the media, David
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