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Little progress apparent in Narconon Arrowhead probe; authorities say they'll ... - Tulsa World
12 January 2013, 3:14 am
By JARREL WADE World Staff Writer
Published: 1/12/2013  2:05 AM
Last Modified: 1/12/2013  2:58 AM

It's been about six months since a multiagency investigation began into Narconon Arrowhead after three recent deaths at the drug rehab facility, and officials have yet to take any major, public action against the facility.

Jeff Dismukes, a spokesman for the Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services, said representatives from the investigative agencies involved are planning to meet soon to plan their next step.

"We are getting ready to meet with other authorities with the information we've collected so that we can move forward with the investigation," he said.

Dismukes would not comment on whether any new parties are involved in the investigation, saying only that "there could be."

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Hoping the delay is so all the ducks are in a row to keep NN AH from avoiding the 'ban hammer' when it comes down.

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It seems likely.  I'm sure they're trying to figure out a way to hold them accountable without getting into a giant battle with Scientology.  Criminal neglect charges would give more reason to withhold certification.  Ducks in a row. 

If they don't act, then I'm sure someone at the Capitol will try and use a legislative directive to trump the inaction, as I'm willing to bet that the lawmakers would do it.  They're back in session in February, I believe.

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Agreed on the "seems likely". Scientology will, however, do everything possible to stop governmental action, and I expect this obvious fact is not lost on the Oklahoma officials.  This is all the more reason to keep their plans out of the media and plan well before moving into action.